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Because most dogs are smart. He doesn't want to get bit. From donkeys to racoons, plenty of pets have called the White House home — so why doesn't Trump have one?

oldFloyd 7 Nov 2

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He doesn't want an animal smarter than him. And with nicer hair.

With that concept you probably don't want an animal either


This is the only thing I like about him... he didn't bow to pressure to have a pet he obviously does not want. No pet deserves an owner like Trump.

Agree,,,big time

No doubt!


Sociopaths don't care about animals or having pets.They really don't care about people. Why would they care about animals.


U know .

I thought it was some reason behind that. 😆


Psychopaths are bad dog owners.


45 only cares about himself.
He has no compassion.
I'd fear for any animal he had access to.
Except Stephen Miller.


It takes empathy to be a good pet owner. Trump is completely devoid of empathy. Plus a pet would garner attention away from the Trump. He couldn't take the competition to his attention.


I thought he had a pet that faithfully does his bidding, called Pence


Sociopaths rarely have pets


I think he should have several pets.......,bed bugs

Yeah, yeah that's the ticket!


That is a relief. I can’t imagine him as a responsible pet owner.


Trump doesn't want to share the spotlight with a dog.

A dog would have higher approval numbers.


He has none because a dog would bite him and a cat would scratch out his eyes. A large bird would do both.

Very true, but at any given moment I would be willing to give him the bird.🖕

@oldFloyd Well, heck, yeah! A tiger might be an even better present.

All three would run away from home!


Because everything that asshole touches DIES!

He needs to touch himself til he's dead.

@KKGator with those little hands? Trump doesn't give pleasure to anyone, he expects it only given to him.

@Beowulfsfriend It doesn't have to be pleasurable touching. As long as he's touching some part of himself.


He claims he doesn't have a dog because he "doesn't have time" which is odd because he's been out golfing 278 times in 2 years. My theory is he has no empathy, no heart and only loves himself.


He has Melania.Doesn't that count?


I figured since he treats her like a dog......

@Plainjane granted, of course we have two dogs and I wouldn't treat them like that they are our bestest buds.😉


He needs a Myna bird trained to say, "Lock Him Up!".

I can understand wanting to give him the bird.

@oldFloyd Especially a bald attacked him.....I think it was in good taste.

@K9Kohle789 yes I do remember seeing that on TV smart bird indeed. 😅


I can't imagine a pig owning a dog.

There’s a lot of people who suffer from TDS on this website.

@Trajan61 what do total dissolved solids in water have to do with this.

@Trajan61 I'm sure. There are even a few trumpanzees that are loose and lingering about.

That's an insult to pigs. 45 is a fucking sewer rat with mange.

@KKGator I prefer sewer rats.


He does. Rudy Giuliani. Until he gets tired of HIM, too and sends him to the pound or decides to have him killed.


He doesn't want anything that gets more attention than himself.

That too . Then again , puppy brought home a bitch !


I think he knows he would likely get bit.


Yep, he know a dog won’t like him

CS60 Level 7 Nov 2, 2019

If I had to guess, animals are a good judge of character so he would probably have a hard time finding one that actually liked him.


They are proficient in smelling shit


Because little donny & eric would shoot them in a cage & mount them in the Oval Office, being the great white hunters & rugged outdoors men, as they are.

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