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Today I am thankful for the churches. Living in an area that was wrecked by tornadoes this week as a non-believer I can't deny that the churches really stepped up helping during this disaster. We are all human. The love that I have seen in the community was heart warming.

Unity 7 June 5

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Churches, doing randomly what FEMA should be doing consistently.

1of5 Level 8 June 5, 2019

FEMA could help better, if they had the funding.

Conspiracy theory... Churches hamstring secular / government, so they can look good by comparison.


@camne tax the churches. Funding problem solved

@1of5 why would you want to tax churches?


Jesus was clear about wealth...


Churches lost any claim to tax exemption when they started getting into politics.

@camne because they're businesses.

Jesus didn't exist.



Those people that helped others would do so even if there were no churches. Those are humanists (people who care about humans) no matter what church they go to.

Good point


There are humans everywhere - believer and non-believer who would help no matter what.

I agree


Not the church but the people in your community.😊

The people are members of the church and most are not members of the affected community

@Unity But they are members of the human community, we can only assume.


There’s good and bad in most things. Recognizing both is an essential part of being intellectually honest.


One of our local churches has provided shelter from the cold for more than 5 years and others have fed the homeless for many years. I think it is a failure of our economic system necessitating that action but I do not fault the churches except when they encourage voting for the political parties that support causing economic hardship because of their adherence to silly economic theories about austerity.


it is good that you have loving people around. they tend to gather in their churches so that's where they are when they organize aid. it isn't really a matter of their religion, or they would be the only ones, but muslims and jews and atheists are helping elsewhere, as needed, too, and not just themselves but each other. if people tended to gather in supermarkets instead, we'd be saying, wow, those supermarkets are helping out a lot.


If the supermarket organized a massive relief effort I would.

@Unity what if the supermarket didn't, but the people shopping there did? assume that supermarkets were a meeting place rather than a place we all cruise up and down the aisles in our own little bubbles.


@genessa exactly, expecting the owner of the supermarket to do continual public service albeit for publicity isn't what's needed. Though many owners do, ours in the Virgin Islands sponsor all sorts of initiatives very heavily.

It is the churches that sort out food banks. However, there is a dry goods donation box in my local supermarket.

@273kelvin some churches may do that; i know that both synagogues i've been to locally do. however, the best food shelf in my entire metro area has no religious connection whatsoever. so it's not the churches that do it. churches are AMONG those who do it.



Being good makes you a good person, not what things you believe in. There are good Religious people and good atheists. There are also bad religious people and bad atheists.


Churches are great at responding to emergency needs of those that fall into their purview. Fucking disgusting into responding to the needs of individuals or broad chronic needs of those who don't meet their criteria of purity. FUCK churches.


Don't be thankful for churches. Be thankful for the empathy and kindness of some of their members.


us atheists really do need to step up our game in this regard. but it really is like trying to heard cats.

we should add humanism to our atheism....


The churches aren't doing anything. The people who belong to them are doing something. People can do all kinds of good things.

They are representing their chosen organization well.

@Unity Maybe. Unless they are doing it solely for that reason. Surely there must be those church members who help others not because the church says that's what they are doing, or that Jesus said they are supposed to, etc, but simply because they are people.

@Unity they represent themselves.


@Unity Also, churches often make it difficult for other groups to do volunteer and charity work because they feel that is their sole domain. I live in a very conservative area, and in the mid-'90s I was in a Star Trek club that focused very, very heavily on community service, charity, etc. More than once, church members volunteering at a same event would sneer at us for deigning to tread on their territory. It was made very clear that they were only volunteering for the attention it was bringing them, not to actually just help people. Our club didn't even try to get new members at these events, while church members were often proselytizing. Eventually our club fell apart.

I often wonder if there are Satanist volunteer groups. lol


First, I am heartbroken about the tornadoes in your area and all the others! My heart goes out to you. And thank heavens for the Churches help! Apparently, the churches here are helping in Deming after hundreds of illegals were brought here by trump’s Border Patrol. A 100 member Ladder Day Saints Church, is helping 900 people. I am guessing the other churches here are doing the same.

This is the airplane hangers where The immigrates are housed in my town.


You are correct. Churches and christians do step up to the plate during hard times and traumatic events. Too bad they are so horrible for everyday life.


Some churches actually descent don't persecute gays or other religions unfortunately they are not the majority some around here have gay clergy and perform gay marriage again not a majority


I have known some good kind people who believed in gods of one kind or another and I have known some good kind people who didn't. People come in all sorts, whatever their beliefs.

So true


There are many good qualities that religion sometimes brings out in people, under the right circumstances.

You're absolutely correct

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ key phrase 'under the right circumstances'

@AtKins Yep. Even Hitler had a gay friend.


the majority of my experience with churches has been them, collaborating to help.those in need. There are several who repair people houses from storm damage even roofs, for elderly and disabled. And helped individual needs of kids or others with coats. shoes, backpacks and many more. The Methodists have programs for free and reduced daycare for moms who have to work. I am glad you live in a tight community that helps each other. For the most part they act in a secular manner with those they help.


They get to be tax-free for that reason, and only that. They can still chose how and when to help. Glad to hear they are, but shouldn't that be expected given their creeds? If there's a mosque they are helping too, I know, and a synagogue likewise, as is UU, and many non-religious organisations.


In know the Red Cross is there too. It’s one location I could go when I’m available next week


I am happy to see the outpouring of help. We should be able to get that from the government but the churches often are able to provide more immediate help. We could have that sort of nontheist community too.

That is true. This is the area where theist beat us by far,,,,,we need to create a community that can provide a safety net for our neighbors in times of need.
We need to practice humanism.


Christmas, and disasters, are the only redeeming features of Christinsanity. Those are the only times of the year that they are decent to others!


I agree. Despite all their mythology, which they mistake for reality, they do have some good ethics. We should all "love our neighbors as ourselves." That's the one thing I like most in the Bible. πŸ™‚


Sorry you had to go through that - tornadoes are damn scary !

Very scary. My first time experiencing one. Hopefully my last


I believe that people are basically good. The disturbing thing is that they believe that it's their imaginary friend who makes them good.

JimG Level 8 June 7, 2019

You're right.

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