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if your mother was on her deathbed and she begged you to pray with her.
would you do it, would you accept Christ as your personal savior so that she could be comforted in her last moments of life?

m16566 7 May 18

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I look at this question the same way I view funerals. Giving comfort to someone in their last moments by going through the motions is no different than sitting in a religious funeral service. It's not for my comfort but the comfort of others who desperately need it.


I could say the words but they would have no meaning, to me at least, so if it gave someone solace why not


My mother remained her abusive, histrionic, narcissistic self on her deathbed. Her actual last words were abuse, hurled at me.
But I would not have prayed etc. Had she asked, I’d have found someone to pray with her while I went out of the room.

You deserved a better Mum

Precisely why reply was "No chance," because I suffered for years under an abusive, nasty, cruel vicious thing that called itself my 'mother.'


Sure , who cares . Dying parent or anyone worthing . I don't care at all if I pretend to pray to make them happy . If I have to lie that " oh yes I accept Jesus just for u " insert name ", who cares ! What's gonna happen man , Jesus gonna come next day and ask for my promise or something ? I give a rats ass about such details . If a favorite human is about to expire and asking me for comfort , no problem . Let the human go peacefully . It does not matter in the big picture ! 😂My integrity will not be damaged at least to my face on the mirror .
I have patients that ask me to pray w them b4 surgery . Or family members who ask me to pray w them while patient at OR . I have never refused . This is not the time to say " morons ". This is the time to say " I understand , I am here for u ". In ways that THEY feel is important .
Man , I have stood there w my head low thinking what's next on my list to do or what do I have to do when I get home , and yes , it made the patient feel good and made the families feel support . That's all I care . Rest are not important on a time of crisis .


I have done that for loved ones who were dying. I also kept my non-theist beliefs from my father, because I knew it would have hurt him greatly.

Pretending to pray, to comfort someone who is dying, feels weird, but it is no sacrifice.


My Mother a strong willed and beautiful woman in every sense would never try to manipulate me in that fashion, or anyone else for that matter.


Absolutely. I would pay homage to Satan if that's what she wanted. Then, after her passing, i'd resume my regularly scheduled program.


I would have gone through the motions to comfort her had she asked. She wasn't religious though and didn't.

I am nursing assistant in facilities so I have prayed with many people nearing death and just on regular days. It isn't really about me and it helps them feel better.

MsAl Level 7 May 19, 2019

Countless people do it every Sunday in church. Some people go for family and friends. Others desperately WANT to believe...but don't.


Yes of course. My mother has always been a kind, generous, loving human being. Allowing her pass in peace is the very least I could do for her.


I would pretend. I had to bow my head many times to give thanks to the sky Daddy. Can't hurt anything to play with somebody's imaginary friend for a little while.


No of course not. How controlling of her. What a lousy relationship she had with her child.


In that moment, why the fuck not? I know it's just talking to the wind, but it would make her happy.


Being an actor, I could probably pull it off just for her sake. Afterward, I would probably repent by washing my mouth out with soap.

Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh.


My mother was on her death bed 4 months ago. I was with her at the end. She was not conscious, so your hypothetical didn't quite apply. But I was asked to be involved in a Catholic family ritual before the end. I said no, due to my convictions. My mother knew my views on religion and that appalling church. She respected that. No need to pretend otherwise at the end. Was it easy to say no? No, but I did not waver. Keeping your convictions in tough times is when it truly matters.


I close friend's mother was on her deathbed and a priest came in to administer the last rites. He did so for the mother but then turned to my friend and told her she was being excommunicated (she was 17 and living with her boyfriend - who she later married and they are still together after some 45 years). The dumbass priest had no idea of what effect that would have on her mother but it was the final straw for my friend to become a staunch atheist.


No of course not. She's an atheist too


I'm certainly open to prayer to make the transition for them easier. Hell, maybe even the conversion thing if it comes to that.

It's not like it matters lol.


No. A loving mother would never ask her child to do something like this.

I think a loving mother would ask this if she was convinced her child's eternal life was at stake.

@brentan A religious mother would, but not a loving mother. A loving mother will love her children unconditionally.

@SleeplessInTexas A religious mother couldn't help but see it as loving. And who knows, maybe she does her love her children unconditionally.

@brentan I stand firm on my disagreement here. I see your point, though.

Deathbed or not, I will not compromise myself for anyone. They won't be around to worry about me. My answer will not affect them once they're gone.


I'd tell her I had done it, I would close my eyes while she prayed, etc.
It is too late for her to see sense, and she is terminally ill, so at this point what is the harm in indulging her fantasy.
I sang along at my mothers funeral to avoid upsetting my father and causing a scene.
If the inquisition came back and it was renounce atheism or be tortured I would say so, it would mean nothing and leave me alive and well to undermine from the inside.
It's a bloody stupid thought experiment, but that is my answer.


Of course, send her off in peace. It's a rare thing now a days that used to be called common sense


Of course! What's life? Put a smile on her face and let her heart rest in peace .

Nader Level 6 May 19, 2019

Sounds to me like a deal made under duress. Aren't these kinds of agreements - between your mother's God and you - unenforceable; like, null and void?

How sad that mom would rather have you lie to her to feel better than to have you be honest with her.


Absolutely. As long as she believes I'm sincere about it is all that matters. I would make out a list to Santa Claus if it gave her peace on her death bed.

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