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A lot of people here have arrived from religious backgrounds so I was wondering what your feelings are about abortion. If you had one would guilt follow you around for the rest of your life? What would it take for you to make that decision? I guess mostly women will answer this. Does the fetus have a soul?
For me, pregnancy is no guarantee of life, spontaneous abortions happen, late term ones do, rape would for sure be a reason to have one but there are also other situations in which I would basically because I don't believe there is a god to answer to after death.

K9Kohle789 7 Aug 7

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I’m having a hard time thinking of any instance where an unwanted pregnancy isn’t a man fault.

I think abortion should be legal, safe and rare.

I think there’s plenty of room for both sides of the debate to join together and focus on preventing unwanted pregnancies, rather than abortions.

Still, with out him - there wouldn’t have been a pregnancy.
It was a crappy thing to do to him though.

@vjohnson51 Obviously I don't have any proof, but I found it very coincidental that my brother's wife became pregnant every time they were considering divorce.

@kiramea He could have used a condom.


What I, or any other woman, decides to do about our own reproductive lives,
is no one's business but our own.
It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it, they don't get to interfere or
inject their opinion, unless they are specifically asked.

There is no "right to life". Never has been one, never will be one.
Each woman is absolutely entitled to her own reasons, and no one else has
any right to pass judgment on whether her reasons are valid.
No pregnancy, in the history of pregnancy, has ever been guaranteed to
result in a live birth. Never has been. Never will be.

No gods. No soul.
No one's business. It doesn't matter if they think it is their business, it's not.
And it never will be.


Abortion should be legal and available to any woman for any reason she chooses. I've had two abortions in my lifetime. One at age 16 from being raped, and one at 23 when my fetus had some of it's organs growing outside of the body cavity. The first one I did not feel any regret about because I was not going to carry my rapists seed to term. The second one I felt mostly sadness because I wanted the baby and was in fact hoping for a little girl as I already had two wonderful little boys. I've never felt bad about either abortion because I felt they were a medical procedure that was necessary for my quality of life.

I love you. 🤗


I have had 2 abortions. I was raised as an atheist. To me, and probably many Europeans, religion is not the factor for or against abortion. (Religious people and countries have MORE abortions not less). The main one to me would be the effect on the mother and secondly the family - can this child be provided for, can it and the mother/family have quality of life, is the child wanted?
I've also had several miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy that could have killed me, and two healthy children at the 'right' time. Guilt? No.

I find it interesting that while our government is doing its best to outlaw abortion, the governments of other countries such as Ireland are dropping or at least liberalizing their abortion laws.

@Barnie2years true, and I think maybe that's a result of the fact that religion is both liberalising itself as fast as it can and being abandoned in the rest of the developed world, while in the US as in the 3rd world, it is becoming entrenched in an anti-women, anti-science, literalist stance than is indefensible by anyone educated.


I do not believe life begins at conception. I have not had an abortion but I fully support abortion rights. The mother has rights too!


In a perfect world there would be no abortions, spontaneous or otherwise. Every pregnancy would be wanted, every fetus would develop normally, and no woman's life would be put at risk by her pregnancy. But, this is not the nature of things. There are many reasons why a woman makes that difficult decision; and, the choice should be hers.


No, a fetus does not “have” a soul. That’s putting the cart before the horse. No organism has a soul.
IMO if there is a soul at all it is a universal soul.

Life is a continuum, proceeding according to the laws of nature, and it’s in perfect accord. The life and death of a single organism is of little significance. Of infinite significance however is conscious awareness, which is primary and universal.

A thousand acorns might fall from an oak each year but there’s not room for them all to become trees. If even one becomes a tree that is more than enough.

I like the allegory of the Oak tree. We as humans have decided sort of collectively that nothing should die. Not us, not animals, not plants. But nature cannot support the life of every single thing that sprouts or is born, so many must die. That is one of the fundamental tenets of religion, if you must die (yes, you must!) it promises you continuous life, but on another level. For many, it is the only way they can get through the idea of their own limited existence. For Atheists generally, we accept our limited roles on Earth and do our best to leave fond memories of us behind, or for some, just don’t give a shit and enjoy the life you have! 😄


As a male that isn't in the medical proffession I can assure you that abortion is none of my business.

Souls don't exist and I imagine guilt would come from others who want to make an intensely personal choice a public affair - probably because they're serious assholes.

1of5 Level 8 Aug 7, 2019

Since I can't get pregnant I can only imagine the situation. In the bible it states that god predetermines where and when a person will be born. If a pregnancy is aborted then the logic follows that is was the god's choice and plan because, as it plainly stated in the bible, the god determines exactly when and where a person is born according to the god's "own" words. Unless the god is a liar or it's power is that of a weakling then all abortions are the plan of the god because it predetermines every event of life.
As an atheist I see life beginning with the first thought that occurs and ending with the last thought that occurs. Aborting a fetus before a "thought" has occurred would be very similar to unplugging a brain dead person on life support. You are not a living being if you don't have thought and are more of a biological vessel instead that is with or without potential depending on whether you are coming towards "being" or leaving it. Abortion before thought occurs terminates the potential for a biological mass to come into being. Men destroy the potential for millions of biological masses to develop into living beings every time they masturbate and they think nothing of it. Women destroy the potential for life every time they have a period. The potential for human life is destroyed by the trillions everyday by men and women in this world living their normal biological life and that is just the way it is. This thought of life beginning with a heartbeat is not accepted in the medical field because they unplug the beating hearts of humans everyday when they are determined to have no thought. You do need a beating heart to have thought but a beating heart without thought is not a human that is the process of being - it's a biological mass with the potential to become a being. Abortions would be rare if birth control was readily available and the need for it well understood and accepted but religion has other ancient ignorant ideas that it wants to dictate.

I like the comparison with pulling the plug. It's a difficult decision to make but in the end it is good to know pain has ended.


I have had 5 live births, 2 miscarriages, and 1 abortion. I was on birth control at the time of the aborted pregnancy.

I firmly believe that no one should ever be forced into parenthood.

I would have accepted and loved the aborted child, but it was not planned or wanted. The father, however, was not ready to become a father. He wasn't even certain that he ever wanted to.

It was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I do not regret it. It was the right thing to do.

My first four children are four years apart. I was married and religious at the time. I was trying to prevent pregnancies, but not succeeding. It was beyond stressful and terrible. I love my children, but my experience taught me to NEVER force anyone into parenthood. Never. I refuse to do to anyone else what was done to me.

No, there is no such thing as a soul. There is no god.
There is no after life. There is the here and now. I do the best that I am able to be helpful and kind to my fellow humans. I refuse to be a hinderer or harm those that I love.


Women have the right to choose. I would support any woman in my life regardless of the choice she made. That said, our economic system and social systems combine to guarantee that babies born that are atypical will seldom get the opportunity to reach their individual potential. So abortions will continue whether or not they are legal or morally justifiable.

That is one of the best arguments for legal abortion. When abortion was illegal, abortions still happened - but rather than being performed in modern, clean, well-equipped hospitals, they were performed by untrained amateurs, and they still are in the more backward parts of the world where abortion is still illegal.


It’s impossible to answer your question “if you had an abortion, would guilt follow you around for the rest of your life?” We can only guess how we’d feel, unless we have already had one that is, and even then it must entirely depend on the individual and the circumstances which necessitated the abortion.

My stance on abortion is an unemotional one, and never having had a religion it is not influenced by any religious arguments regarding whether life begins at conception or not, or the notional ideas regarding “souls “. I believe it is solely the mother’s right to choose whether she continues with a pregnancy or not. If the pregnancy has not resulted from rape, then her partner should be consulted and his wishes considered, but ultimately it’s her decision, and should be a medical and not a legal matter. I cannot imagine, that were it the case that it was the male of the species who had the womb and got pregnant, and not the female, that we’d still be arguing about abortion in the 21st century. If that were the case, I think that there would be abortion on demand and a much lower birth rate!


i don't know why i would feel guilty. if i had an abortion it would be after a thinking process that culminated in the decision that it was the best course of action. i would not feel guilty for disposing of a clump of cells with no functioning nerve endings and nothing more than a bunch of electrical impulses that some people mistook for a heartbeat. i would feel guilty bringing into the world a child i could not support, and i would feel guilty for putting myself through a physical trial of nine months that quite frankly could kill me (in which case i wouldn't feel guilty because i'd be dead).

i do not believe in souls, so of course a fetus doesn't have one. no one has one.

i am an atheistic jew, meaning i am culturally jewish but believe in no gods at all and do not follow the religion except various elements of it that make sense to me or amuse me (i like purim!) jewish law is not against abortion, as it happens, but even if it were, that would not be meaningful to me.


I agree with you.

Well said!


I think, religion aside, abortion is still a very personal topic. I personally have no objection to (or guilt about) abortion before there’s a fully functioning brain and nervous system; at that point, there is the sensation of pain. So that’s my personally established boundary.

I also believe in exceptions even to this for extraordinary reasons, and those reasons should be decided by the woman and her doctor — and no one else.

The reason I brought up the topic is that i'm having a discussion with my step daughter about this same topic and she wouldn't judge another for what they do but she also believes from conception there is a human life to consider. Personally I don't believe that. I don't even think a heartbeat at 12 weeks or whatever is a reason to forbid an abortion to an entire half of the population. So many things can occur, husband passes and finances are tight,a woman was raped, a woman doesn't feel connected to a baby and doesn't want to give birth or raise it. The man isn't the type of guy a woman would choose for a father figure, a wife beater shouldn't have children in his life either. I also think it keeps down the over population on the planet 
So many many possibilities that creating laws to prevent women from doing what they feel is right for themselves is very wrong. Coat hangars are dangerous.  Biirth control for men should be for sale over the counter. They are half responsible and should take measures to prevent a pregnancy.

I tend to agree with the points you raise and agree with your side of this argument but your step-daughter has her own criteria for considering when life begins and how sacred that is regardle of the circumstances that brought it it on. You're probably going to have to just agree to disagree with her.


Let the woman decide after consulting her doctor. I see nothing wrong with an abortion for any reason the pregnant woman choses. For me, it comes down to the idea that the fetus is using the woman's body. The woman has the right to bodily autonomy. The woman gets to decide how her body is to be used.
There is no credible evidence for the existence of a soul, so that is a non-issue.


If men became pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. Solely a woman's choice.

I just love feminist men. 😉

@NoPlanetB Me too!


I do not have a religious background but I see abortion, not as a "life" issue but as a "body autonomy" issue. What others do consensually with their body is not my business. Yes, that includes suicide. Your body, your life, your choice. If you do not have body autonomy you are a slave.

I agree.....if a person does not have the right to themselves....then they really have no rights at all......if the law has the right to tell a person they must have a child,,,then how far are they from saying, they can't have a child, or how many children, or if it is a boy child or girl child.


Not my body. That's my feelings on it.


It is a choice for the pregnant woman to make. I would support her whichever way she decides.


Bans on abortion have no scriptural basis as far as I can tell. Religion's interest in it seems to be about controlling women. Is there an ethical basis for controls on abortion? Certainly not before the third trimester. Abortions that happen after the baby is viable? I think that's a decision to be made between the woman and her doctor. However, doessn't affect me, so feel free to ignore my opinion.


According to the god nuts, a baby gets a free pass to heaven, right?
So an aborted fetus (if you can call that a 'baby'--I don't) would go directly to an eternity of bliss. No living a life with all its temptations, so no risk of going to hell.
So we'd actually be doing all these "babies" a favor by aborting them.
We should be aborting MORE babies if that's the case, not fewer!
We have a terrible overpopulation problem.
I'm for asking pregnant women to volunteer for the heaven-assuring procedure. This may only apply to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but that's still a lot of souls being saved from the dangers of actually living a life full of sin and depravity.
Abortion "problem" solved.


I'm not from a religious background - I was raised very much aware that there was a such a thing as religion and that I am Jewish (I still consider myself to be Jewish, despite also being an atheist), but also that science has provided far more convincing explanations of how the universe came to be. I do not believe that a foetus has a soul; nor do I believe that any other person or living thing has a soul, because I do not believe that souls exist. However, I understand that women who don't share this opinion might well find undergoing an abortion to be far more morally problematic than I would, and I feel for them.

Jnei Level 8 Aug 7, 2019

We weren't going to have children when we married. We were going to have a fun and selfish life without contributing to overpopulation. However, inadvertently and shockingly I found myself pregnant. Seeing the ultrasound at 12 wks I was blown away. I thought then and there I would never have an abortion. I guess I had a 'spiritual' experience.....or at least, I was greatly moved.

I would never ever impose my beliefs on others and I stand for the rights of other women to choose. In fact I look around and wish half the population had been aborted. But not mine! never mine! lol. We went on to have three more babies.


A fetus is a PARASITE (Google the definition of "parasite" ) in every sense of the word. Does anyone get all teary-eyed over tapeworms/roundworms/hookworms? None of my business what anyone chooses to do with their insides........

My youngest is 20 and still a bloody parasite! He lives at home, contributes nothing, eats my food, uses my utilities and takes up a heap of space. He is at least amusing which is why I keep him. The day he no longer amuses me, I'll get the fly swatter out and flick him out.


In my catholic days I would have felt guilt and would most likely not have one. As an agnostic, I would not feel guilt at all. I am choosing to remain childfree and were an accident to happen the thing is getting aborted. Getting pregnant would take for me to make that decision. The soul is a religious concept. There is no scientific evidence for a soul. We do not even have a proper definition or conceptualization of a soul to be able to study it. I believe personhood does not begin until birth, however, barring health complications, I do not think 3rd trimester abortions should be common. In the 3rd trimester the fetus' brain and nerves are developed so much that the fetus can feel pain. Prior to that, it would not feel a thing. 🙂

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