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Well... kinda hard to argue with that logic.. 😁

Captain_Feelgood 8 Oct 3

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I find it hard to identify with anyone who becomes more conservative in this day and age. The democratic party is not for the most part progressive but the repuglican party is down right fascist.

and theocratic.

@jlynn37 you forgot stupid. When you pursue programs that are bad for you personally you get into the stupid and insane levels. The everyday average Germans who helped and believed in Hitler were church going Lutherans and Catholics, How did that workout for them???


This is a conservative flip the script tactic, I doubt this woman isn't an actor.
Awakenings don't take you deeper into the nightmare like this.
As always the level confusion between local public school policy and national DNC policy.
I've heard this song and dance before.
Mostly from arch conservatives that pretend to be Democrats.

I'm about 4 and a half minutes into the video and this is my feeling too. She's talking about the discrepancy between policy and behavior and the thought that comes to mind are all the anti-abortion, family values GOP'ers who tried to secretly pay for their mistresses to terminate a pregnancy. Or the fiasco decades ago when Republicans knowingly looked the other way when Mark Foley tried and sometimes succeeded in seducing underaged male congressional pages. Today's Republican party has become dominated by Dixiecrats of a half century ago. Their politics and tactics haven't changed much, just their party affiliation and their willingness to claim the benefits of the association with Lincoln and Eisenhower when their values reflect neither the values or the politics of these past Presidents.

Do you think that a professional actress would have said "like, you know" as often as she did in the first 7 minutes?

@MyTVC15 Sure, she's a very good actress, you know? Like Gary Oldman, in every movie and most people don't know who he is. It's called character acting. It's really easy.

@Willow_Wisp It made it really hard for me to listen to her and take her seriously, though.

@Willow_Wisp Oldman is the best!


Started to watch, got bored, realised it was over 40 minutes long and stopped it. Surely these things can be explained more concisely and succintly?

Pretty much the same here. I watched the first half of her boring babbling and never got her point. I ended up skipping through the rest 5 minutes or so at a time and discovered it never changed.

I'm very thankful that I never had her as a teacher. I hope she worked from a lesson plan that someone else wrote.
And I hope she somehow was better as a nurse -- focusing on short-term, concrete tasks.
As for her video, that's a half hour of my life I won't get back. It was wasted.😐


6 minutes of her drivel was all I could handle, if this is the best the right has to offer, they are in deep shit. That is 6 minutes of my life wasted on what I'm sure could have been edited down to 30 seconds. Hard to argue with, not on your life, hard to listen to, fucking A.


Load of crap.
Not believing a word of it.


I think Willow_Wisp is probably right - looks like a professional production. Background looks like a set, and the WalkAway campaign has already been accused of using stock photos and claiming they're pics of Democrats who walked away. I can't find GeorgiaMH anywhere else on the internet. Probably an actor.

Says she left Twitter and joined Parler @GeorgiaMH []





If in fact she is a real person, logic doesn't dictate that because some Democrats are idiots that Republicans are any better. This whole thing smells like fraud to me.

skado Level 9 Oct 3, 2020

Seriously? Logic? I see a lot of rationalizing racism in the video, but no logic.

Deb57 Level 8 Oct 3, 2020

I doubt anyone on this site is dumb enough to waste their time on this 47 minutes. The way I see it, ANYONE who would vote republican with Trump as the candidate IS a racist. You vote for one, you are one. The way I see it, both parties are up to their ears in blood, they support war-for-profit, and continuing the policies like the Iraq invasion . . . they do not give a fuck anymore whether the other countries have WMD or not (it was just an excuse anyway). But you will not find me voting for the criminals on either side of the aisle, because I will NOT support the racism that is inherent in their policies. Ever notice how nearly every country they invade, bomb, drone, foment coups in is NON-CAUCASIAN? These bastards are some of the most racist gangsters on the planet . . . they ignore international laws, and think that might makes right. Your video is just one more pile of shit from Washington.

Just like George Carlin said. Bombing the fXXXck out of black and brown people is the job of the white people.


Oh holy crap.

Well, I found the strength to push on. The poor benighted girl. White people are the injured party here; "everyone is dumping on them" for being white. Yes, middle class white folks are the real victims!! There's really no racism any more. It's the ideology that racism exists that's the real problem! If black people would just accept their place and stop bitching about racism, everything would be hunky-dory again! In fact, if you're against racism, you're a reverse racist!!! You don't really want the problem solved, you just want to keep wallowing in your identity as a racial activist!!!

There's 33 more minutes of this horseshit? I just can't.....

At this point, I can only assume that the OP was being sarcastic when he chose his caption. "It's hard to argue with that logic" because there's no logic here at all, just a lot of white resentment and injured privilege. How dare the world make her question her assumptions?

That's granting that this is an actual person and not a paid speaker, what with the incredible number of cuts and the weird wire hanging from her ear. What the hell is with that? And they accused Joe of wearing an earpiece.....


Okay, let's discuss what she thinks is the the "Democrat mythology", just 1:38 in, and see if she explodes it in any way.

"Republicans are for the rich";
Which party, in the last 20 years, has passed 4 major tax cuts, heavily slanted toward the wealthiest 10 percent of Americans?
A) Democrats B) Republicans
If you answered "B) Republicans", congratulations; you've been paying attention.

"In the case of women it's like they want to control your body";
Which party has made a pledge to install judges and Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v Wade? Which party has consistently made it harder to not only get an abortion, but also to get basic access to family planning- some members even wanting to deny a prescription for unmarried women to get birth control? Which party has linked foreign health aid to whether an organization provides family planning information?
A) Democrats B) Republicans
Once again, the answer is B.

At 3:50 we start discussing low-income schools. Which party favors redirecting funds from public schools into charter schools and private schools, which will lead to low-income schools becoming even more low-income? Yes, the answer is B) Republicans.

And now, at 4:05, we're about to deny there's such a thing as systemic racism. I'm outta here.

You have way more patience than I do...

@Krish55 I can't help it; I go out of my way to be fair, even to (especially to) people I know are talking out their asses. It's just my nature.

I didn't even mention the frequent cuts in the video, that are staged to be almost imperceptible unless you look for them. It does appear to be produced, not a home video presentation. And what's with the wire and earphone? Who wears one of these while taping a video? How was that supposed to look natural? Is it so the director can give her cues?

@Paul4747 You're good!

@Krish55 Whether you meant "good at looking for technical stuff" or "a good person", either way, thank you.


What a load of crap and only in the first 5 minutes, not wasting my time with the rest.


I listened to, like, 7 minutes of it and it, like, felt like an hour and, like, I was really, like sort of, wishing she would like get to the point and then I realized that there was like 40 more minutes to go so I like stopped,

You made it further than I did. That was painful.

same here,


Republican propaganda bull crap.


I do agree with your statement, it's hard to argue with something that doesn't exist. 🤣

Hilarious! The best answer!


I did'nt make it too far into her video. If she changed parties and is now a Republican I can only assume she is in an income bracket to where she would never have to worry about healthcare. If I am wrong maybe she is too young to think about it. So, the question is what really is the "Democrat mythology?" She comes across to me as some of these "atheists'' who have suddenly seen the light and become theists. It is just a little too hard to believe.

I say this and during the Reagan years I was a card carrying Republican.


She came to reality about race. If the story is even true, which I doubt. Supposedly her fear of blacks made her turn to Trump. This was his method of getting into power. Her life in the suburbs us in danger of being overrun by blacks. I wasted 45 minutes of my life listening to this bitch. She drank the Kool-Aid. This is all about race. Trump is the savior of the white race.


Nothing relevant in two minutes? Bye.


What logic are you referring to? What do you find valid in it?


I suppose to the denizens of the leftist echo chamber she is an apostate. She must be shunned and disfellowshipped.

Of course.. if not drawn and quartered that is. 🙄👍


Same old bald face shit different day!!!

Leading us all on a overtly overt train wreck where no one actually get out unscathed or possibly living!!!

Just like in 1968 when they gave Nixon the election by putting Humphrey instead of McCathy as the candidate!!!

The Democratic Party is like soft serve ice cream melting before you can even use it or get a taste!!!


This is pretty much why I define myself as an independent, neither democrat/republican nor progressive/conservative.

The right seems to have become the KKK, while the left seems to have become the mirror image, embracing what could be called "retaliatory racism".

She's right, MLK, said it best when he said people should be judged on the content of their character.

My race is human, if you need to talk about my skin color to determine what my rights or opportunities should be, you've got more problems than I can help you with.

Unfortunately, unlike this gal, I don't think conservativism has many good answers either.


So, what did you find compelling?


Whatta Babe!

twill Level 7 Oct 3, 2020
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