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What is it do you think that makes you resistant to organized religions! Is it the structure? Is it that they leave no room for discussion or opposing points of view? Is it that they are restrictive? Do they seem outdated, and behind the times? Are they at philosophical odds with your choices whether that be a lifestyle choice, gender choice etc.?

Mistral 5 Mar 31

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Because organized religions are personality driven, much more so than deity controlled. Why is there thousands of Christian sects, why? They are all working out of the same book. Religion is driven by the con men who make up the rules and collect the tolls. From the Popes to Martin Luther, from the TV evangelists to the tent ones, from Shakers to Amish, they are driven by the personalities of their founders and their leaders who follow in their footsteps. This is why I don’t believe in Religion, appart from the fact that the idea of a god defies any logic based in reality. They have less validity than many social clubs.


Because organized religion is totally about controlling women and fleecing the flock. It's BS.


Mostly because I have critical thinking skills.


Lies and greed would head my list.


Same reason I'm resistant to believing the Earth is flat or the moon is made of cheese


For me, you're asking the question backwards. It's not "why do you resist religion?". The real question is "why bother with religion?".
There just isn't anything that attracts me to it.


I don't participate in, or subscribe to religion, because I came to realize it is simply not dealing with reality.

But to your question more directly, I RESIST it because it seeks to control me, it is highly dangerous and destructive to causes I value (i.e. the environment, respect for, and nurturance of science and fact-based learning, dignity for LGBT people, true respect for diverse demographic groups, and healthy appreciation for sexuality), it condemns people unjustly, and it is wielded like a weapon of social control by power-hungry, fundamentally dishonest people who, paradoxically, claim moral high ground and honesty but are anything but moral or honest. If I believed in evil as a tangible force, I would say religion is its number one weapon.


Having once been a believer I approach ideas of gods according to the things written about them. How do we know these things are true? We have no way of knowing. There are no proofs of any gods. The biblical god is especially hard to fathom because of the many discrepancies in the books of the bible. This is mostly because there are many books within one big book and they were all written at diferent times on different subjects. The story is more like Victor Frankenstein making his creature. Nail it all down and there is no evidence. No way of proving and backing up the claims.
I can no more believe that Jesus brought someone back from the dead than I can believe a man flew up to heaven on a winged horse.
Without proof of the many written claims I am done. Still, there are many who say there might yet be a god. Why are you looking for one? Apparently the imaginary being is not caring or looking for you.


I once saw a graph of number of human innovations in Europe vs time and it showed exponential or at least linear growth with a dip towards dark and middle ages. I don't know how accurate it was but this is one. Second, religion is a highly evolved parasite if I may liken it to an organism. It coexists and even suppressed logical (philosophical and scientific) inquiry for long periods of history and still does. It is a kind of chameleon that pretends to be peaceful and docile when weak and minority and turns to monster with the slightest sign of increasing power. A kind of supremacist /nazi ideology but ordained by a holy supernatural more than life entity (at least nazi /communist/ other despotic phenomena never claimed holiness and supernatural; if they did, good luck eradicating them. Can you imagine if nazi members started saying, nazism is good but hitler/humans misused it) I digress. In any society, if unleashed, a religion will always be a cancer that consumes the body and tries to devour and displace all others.

kng01 Level 5 Mar 31, 2018

None of the above. They are just plain not true. I don't believe in the Easter Bunny either.

I am trying to be open to the bunny thing.

I too am on the side of the bunny

@jacpod The Easter Bunny can't die. Over 2000 years ago somebody slit his throat and threw him in the grave with Jesus.


I am largely resistant to organization, period.

Not for its own sake--rather because organized systems tend to be institutionally ill-equiped to recognize criticisms, challenges, new ideas, changes, etc. I've got no problem with a system that permits me to modulate my participation, freely question, criticize, do things differently. I find that's rarely the case.


Ignorance is fine as a child. Fetishizing ignorance into adulthood is questionable decision making.


The premise is bollocks so it all stems from that 🙂


It is the false total system (purporting to include and explain everything) ideology and its demagogic leaders.


Because a "gawd", all-seeing, omnipotent yada yada is patently absurd!   I find it Very odd that you would think my/our objections are procedural....are you an atheist/agnostic/seeker or a troll?


My thoughts: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."-Carl Sagan

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." -Christopher Hitchens (Also known as Hitchens Razor).

Bbbut look at the universe look at its glory look at its magnificence, therefore god 😛

@kng01 Is that you Ken Ham? JK

@kng01 This is exactly how so many believers look at it. "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it."


The main issue for me is all the god stuff. Everything I know tells me there are no gods, so from that I assume religion isn't for me.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

All of the above!


The short answer is yes. But, beyond that none of it makes any sense--there are constant contradictions and things that are physically impossible are touted as fact.

Mea Level 7 Mar 31, 2018

Um I gave up my invisible friends when I was a child, never believed much of anything. According to my dad "Do not believe anything you hear and only half of what you see." I'm a subscriber to that. I've always been rebellious and would challenge my relgious friends constantly about how can they be so fkng stupid to believe in imginary icons- I get "You have to have faith" WTF is that? I have faith I will become a bazillionaire. Not working out for me. Man created God not the other way around.


It's the fact that it's just a load of bullshit really


I simply can not believe what they believe. I'm spiritual, not religious. Attend a Universalists Unitarian Church have everything from agnostics, atheist, humanist to Buddhist. Interesting place.


Years of observation and then asking for proof and getting none


I've always had a problem with "authority". I have always questioned. It's in my nature I think. Some times it's just "what you have" and are born with in general. Certain people are predisposed to certain things. I guess it's also how I was raised. Some things just set off your bullshit meter.


Have been against organized religion since my teens. It divides people- has a my god is better than your god philosophy, stick with your own kind and inhibits diversity. Diversity is the key to this society growing and world peace.


Yes, to all of the above, BUT the most important consideration for me is that history and science (including geology and archaeology) simply do not support them, so why should I even offer a shred of my support?

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