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Have any of you or a friend or loved one had a near death experience?

Hages 7 Oct 9

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A co-worker friend of mine was on a plane which crashed shortly after takeoff in Cusco- Peru, and he was one of the survivors. He was a normal well-liked person but after the crash he became a New born Christian...


Allergic reaction. Suffocated on the way to the hospital after my family, who didn't believe in allergies, waited too long but finally took me to the hospital (instead of calling an ambulance). I passed out which is the only reason I'm still alive, my throat relaxed just enough to get oxygen to my brain when I passed out. Nothing happened, just black. I woke up off and on as they cut my clothes off so that I didn't lose a limb or digit to blood restriction from the extreme swelling. I was in and out for hours after that but that was mainly due to the benadryl cocktail they were pumping in me to save me.


Actually died on the Operating table 3 times in my life, never saw this 'bright white thingy' or anything else claimed, just remember waking up the next morning with an abdomen full of sutures, a raging thirst, mouth as dry as a desert and pains everywhere and almost anywhere imaginable.


An uncle used to regale us with a story he had one, the story goes he went in for a EKG and they hooked it up wrong and zapped him instead. Big elaborate story about white light at the end of a tunnel, seeing his dead relatives and someone telling him it wasn't his time...yada yada.

He quit telling the story when I had a sudden cardiac arrest and actually had a AED hooked up to zap me back and then had a ICD installed. No more stories. It could be because when I was asked by relatives if I had a NDE and I said no, dead was dead, nothing is nothing and then explained how oxygen deprivation and depletion cause NDE's. Could be because i explained what an EKG was and how you couldn't get zapped by it. Don't know, maybe a combination of all it.


every time my sister tried to cook dinner.......


My late wife has had several prior to succeeding five years ago.
She said that it was really quite pleasant going into the light and music.
So what did she think was happening? As the brain shuts down the brain stem is going silent activity wise while it tries to make sense of what is happening. She said it was like an old television losing power before powering up again.
Her main fear was not passing away, but what effect it would have on me, our daughter and the rest of her loved ones.


That's a tricky question to answer.


Have been pronounced dead twice, one time I woke up in this white tile room, the nurse and intern both turned sheet white when I asked them if I was dead!!!

Several out of body experiences, never a near death experience!

Out out body were during a car crash, motorcycle crash, a close call during 155 round, and during several surgeries!

No lights, just a floating feeling watching from above!!!


Sorry no, but I have been almost killed so many times it makes me wonder if I'm in a video game.
I had a live 7,620 volt power line fall on me.
I survived a gasoline fire but lost 40% of my skin to second degree burns (no scars thankfully).
I've been in five major fatal automobile accidents, as a passenger.
I've even been shot at.
I did pass out from carbon monoxide poisoning when fire fighting in the Navy, but they gave me a blood transfusion that saved my life, but I don't remember any of the time I was unconscious.
So near death, yes.
Experiences, no.


Yup a couple times , not pleasant


No, but I have had out of body experiences back in the days that I was into woo. Many do not understand why I am so against nonsense beliefs today because they think it proves a soul. Sorry, it does not.

What do you think about astrial projection?

@Desertcactus It appears to be an extension of the physical body at first inspection but the reality of it is and extension of your mind. I do not believe this can be used to prove existence of a "soul." Keep in mind that such ideas come about because humans desperately want to live on, or live forever.

@DenoPenno that makes sense


I have a friend whose says her father had an experience after he hit his head, resulting in a bleed, and nearly died from it. She said when he woke up after surgery he was angry because he had gone to a place he wanted to stay at. She never described what he was referring to. She also was a nurse in hospice, and described many unusual instances with the patients talking to loved ones that had previously passed on. Once in particular that I remember was a gentleman. She came to work that morning, walked into his room and he was dressed in a suit, sitting on his bed with his packed suitcase beside him. She said, "Joe, are you going somewhere?" He told her his wife (whom had already passed) had visited him and told him to pack as he was going on a trip. He died that day.

I was at hospice with a friend of mine whose father was in the last days. The day I was there, his father kept waving his hand above his head, then would take a pillow and throw it up in the air. When asked what he was doing, he replied "I'm trying to get her to leave." When asked who he was talking about, he said there was a woman up by the ceiling that was bugging him.

A few days before my mother passed away, she woke up from a nap and asked me, "Where is Wayne?" Wayne was my ex-father-in-law who had passed away 2 months before. I asked her what she was talking about, and she stated she had been talking to Wayne and wondered where he went.

I don't believe in an after life. However, I do believe the brain can offer up visual experiences, much like dreams, that seem very real. Experiences that may make some think there is an afterlife where one doesn't exist. Much like these instances, a near-death experience is most likely an active brain having what seems like a real experience while the body is dying.

Have not had any of the experiences nor have I met anybody that has had a near death experience but your last paragraph I am in total agreement with, thank you. 😉

I have talked with friends who claim their loved ones were seeing dead people before they died. Is it real, or more likely some inner knowledge that they will also be dead in a short time? Since these reports are not direct reports possibly it is the story teller's way of claiming that an afterlife is real.


No but this always intrigues me. There are scientific explanations why people see lights and feel euphoric, but there are also many people who see and feel nothing. I winder what the differences are.

My cardiologist told me there are studies that show people of "faith" tend to have NDE's and when they survive they tend to have PTSD because the brain is trying to reconcile belief vs reality. Oxygen deprivation can play great tricks on the brain and add in the endorphins because the body is shutting down and it's a major high/rush. It is difficult to explain, there is nothing, absolute nothing, yet it is not scary and it's actually comfortable. What little fear I had of dying I had is basically gone. I don't seek death, but I also don't fear it.


10 years ago I underwent an open chest surgery called aortic dissection, a condition where your aorta starts to tear from top to bottom until the weakened walls burst and you are dead in less than 5 seconds, basically the surgery repairs the tear and adds a silicone stent to reinforce the walls, they told me that in order to do the surgery they lower your temperature, stop your heart, and the blood flow goes through a machine while the 5 hour surgery is performed, then you are put on an induced coma for at least a week to recover. In other words, my heart was stopped for a little more than 5 hours, and then the induced coma was for a week, when I woke up I thought that all the preliminary stuff took place "last night" when in fact I was out for 8 days, I did not experience anything, it was like from the emergency room where I had driven myself at 3 in the morning, the doctor checking my MRI and telling me that I was going to be sedated for surgery, see the nurse put an IV on my arm and then wake up 8 days later thinking everything happened "last night" so the experience was no experience.


Nearly drowned twice but both times apart from feeling calm and having a burning throat (inhaled water) I did not experience anything but then never blacked out just kept trying to solve the problem or work out that I had a problem and then fix it. One time as a child caught in a rip unable to get back to shore was trying to swim across it but there were waves an adult watching us got to me (they could stand my feet could not reach the seafloor) as I started going under. Second time scuba diving doing a practise of sharing equipment when the reg was ripped out of my mouth as I breathed in as far as I was concerned it was a short amount of time but according to the instructor (a fully qualified dive instructor and a hyperbaric nurse) it was about one minute that I just knelt there with my eyes closed, he rapped on my mask and pushed his reg into my mouth but I could not clear it of water so I spat it out and grabbed my own reg put it in my mouth and purged it. Two minutes had gone by without me breathing, when my mouth was clear of water breathing hurt, I felt weak but okay. We finished the dive and I was ordered to go and sit in the galley with someone to watch me for signs of dry drowning. I timed myself not breathing for two minutes, turns out I could do that easily (at the time I could also swim half of an olympic sized pool without breathing, while doing laps I would only breath every 8 to 12 strokes) I call them near death but maybe not near enough.


I was in a coma for four days. Didn't see shit.

Same here, but five days. Didn't see shit - and didn't make up a bunch of shit, either, despite plenty of prompting from believers.

Were you at Harborview too? I'm told that they're the best in our area.

@AmyTheBruce No. The VA in Seattle. I'm lucky they didn't kill me.

@PondartIncbendog Yikes! I haven't heard much good about that place. I hope you're okay now, more or less (I know first-hand that "recovery" is a relative term.)


Possibly, or it could just have been the lack of oxygen from having my chest compressed so heavily on landing. Everything certainly went very bright.
I think we’ve had this question before 🙂Near death experience so you might like to check out the previous replies.

Ok, you're going to have to explain that. Rough sex?

@PondartIncbendog jumping a motorbike over the wrong part of a hill crest and having to navigate between vehicles at the top on landing. I managed not to make contact with any of the vehicles, but hit the ground with some impact, (knocked my mates bike when narrowly avoiding it and broke the main stand), couldn’t move or talk for a few minutes. Everything went very bright, like someone had turned the contrast right up. If I had of hit a car or trailer things wouldn’t have been so pretty.

@girlwithsmiles Oh darn. I thought you had a real story.

@PondartIncbendog how did your coma work, or did you already tell us last time?

@girlwithsmiles How about "there I was, just having made the jump out of the RAF harrier to my secret mission, and then",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

@girlwithsmiles I never did wake up.

@PondartIncbendog maybe in the creative writing group, I’m boringly honest in real life, apologies 😂

@girlwithsmiles hurumpf,,,,,,,,,,,

@PondartIncbendog glad to have you with us then, was that a Philip K Dick where the chap put his wife into the mainframe on dying and then he eventually joined her? Not a bad little fiction piece anyway, his style.

@girlwithsmiles Lately, I'm wondering if I'm dreaming.

@girlwithsmiles But the dream would be a lot better, and everyone would be naked.

@girlwithsmiles Total Recall was written by Dick.

@PondartIncbendog yes, and Bladerunner / Do androids dream of electric sheep. Nervous of seeing the new Total recall, I’m quite fond of the old kitch version.

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