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Must be part of god's plan, huh?

. Mike Pence and wife Karen reportedly homeless


Dyl1983 8 Jan 27

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I have a couple of doghouses in my backyard that are usually empty. I'm sure sleeping separately would be nothing new.


I found it odd that Pence didn’t make plans for where to reside after office ... then I remembered he along with Trump thought they could overturn our democracy and stay in office. Shows just how strongly be believed that nonsense.


I have no sympathy for TrumPence and mother.


They have a cabin. Boo-hoo.


So the poor bastard is now couch-surfing so as to avoid being on the receiving end of the hate that he previously espoused?

Serves the asshole right!


It isn't homeless when they can afford to live in a hotel if they want.
Just they didn't spend any money on a home until too late to move into one.
Fuck them.


I'm sure some evangelical church would put him and his immediate family up, since they are also evangelicals, but it would still be a problem for his security staff. Like everything in the Trump admin., looks like someone forgot to plan ahead... Guess Pence had unshakeable faith that his God would get Trump re-elected.


I feel for his security team. what a cluster!


Aw what a bummer, NOT.


Or dodging crazed trumpanzees trying to kill them.

I would not go back to my old address


They are "homeless" by choice.
They have so many more options than nearly every other homeless person does.

No sympathy. None.


Now, now, let's be a wee bit fair to them here....LOL.
I suggest a nice 1 roomed tin shack with NO utilities such as running water, electricity, air conditioning, dirt floors, etc, etc, smack dab in the middle of Death Valley would be absolutely PERFECT for them imo.

@Triphid I have every expectation that they will be just fine. Not what they deserve, but they'll land on their feet, regardless.

@KKGator Sad, so very, very sad but also, most unfortunately true as well.
Far better to see them on some street corner in a Ghost Town begging for scraps, covered in filth, lice and fleas, etc, imo, though.

@Triphid Agreed.


. . . yahoo adds nothing, the original source :


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