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The TLDR of my life on the religon spectrum.

Raised in Pentecostal Christian Church on Mothers Side, Anglican on Fathers Side, parents divorced at age 7, Mother gets custody, i become far more ingrained in the local AOG church, Youth Pastor and Lead Vocals for Youth arm of AOG church at 13, Run away from home 350.6km/217.85Miles to live with Father leaving Younger Sister and younger still Step sister and step brother. Become only child with Father and Step Mother, Naturally driven towards Science and Maths, logic and reason explodes in High School, questioning god starts at 16 and results in Scientifically literate but mentally ill deeply religious father breaking my leg in wrath. Questioning lays dormant and reexplodes age 20 when moved to University. Militant Athiest by 23. Dialed back down to Agnostic Athiest at 24.

DarthWoody89 4 Oct 30

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Remember, there's always someone who had it better and someone who had it worse.
You have to be really strong in this life to survive. Hang in with the rest of us !!!


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.


The absolute cruelty with which a parent will treat a child who thinks/believes different always astounds me. My children know my love is unconditional up to the 99th percent. I did tell them they would not need to worry about dealing with the police if they ever maliciously harmed another, aka rape or murder. Not one of my kids think like me, their father, or even each other. We can certainly have some heated debates, but at the end of the day we close our play books and share our love for one another. There is no cause to mentally or physically abuse some one, ever, let alone for the mere thoughts they possess. I am sorry you were trapped in such an existence.

SAMae Level 5 Oct 31, 2019

Bloody hell! My dad just threatened me with no Christmas presents!


I swear its like this app was built for me. Such a powerful tool to connect with like minded people 🙂


Wow, interesting life story. Thank you for sharing and welcome! 😊


Broken leg! Did your dad's bible have a misspelling? Faith, Hop and Charity?
Couldn't help that. It's grand that you're here and thinking freely. What did you study? I'm in Social Sciences - a very (im)mature student. Scary when history for the entire class is my current affairs!

I dropped out of Chemical Engineering 2nd semester 2nd year due to Depression, took a semester off to work, retried the 2nd semester and got depression again. My Dad was diagnosed with extreme manic bipolar when i was like 5, and i grew up visiting him in mental hospitals, mostly around Christmas every year. So i have this sort of anxiety around hospitals at all, and mental health wards scare me. And ive been told my whole life that my Dad condition is likely genetic. So i chose after the second lot of depression from uni to drop out for my own sanity. My marks were excellent when i was not depressed, and im considering going back soon to uni to either finish off the degree, or do an IT one. But im waiting for my Dads estate to finalize before i make any big moves.

@DarthWoody89 In life when we have depression we just have to bite the bullet and go for it, or we can choose not to and stay in that same state all our lives. Good luck, remember you are not alone.

@DarthWoody89 Depression isn't much fun. You may have a time line which you can use to get education sorted when you are well, then plan breaks when you're not. I struggled through last year with depression, which was also a subject I was studying. For me there are genetic links and my daughter has it too.
Find a mantra - mine is 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Simple, but helps. I have it on a metal plaque screwed to my bedroom door. I used it a lot when dealing with my late wife - see wasn't late then of course. The font matches with images of a caring environment for me when I was a little 'un in London. Strange that a font with useless words can act like a favourite soft toy from childhood, but it does and I feel a bit safer just glimpsing at it.
If you ever need to talk - just PM me.
I did some psychology to a lecturer on Thursday - sorted her problem out.


Succinct and descriptive



Welcome! Glad you made it here.


Welcome to the group, have fun and enjoy your time here.


Welcome to the asylum, we have cookies.

And nuts as well, the EDIBLE kind though....LOL.


AOG you poor dude. I used to live in Springfield Mo where their world headquarters is. I always said that AOG was an alias their real name was Jesus Christ Inc.

Not wrong dude. The scary part here in Australia right now is our Prime Minister goes to Hillsong, the no 1 AOG in Australia.

@DarthWoody89 yikes

@DarthWoody89 yeah that's some scary ass shit there.


Man that's tough. But at age 24 (30?) you have a lot of life to forward to.

twill Level 7 Oct 30, 2019

Wow rough childhood - glad you made it out okay. Welcome!

Long hard road man. Recently had to deal with my Stepmum passing 3 years ago, and Dad in August 2018. Thankfully ive reconnected with my sister after Dads funeral, and she had her own path to becoming an Agnostic Athiest also. So ive taken some hits but im coming through strong 🙂 And i got my Sister back

@DarthWoody89 That had to be really rewarding.

My religion was Roman Catholic and I have just one sibling who is still strongly in it. It recently caused a bit of a rift - and I'm hoping it gets smoothed over. (We'll see).
Life it too short for make believe nonsense to be the issue between people.

I've definitely become an Antitheist over the years - I just don't know how any of my smart sibs could have "stayed in" with all the garbage we see coming out of the Vatican? Baffling.


Welcome to the group. You will find a lot of really great people here to converse with. So glad you made it out of your childhood, and found this site.


Welcome. That's quite an experience.


You are among friends here with open arms. Come on in and let’s discuss, laugh and cry together.


Your biography would make an interesting movie!




Howdy and welcome here. Thank you for sharing your story.


Bless you my child...lots of inner (along with the pure physical) struggles it appears! But you have arrived in ‘the clearing’ (a real ‘clearing’ from a hike, I always found welcoming). You have shown courage...with what you have been faced with. Build a life that fits who you are and where you want to go! May success come with all your efforts!


So, after all that how is life for you now?

See the post below i think the reply i gave him mostly applies here haha

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