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I have seen the ultimate now. They are putting Bible verses on surgical masks. Are you kidding me? This religion stuff?
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Grecio 7 Mar 26

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Let me know when they put the verses on toilet paper.

@SeaGreenEyez Why bother waiting, just grab a bible, it IS great toilet paper, soft on the 'wipe' and doesn't clog the drains.

@SeaGreenEyez Yep, I like the soft stuff as well.

hahahahaahah well said.


In gereral, I like the idea of personalizing face masks. It may get more people to wear them.
Although the font may have to be large enough to read from 6 feet away !!


Shit like this is why we need the puke emoji back.


If I could sew, I'd make a dozen for trump that said thou-shalt-not bear false witness and overnight them to the white house.


I guess you can wear it while you're carrying your babble inscribed AR-15. /sark


Almost as good as putting bible verses on the barrels of tank cannons. 😎

During the Gulf war era I worked for a defense contractor designing a new Howitzer tank - they called it "Crusader". It's was a bad idea to paint our military as Xtian in order to combat the threat of Political Islam. Good poke in the eye to Jihadis though.


Didn't help this fool!

As Dan Barker says, nothing fails like prayer!

Ah, poetic Justice strikes yet again, love it.


I find it hard to fathom how a country like America has allowed itself to be dragged backwards in a weird reversal of what we in the U.K. and Europe are finding, that religion has lost its influence and that secularism is dramatically on the increase. How can it be then, that the USA is becoming more evangelically Christian? How and when did this start, and where is it ultimately going to take America? This latest religious craziness, illustrated here by religious messaging on surgical masks, as if the surgeon’s skill is worthless unless he has the word of god writ large upon his mask! You will then get people who won’t want a doctor or nurse to treat them unless they have a biblical text on their mask, because they will believe that god hasn’t blessed that medic! This is regressive and primitive thinking!

I think the number of Nones in the US is increasing but those remaining religious have become more devout and outspoken.

Ronald Reagan had a lot to do with it, I believe, when he claimed that America "Must get back to its spiritual roots," and embraced Jerry Falwell, Sr., and others of that sick ilk.
So, here e have yet another wonderful example of "American exceptionalism!

@dare2dream I think you are right, if you look at church memberships it looks like Abrahamic religion is dying in America. But the most wild eyed of them see it happening, and are scraping at their grave sides with their fingernails. And I think over the next decade they will be willing to do anything possible to try to boost their numbers. The kind of religious terrorism we mostly have seem from Islamic sects in the past, seems likely to become something more common from Christians.

@altschmerz Yes...they left England because they wanted to practice a more extreme type of Protestantism, but there have been waves of immigration over two and a half centuries to America since then, by others who were less puritanical in their views. The passage of time, modern emancipation, and separation of church & state has meant a dramatic decline in the influence of religious beliefs in almost every other developed western nation.

Well said, but I have a question. Are there a large number of English schools religious based?

@Grecio There are Catholic Schools and Church of England schools, both follow the prescribed state curriculum and are education focused not religion focused. Parents of all religions and none sometimes opt to send their children to them if they have a good Ofsted rating (Ofsted is the school inspection and grading system). These schools are in the minority as most state schools are completely secular. There are also religious schools in the private sector, where they charge fees, including Jewish and Muslim schools, but even they must follow the prescribed state curriculum. There has been trouble with some Jewish and Muslim schools, especially the Muslim ones, who have been trying to change or leave out parts of the curriculum which do not correlate to their own religious views. some have had their licences to operate as schools revoked,

As an American, I’ve come to see my country as just that...regressive and primitive, especially in the current Dumpster Era. The evangelicals are coming out of the woodwork to claim their (non-existent) deity has sent the pandemic as a punishment to LBGT folks, never mind that a lot of their own kind are also dying. What’s worse is that they seem to revel in it because they believe they’ll be “raptured.” How regressive and primitive is that?

@Azatheist It saddens me no end to hear is just that, both regressive and primitive!

@Marionville I find it interesting that, as a Brit, you feel sadness at the diminishment of the U.S. I share your sadness. I think back to the days of the Blitz perpetrated on your country in WW II, and our role, belated as it was, in overcoming the Nazis. I want to thank you for your concern as we Americans now deal with our own form of Nazism. I hope we do as well as you guys did.

@Azatheist We have a common bond....more than just a shared language. I feel sad that so many of your fellow Americans can be so easily taken in by the right wing republican/evangelical/Trumpist agenda and isolationism. What happens in your country affects all of us, not just here in the UK either, but worldwide.


they are greatful for God.. who is responsible for all.. sees all does all..... and so if not tRump.. then I guess they can blame God for the virus... that would scare me seeing these " homemade masks"" which don't block like they should.... scary

Scary...very scary, and very, very sad!


America is regressing into a self-centred nine year old. It never got beyond the petulant adolescent but this is just pathetic.

Just an observation from outside


Surgical mask block 3 microns and larger, corona virus is 1 micron.

Even N 95 masks???

I guess the n 95 will block it after read a little on it.

I have two disposable N95 masks for emergencies!

I also have two masks that take a N95 disposable inserts.

I have eighty deposable inserts!

I bought the N95 deposable masks in December 2019

I just received the last mask that takes N95 inserts with an exhale valve!

I also have deposable non Latex surgical/mechanics sterile gloves.

I do not leave the house without glasses to protect from any aerosol and breath droplets 💧 of others!

Be safe, be ready, stay sane!

Social distancing works only if you use totally!


Oh FFS Christian appropriation of magic and superstition anything to put a few more shekels in the coffers of the church of the holy lucre .


Stupidity knows no bounds!


In FB I have one relative who posted a pic of Jesus beat half to death and wearing a crown of thorns. Her words for it were that Jesus loved you and would get you through this. I pissed her off by posting a laugh for the thumbs up. I'm waiting for the pic of Jesus arm wrestling the Coronavirus. That has to be next.

That's toooooo funny..



bobwjr Level 10 Mar 26, 2020

I have few issues with what anyone does in this type of situation as long as it is not at taxpayer expense or government endorsed or mandated. You do you, I do me and let's strive to do or cause no harm.


Haven't seen that here in vegas.


How do you feel about magical sigils, like on the Led Zeppelin album? It is all glamour and hype and not worth our attention.




hey, they already have a caduceus--a "snake on a pole"--on their lapels lol, whaddya want, all the clue anyone should need see


Ignorance knows no limits...


Insanity to bring them to their knees on their death bed!!!


John 3:16????????????

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