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Some Atheists can be just as self righteous and judgmental as Christians/religious people. Change my mind...... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ˜³

VeronicaAnn 7 Mar 4

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Why not just say, some people can be self righteous and judgmental, no matter what their personal beliefs?


@VeronikaAnnJ During my Christian upbringing I was taught that we should hate the sin, not the sinner. As a nullifidian I try to uphold the same standard in despising the belief, not the believer.


You are wrong!

Did that change your mind?


Atheists have never started religious wars.

As an atheist since age 13, I have never tried to convert anyone like Christian proselytizers do.

Atheists are not trying to take away women's control of our bodies. A sticker on my car:

Keep Your Theology
Off My Biology

A button from my 20s:

Keep Your Rosaries
Off My Ovaries


...and every bit as set in their ways and resistant to science-based information that conflicts with their prejudices.

skado Level 9 Mar 4, 2020

I concur.


Yes, some "practice" atheism as if it were a religion.


Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of them seem to be left wing liberals who have replaced their desire for a higher power for a desire for an all powerful government to provide for them from cradle to grave. I’ll take the Christain’s over those anytime.

If wanting everyone to have a job that pays a living wage, everyone to have healthcare without going broke, everyone to have an opportunity for a decent education, and for corporations to pay their share of the tax burden is liberal, I'll take that as a compliment. News for you. Probably more 'Christians' on the government dole than Atheists, since those Red, conservative states have the highest percentage of population getting welfare checks and Medicaid benefits.

And right wing atheists aren't that way? SMH...

@VeronikaAnnJ "People on here are leftist extremists" is wrong, do I need to teach you that you don't generalize people in any group, faith, culture, country, etc?

@VeronikaAnnJ Maybe you’d like to join us on the conservativeatheist or gunrights group.

@Merseyman1 If you don’t believe there are a bunch of leftist extremist on here just look at the Trump PiΓ±ata group. Also a lot of people on here are supporters of Ocasio Cortez who is very radical and extreme.

@Trajan61 One thing is to say that there are leftist extremists in the group and another thing is to say that this is a group of leftist extremists, ok?

@Merseyman1 I never said this was a group of leftist extremist. I said the majority seem to be leftist extremist.


I'm not going to because I agree with you.
There are also some huge misogynists in the national atheistic theatre.


Believing in a god, not believing in a god, not sure about the existence of a god--it does not matter; people are all different and some, among any of these, can be self-righteous and judgmental.

However, the nice thing about a judgmental atheist is that they will never tell another person that they are going to burn in hell for an eternity because they disagree with them.

So, that, right there, makes an atheist less judgmental than a believer--at least a believer who tells others they are going to hell. And, it is usually those who believe in hell who are the judgmental ones.


So what? Is this even news? Human beings aren't perfect. Shock shock. Let's all kill ourselves immediately.



No argument with the some designation here. My experience would raise it to most. Most of those rejecting gods etc. really believe themselves to have become 'free thinkers' while remaining bamboozled by 'isms' that are functionally identical to their erstwhile god systems of belief.

When it comes to self-righteousness and notions of superiority there are no crania quite as ossified as 'dyed in the wool' devout Democrat, Republican, Communist, Science/Evolutionist, Organized Labor, Climate Change, Animal Rights evangelizing atheists. They are as tenacious about clinging to these and more 'holy isms' as any product spit out of a schul, catechism factory or madrasa.

They create unquestionable orthodoxies and beat others over the head with them as enthusiastically as ANY mormon or JW pioneer. And, ridicule of belivers in gods can be their specialties. After all, they are "free thinking" atheists.


No argument from me. There are good and bad people everywhere.


Yes, they can. Being atheist simply means that they do not believe in gods of any kind. Beyond that they are as dumb as anyone else.


"Never try to rationalize with a crazy person."

This is a quote taken from @VeronikaAnnJ 's profile page.

@VeronikaAnnJ I like the fact that you are very open and if you are a troll, I bet you are the Queen of Trolland.

@VeronikaAnnJ You gave us a challenge "Change my mind......" So, if I want to change your mind, it must be done irrationally, if I assume your profile is honest.

@VeronikaAnnJ Inside jokes are good too!


Assholes come in all types



You've asked this question, verbatim, before. Just with a different sock puppet profile.


No need, I tend to agree


No desire to do that.
Believe whatever you please.


It's difficult to remain civil and non-judgmental in the presence of gross stupidity, hypocritical cruelty and blind ignorance (not the same thing as stupidity.)


I resemble that remark. Lol


A keen observation, and I agree.


Nether Atheist nor Theist has cornered the market on assholeishness


So what? I am not one to take the BS christian approach of if someone slaps me to turn the other cheek. I won't go out of my way slapping people either. But if someone attacks me you are damn right I am going to attack back in self-defense. Perhaps you have internalized your ex-religious teachings and learned to "turn the other cheek". Good for you?

Whenever any damn fool tries to ram his fictional god down my throat I go into full attack mode, and my weapons of choice are logic and reason. The last pair (Jehovah's Witnesses, of course) lasted less than two minutes.


Oh do like to stir....some are....the numbers just make one side so much more outstanding......and so much more likely to get in your face....and so much more likely to kill you over their beliefs....that when you start comparing....if you try to say they are equal........then I just don't think you've been around long enough.....

@VeronikaAnnJ yeah lol.....religion teachs little girls that basicly they are the cause of all evil. Religion teachs little boys they are the master of the house, and have authority over women, and all else, they can control...and then to top it all off, religion teaches children they're nature is sinful and


There's quite a bit of "lecturing"on this site, if that's the correct term.
A fair bit of "just 'cuz you're an Atheist you're no better than anyone else !!!!!"

I get that. WOW do I ever get that. Still I don't get my socks in a ball. Lectures, damnation, Fire & Brimstone comes from all directions. Man do I ever get it!

I try to stick to my own critical thinking, reasoning, research and judgements. If someone gets their socks in a ball over it, well lucky them.

twill Level 7 Mar 5, 2020

There are all types of people on either side. It's best not to generalise however I think, based my personal experience, religious people tend to be more like that. There are in fact atheist people who have varying degrees of self-righteous and judgemental tendencies. I see it on here. If I'm being honest I have the tendency to become self-righteous when trying to defend my beliefs, or lack there of, to someone who is religious, self-righteous and judgemental. If we feel offended by something someone is trying to impose on us, it is typically our natural response to be defensive... So, I will not try to change your mind.

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