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Today is atheists day. It is a day that we atheists stand up be proud of who we are and show the world we are not evil, we're good hearted and have morals. We do not need a God to be good hearted human beings. Do you believe that people will start accepting us for who we are?

TomParos 4 Mar 23

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No and I really could care less .I do not blabber to people that I am a nonbeliever because I consider this a Inconsequential aspect of who I am and does not effect how I interact with others .


It is a very sad commentary on the USA in the 21st century that you need to ask that question. In the UK it isn’t an issue, not having a belief in god is not seen as evil, in fact nobody really cares whether people believe in god or not, and religion is rarely mentioned in everyday life. Here in Northern Ireland where I live, and where there is more focus on’s more an identity issue, Protestant=British v Catholic =Irish, and neither group show any animosity or antipathy whatsoever towards me and my atheism. I’m really sorry that the experience in the USA is so bad...does it apply equally all over, and in every State and city?

@JohnnyQB Glad to hear that you can still voice your beliefs when necessary. Nobody should go around announcing what they believe unless it is relevant, it’s a private matter in my opinion.

I heard a great comment yesterday on a Melvyn Bragg podcast about the Treaty Of Limerick in that if William has been defeated, and a Catholic took up the monarchy, most of the Irish would turn Protestant just to piss the English off!

@Geoffrey51 Sounds about right...they’re a pretty contrary lot!


Why should I be proud just because I came to some logical conclusions in regards to the non existence of a fairytale figure .This did not require any effort on my part .


I keep my atheism to myself generally as most of my friends and family are Christain.


I am not proud of being a non believer no more than I am proud of being Italian .Whats there to be proud of .This is not an achievement.Why should I be proud of having common sense and thinking logically .I was born with these characteristics .

I agree on all your points


We should put a lot more effort into doing good deeds and a lot less effort into critizing the religious .


Just another day of personal sanity in a delusional and insane religious world.


Accept us for who we are? I'm not sure that's a realistic goal. I'd settle for "hate us if you want but leave us the fuck alone".


"Today is atheists day."
OK, as an Atheist I find this stupid as hell (No Offense meant)

"It is a day that we atheists stand up be proud of who we are and show the world we are not evil, we're good hearted and have morals"
That is every fucking day

A-Theism is not a thing, it is the lack of a thing. Making a special day to celebrate a lack of some thing makes no sense. You are trying to celebrate your humanity, your self worth outside of a religious worldview with a special day.

If you called it"Freedom from Religion Day"

THAT would make sense to me.


" Do you believe that people will start accepting us for who we are?"

If they do they are likely to be us anyway,

If they don't their only reason to do so is because they are brain washed sheeple, who think some supreme being who created everything takes a person interest in what they do with their genitals and then burns them forever for doing it,

SO not people who's opinion matters one jot to me at all.

I don't need a special day to stand up and be proud of who I am, I need idiot people to grow the fuck up.

EDIT I meant to write genitals not gentiles, my Jewish ancestry is making itself know.




No thanks. I’m good.


How do we celebrate? By worshiping Dawkins, eating BBQ babies and loving people of the same sex?


Who designated today atheist day ??



A day designation as silly as Easter.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 23, 2020

"Do you believe that people will start accepting us for who we are?" Some people already do, and some people never will.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 23, 2020

I like to think back on how Unthinkable having this day would have been just a few years ago


A solid Atheist every day … I’d gladly give this one back order to erase all those others.. So sick of “Whatever Day!” Total crap, in my calendar.

Will we be accepted? If those attempting to follow religion simply wise up and shake it - they’ll be one of us. No acceptance required!

As is, fear & ignorance are a formidable tag-team 😕

Varn Level 8 Mar 23, 2020

Well, Happy Atheists Day.



Nope. Nope. Wear that TEEEEEshirt with pride in thought.


No because it's not about us, The only way that religion works is if it has an enemy. Especially Christianity, We can be saints literal saints And it doesn't matter Because we do not believe in their imaginary friend. Christians are looking for good people, They are looking for people to hate. So they can put themselves in a position to feel good about themselves press accusing people. The truth of the matter is this disease is only going to help them. They will use it to put false clings on those who do not believe their Dogma. And I am truly afraid that they are going to use this to start committing violence on people who were not of their belief. Basic leave you're not Christian you're not clean and the only way to become clean is through fire.


We should make everyday Atheist day. People are slowly leaving religion. When the nonreligious are at 55% then the world will be in a better place.


The religious would probably think better of us if we shared our best recipes for cooking babies. Doing what they do, they will just attribute to their god and how he/she/it has turned our heart or some crap. Doing something they would never have thought of but leaves a pleasant aftertaste in their mouths might change their minds. (Hope I mentioned that I have a dark sense of humour)


No. I don't believe "the faithful" will ever accept the non belief of another person. They feel an obligation and a duty to try and convert people. (Ugh.)



bobwjr Level 10 Mar 23, 2020
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