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Are you all ready for April 23rd???
And you thought TAX DAY was stressful. πŸ˜›


MikeInBatonRouge 8 Apr 17

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I've lived through several armageddon/doomsdays and they're not all they're cracked up to be.

real disappointments


I have been looking forward to all of the christians being swept up into heaven for some time. I think the world will be a much nicer place afterwards.

JimG Level 8 Apr 17, 2018

@Bierbasstard agreef!


Aww man, ANOTHER rapture?
I hate when everything descends into chaos, war, famine, and disease.
Satan just really puts a damper on my mood, man.
(Lol, sarcasm incase that was evident).

Mea Level 7 Apr 17, 2018

Relax. According to the Miriam Webster dictionary, RAPTURE is not about chaos, war, famine, and disease. It is about ecstasy and passion – so make the most of it ?

THE RAPTURE is only for "saved" Christians, ...or Anita Baker (tell me you get that joke) , so unless you are one of those, you won't be caught up in it the good way; yeah, pretty sucky.


Free clothing - free pets - new house? What's not to love!


'It's the end of the world as we know it' again! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


The believers "out-FOXed" the non-believers this time. According to the trusted source Miriam-Webster, the first definition of RAPTURE is: "an expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion."

And what comes to mind when you think of ecstasy and passion?

You are correct. This is merely a way for rapture believers to have guilt-free sex every four years or so.


I thought one was happening in July?


April 23rd is St. George's Day in England. Mostly overlooked. He is the patron saint of this country and widely ignored. Consequently for me its likely to be a normal work day. Is there something else going on?

The world is coming to an end. AGAIN The same for next year too.

@kenriley the world is coming to end two years on the anything I need to do? I can bake

You can bake me a cake, thank you

@kenriley will do

@Amisja Damm happy happy happy... I'll be right there

It's my grandaughter, s birthday ... Does this mean I won't need to buy her the bike she wants?


I'll post a video I posted on my blog last September when this dopaminergic wacko made his end-of-the-world prediction then. Can't wait to see what kind of excuse he comes up with this time around.


Promises, promises...


If anyone needs me that day I'll be hiding under my tinfoil hat saying "Hail Mary"s and clutching my essential oils lol.


Jeezus kreist on a bicycle, this again?


I have to die....again ? Damn.


What's that? Mother-in-law's Day?

godef Level 7 Apr 17, 2018

Tax day is not stressful for me and neither is a non-event day.


You have to wonder how these people still have the gutts to come out with the predictions.
After all, we all know the world ended 31st December 1999.


It is amazing how popular this stuff is. Who can forget the year 2000?

I will not forget the year 2000, but for a different reason. I was Y2K'ed. I used a credit card to make an online purchase approximately $150 on January 5th. When I received my January credit card bill, the total charges were over $4000, because the $150 charge was repeated every day from January 5 through the end of the month.

That was certainly not a "rapture" experience.?


Not again, think they put that claim out there every few years. Is an insane way to try and get people to join the brainwashing religions.


Why do people keep predicting this? Is anyone aware that the scriptures backing it up are very limited and actually refer to the 70 AD war.(one taken and one left.) This shows that your "gospel" was written later than you first thought and the books were not eyewitness accounts. Later still we have Revelation which is a hidden account of religion vs. Rome at the time. Next comes Constantine and 328 AD with ideas of certain scriptures in one great big book. Many years later we see Evangelicals that believe Revelation predicts a future time of "rapture" where believers are caught up and away to protect them from the world.
Sorry folks. There are no "end time" predictions but they just keep making shit up. Yes, the bible says you will be caught up into the air to meet Jesus but a rapture is not what it was talking about. It doesn't matter. None of it will ever happen. Confusion, misunderstanding, and always making things up. That's the ways of religion.


What’s going on April 23rd?

Edit: Doh, the link.


I ain't skeered.


It's called Monday or work day. I'm about as ready as I will ever be.


The Rapture is coming. Horrifying bloodshed and destruction will follow. And that means one thing: Investment opportunities.


No, but you look like someone I’d like

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