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I expected some dumb responses from celebrities and boy, they don’t disappoint. To start off with, Pedro Pascal posted a tweet saying Anthony Huber and Jacob Rosenbaum were murdered, Rest In Peace. Those two nimrods were not murdered; they were killed in self-defense. Their pictures were below the tweet. Did he even watch the videos of the incident? Not to be outdone, Mark Ruffalo moronically tweeted about black lives and to mourn the loss of Anthony and JoJo. Really? What does the killings of Huber and Rosenbaum have to do with black lives? Those two pinheads were white. Huber was a wife-beater and Rosenbaum anally raped a kid. Fuck them, glad they are dead.

Lastly, Rage Against the Machine, who should be rebranded as Rage on Behalf of the Machine, claimed without evidence that Huber and Rosenbaum were protesting on behalf of black lives. Any evidence for that? Also, the shit for brains from rage claims that Kyle used his whiteness to kill those fighting against oppression. Again, what does a white kid shooting three white men have to do with race? Also, how was Rittenhouse oppressing anyone? Tom Morello, guitarist for the irrelevant jackasses, put the icing on the shit take by claiming that the courts upheld white supremacy. For a band that claims that they are the counterculture, they sure do suck the cock of the establishment by regurgitating the same bullshit and lies.

To close, seems like critical thinking has went out the window. Instead of looking at the evidence, why not just parrot regressive left talking points? Seems like celebrities, especially progressive celebrities, are really fucking stupid. All that money and a bully pulpit but no almonds to activate. Twitter brings out the dumbest in all of them.




Heavykevy1985 6 Nov 29

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I concur with your assessment on the matter. Evidence would indicate that Anthony Huber was probably a mentally disturbed individual who had quite a criminal record, mostly disorderly conduct and was a repeat domestic abuser. The following is from a source called The Heavy, which is a known leftwing source, and they verified Huber's criminal past.-

Joseph Rosenbaum was even worse an individual. Evidence would indicate Rosenbaum led an extremely troubled life early on and served prison time for child molestation and assault. His behavior on the night he was shot dead in the street was radical and aggressive, including get this one... racial slurs? Bwahaha, how's that for being there among a racial protest claiming to help out blacks, and he's there using racial slurs, un-fucking-real. Rosenbaum was also clearly the more aggressive individual there, more so than Huber even. Here's The Heavy's take on Rosenbaum.-

Gaige Grosskreutz was certainly no angel either, who admitted he approached Rittenhouse with a loaded gun, and don't think I need to mention here how incredibly stupid it is to point a gun at someone and think there won't be any sort of consequences to follow. Grosskreutz had a prior gun offense at that, and by law should not have even had the gun he pointed at Rittenhouse, but then again that's not the first time such laws have been broken, because criminals care not about your damn laws. Grosskreutz was a member of a protest group called The People's Revolution, which said group has a turbulent albeit violent-prone past history, to say the least. How's that for "peaceful" intentions and being there to support blacks, eh? Nothing peaceful in any of that.-

What you stated above is consistent with the actual facts, and while I personally would not label Rittenhouse a hero of the sorts, his self-defense was warranted given the aggressive circumstances he was up against, and Rittenhouse serves as an example as to why it's not a bad idea to arm oneself against maniacal and aggressive folks, as there is no shortage of such people out there nowadays. Hell, I have some firsthand experience with similar protesting tactics. Back in June 2020 shortly after the George Floyd incident, there was a racial protest that marched down my street, and I could attest to the fact that the protesters in that march were anything but peaceful. Shouting all sorts of unwarranted obscenities at passersby, picking a fight with my one neighbor who had the audacity to fly an American Flag, with the protesters afterwards making threats of violence at him which in turn prompted a call to the local police. You see, protesters (dare I call them that) like that are why people like me own guns, it's not some fascination with violence as some of those on the left would have you believe, it's an action grounded in reality knowing full well how many violent thugs there are out there these days, an action on my part out of genuine concern for my safety.

You can point out all the facts on the matter above that you like, but the emotionally sensitive and unstable among us will vehemently refuse to acknowledge any evidence or facts that would contradict the narrative they wish to believe in, and such individuals cannot be reasoned with. That said, do know that you are not alone on that much, some of us still know how to think for ourselves and just accept reality for what it is instead of how we would wish things to be. Curious times we live in, eh mate?

Just curious, did you @TheInterlooper by chance come across this post? If not yet, you might find it interesting.


I stopped reading your post after the first paragraph. That was enough, I did read all the comments and your replies. How horrible it must be to be you. You and your kind have coated the bottom of the barrel with a putrid scum that stinks all the way to Miralago,. Shut up and listen till you learn how to talk.

It is Mar-A-Lago. If you are going to insult someone, clod, do it right. Slink back to your cucked existence and let the big boys handle the insults.


Before even reading the comments, I can tell this is not going to go well... The people on this site trend strongly politically left, so probably agree with the people you are badmouthing. <shrug> Well, on to the entertaining comments.

At a basic level, I agree the verdict was the correct one, but this is simply a grenade lobbed into the problem...

Exactly the reason that I mad the post, to stir the pot. Yeah, you are right; this site is a progressive cesspool


It's very sad this should even have to be discussed. In my opinion Rittenhouse should have been given a long prison term if only to discourage others from doing the same.
The love affair with guns and the paranoia it causes is crazy and looking from outside of the USA I have to shake my head in disbelief.
I grew up with "Western" films where the gun was law but even as a kid I realised that it was make belief. A large proportion of the US population appear to think it was real and the world is like that.
Minnesota is probably one of the safer states but look at the comparison with Scotland which has an almost identical population
Firearm deaths in 2017 Minnesota ---- 465
Scotland------41 (includes non fatal wounding )

Thank goodness that an anti-gun twat like you does not live in the US. What should Rittenhouse be sent to jail for? He acted in sled-defense but if you are that stupid to think that he committed a crime, you are too stupid beyond words

@Heavykevy1985 Thank you for those kind words. This anti gun twat has friends and family in the USA so I have a vested interest. I have just been reading about the pro gun parents of the latest school shooter who let their disturbed 15 year old son have access to a semi automatic hand gun to shoot and kill 4 of his school mates and wound another 14. The mother wrote an open letter to Trump praising his stand on gun ownership. The parents are likely to be charged as well. Good, the are obviously too stupid to raise children

@Moravian what does this have to do with Rittenhouse? Try to stay on topic there, gramps

@Heavykevy1985 Take your head out of your ass and maybe you would see.


From what I see, your response to every opposing viewpoint seems to be insulting the individual, not debating their point. Nevertheless;

"What does the killing of Huber and Rosenbaum have to do with black lives..." Perhaps the fact that they were there marching in support of BLM, and Rittenhouse specifically turned up to "protect" people (who never asked him for his protection, but pass that by) from what he assumed were violent rioters who belonged to BLM? Perhaps that the entire incident was during a Black Lives Matter protest?

Carrying a rifle out in the woods makes perfect sense, because mostly people are hunting when they do that. Who was Kyle Rittenhouse and his friends hunting on the streets of Kenosha? Carrying a rifle with the capacity to penetrate through your target and kill anyone who happens to get in the way, in an urban setting, is the height of recklessness. They were not there with the intent of "protecting" anybody; the message was intimidation. Count up how many protesters were openly carrying firearms. That was the message; "We have guns and you don't."

Self-defense is one thing when you're going about your ordinary business. It's another when you have gone out of your way to seek a dangerous situation. If I have to defend myself with my concealed handgun because I went for a walk at midnight down every dark alley I could find, until someone tried to mug me, that would not be self-defense; that would be "looking for trouble". That's exactly what Kyle Rittenhouse did. He was wrong from the word go. He is not law enforcement nor private security. He had no business taking a rifle to a different state, specifically planning to confront protesters. Nothing, not even his 2nd Amendment rights, will make me believe otherwise. Those rights also carry a corresponding responsibility. He utterly failed to conduct himself responsibly. These were not justified shootings because he had no justification to be in that situation with that rifle to begin with.

Okay, let the name-calling commence.

No namecalling from me, just an observation. No one in this saga was virtuous. What idiot goes to chase down someone armed with an assault rifle? Of course a 17 year old (or most people) would have panicked. So I understand why Rittenhouse could have responded with deadly force. But his crime, excused by this court, was in setting up the situation in the first place. I don't fault the jury so much as the charges and the specific laws in question. Wisconsin needs much more sanity in its laws pertaining to weapons. And they sure aren't alone in this.
Caveat. Rittenhouse murdered that guy whom he incapacitated with one shot but then chose to shoot several more times--and in the back. Flat out murder.

@MikeInBatonRouge I agree it was a collision of extremely bad choices on everyone's part.

Where’s your evidence that they were even marching for BLM, which is not saying much because BLM has caused mayhem everywhere they went. Question still remains unanswered: how does Rittenhouse, who is white shooting three other white guys ties into anything racial? Rittenhouse retreated and said “Friendly” over and over again and those three POS chased after him and tried to kill. If you did not have riots, Rittenhouse would not need a gun. Kenosha is only 20 minutes away from Antioch. Not that big of a stretch, doofus. Rittenhouse was there cleaning graffiti and administering first aid. Looking for trouble? Where’s your evidence, pinhead? To sum it up, not name- calling when it is an accurate descriptor of ideologues like you.

@MikeInBatonRouge what crime? He killed them in self-defense. Watch the video, bozo. Until you are in Rittenhouse’s shoes Mr. Armchair Quarterback, you do not know shit from Shinola you fucking mong

@Heavykevy1985 I expected no less. Your incoherent and irrelevant insults do nothing to back your case.

@Heavykevy1985 if I'm bozo, you're an idiot. I did watch the video, and you are 't even actually responding to what I wrote, rather, what you project into what I wrote.


Note to everybody who has been reacting or commenting in response to my comments here, I blocked this nimrod Heavykevy, so I can't read your reactions or comments. If you want to share with me about it, PM me, since I can't read anything from this thread or the post without unblocking him. Tom


I'm not exactly certain what the point is here, but there's a fact that plays into "self defense" murder that too many people overlook, don't care about, or simply don't care to be aware of.

Rittenhouse? I have mixed feelings on one, and really questionable thoughts on two. That aside, it is what it is.

Then let's get real.

According to the FBI, and other "trusted" stat tanks, let's examine:

*Between 2008 and 2012, 42,419 people were killed by other people in the US using guns. Of those, just 1,108 were killed in self-defense.


Moving forward in time, the stats go seriously down, for people actually killed by those protecting their own selves, those they love, and their property.

In 2020, there were 303 citizens killed by police that were justified. There were 405 justified homicides by private citizens.

Without droning on, Americans have a penchant for killing. Sad but true.

It is what it is. Rittenhouse? He was looking to kill. And he did. He's not the only one, he's one that won't face accountable. Welcome to American policing and "justice.".

I find it revolting. Others think it's the shit America's made of. #shrugs

(Americans don't need guns for personal protection. They have a love affair with gun violence. It is what it is. If you're that afraid of your neighbor, your fellow humans, it isn't a gun you need, it's mental health care.)

Overwhelming majority of gun deaths are suicides. Misleading drivel here

@Heavykevy1985 That has NOTHING to do with this post or the replies you've received.

You don't bother mentioning self-harm.

But since you did? That alone should bring about SANE gum laws. If American citizens are so desperate that suicide seems like a viable, the ONLY viable answer to all the ills we brave daily, that's a testamony more sad/sickening than being the gun murder capital on the globe.


On a site supposedly full of skeptics and critical thinkers, it amazes me how many people here are so opinionated on a case where they don't even know the facts. There are at least 6 videos from that night that show this is beyond a doubt self defense. Most of these people are the type that claim to be progressives but support corporate democrats over actual progressives, these people tout their party line even if they are being lead into a fire. When it comes to facts and evidence, they only care if it supports their world view.

Tejas Level 7 Nov 30, 2021

I wonder did the judge say to the state proscecutor, 'my mind is made up! Do not confuse me with the evidence.'

Nobody would deny that anyone has a right to defend himself or herself when there is an imminent threat to his or her life.

Who requested Kyle Rittenhouse and others who were armed with assault rifles to defend their business properties? Where is the evidence to support such a claim?

The fact that local police officers gave the armed men bottles of water to drink would seem to indicate that they condoned what took happened while they took a back seat. Correct me if I got it wrong but there seems to have been a lack of action on the part of law enforement officers at the scene, which, may be viewed as gross negligence and dereliction of duty on their part.

The second amendment guarantees people like Rittenhouse the ability to carry a long rifle around with him. He defended himself, period.

@Heavykevy1985 True, however, he was not the only one there that was armed. Why did so many armed men decide go there? Surely, is is not the task of law enforcement officers or your National Guard to maintain law and order? If someone went there to remove graffiti or administer first aid why would he need a rifle to carry out such tasks?

Doubtless, it may be considered foolish to attempt to take a rifle from someone. It seems to me that all parties in the situation viewed each other as posing a serious threat.

Kyle Rittenhouse went to the demonstration specifically with the hopes of getting to shoot somebody under the motivation of protecting other people's property. He got his wish.

@Toonman how do you know that? Now you are arguing in bad faith. Not a mind reader, dumbo

, @ASTRALMAX no, second amendment deals with citizen militias. The Minutemen were made up of volunteers in a town. Yes, because there were violent riots. If he did not have that rifle, he would have been killed. Those three idiots were asking for trouble. Kyle retreated and they followed. They got their just desserts.


Your statement makes perfect sense but only in the US of A because in any other First World Country he would have been arrested for just owning an AR-15, let alone wandering through a civilian protest with an automatic weapon.
Even in the USA he would have been arrested or more probably shot while resisting arrest by the police IF he were anything but a privileged white manchild. That's possibly the tie in with BLM, that and the protest where he shoot 3 people, killing two and severely wounding the third, was in fact a protest about racial injustice aka BLM.

It was not an automatic weapon. Learn the basic facts before you comment your bias and ignorance.

@Tejas PLEASE, the modification from semi-auto to full auto takes a half an hour. Canadians like myself know guns just as well as Americans do, yet surprisingly our gun homicide rate is miniscule by comparison although our gun ownership rate is not that much less.
Any fool can pull a trigger, You Fool.

@SnowyOwl you said the weapon was automatic when it was not, own up to your lie.

@SnowyOwl and American civilians own more than 4 times the amount per capita. You don't seem to know much of anything. []

@SnowyOwl the amount of gun deaths here in the US are primarily due to suicides. Data is misleading without context

@Tejas I had a half decent shit this morning, still bigger than you, Skippy.

@SnowyOwl I work on a cattle ranch and lift weights on a regular basis. I was more man than you when I was a child. Fuck off old fart before you have a heart attack

@Tejas Ah the naivety of youth, young and dumb and full of cum. Go strut your stuff with some of those cows, heck maybe you even prefer the steers - somehow I doubt getting kicked in the head will do you any harm and might do you some good, knock some sense into you. lol

@SnowyOwl I mean I'd get mad if I couldn't make my point without lying too. Then being called out for it. Sucks for you.

@Tejas Pedantic antics with semantics.

Blow it out your ass.

@Tejas You're still online? I thought you'd be out 'entertaining the herd'. You stick with your 'truth', it's the American Way these days. 😀

@SnowyOwl I know you old folks aren't too technical but it's called a smartphone. Yeah I prefer saying it how it is and truth over lies like you have been telling. Must be how people like you are.

@Tejas Aren't you cute with your paradigm, you have a nice day an make sure you keep those cows and steers happy by lifting those heavy weights. Prairie oysters for dinner? lol It might help you grow a pair.

@SnowyOwl thanks for calling me cute and all but I swing for the other team. I'm very flattered though


@Tejas Certainly not a meal, maybe a snack with a pair of tweezers?

@Tejas cute in your naivety but hardly what anyone would call a catch, not even a steer. Steers and queers but you ain't got no horns on you, boy. lol

@Tejas Says you're from the South, don't you even know which backward hick county you're from? Go bugger a steer, you're sister would appreciate a rest. lol

@SnowyOwl "you're sister" nice grammar you illiterate dipshit

@Tejas Well aren't you special, and you managed to suss that out while buggering a steer. What a talented little lad, quite the multi-tasker.

@SnowyOwl yeah I'm pretty special. At least that's what both my dads say. I'm a big boy too I can wipe my own ass. You must be getting close to the age where someone has to wipe your ass?

@Tejas I reached the point of tedium when it comes to dealing with you, nothing special there at all, well maybe special needs. TTFN

@SnowyOwl that's a very effeminate way to say goodbye. Have something you want to talk about?

@SnowyOwl Lots of BS name calling from you here. Saying he is a small weak man, has a small dick, is into beastiality... with male animals...

Do you know Tejas, because you seem be claiming to be quite intimately familier with him? Or, you don't have a legitimate argument so have fallen back to ad hominem like a little bitch.

@echosam Cool your jets, I was just having a little bit of fun with the manchild. He wants to try and justify the shooting of people based upon a bunch of rubbish arguments so I gave him a taste of his own medicine. I don't know him and probably wouldn't want to, everyone is so prickly and it's not even the dread holidays yet.

@echosam, @Tejas I yield the field, you are the bigger man. Now get out there and shoot someone for whatever reason you feel justified in doing so. Just realize that people tend to shoot back and if you have never been shot at, as I have on two separate occasions, then you will find it a blood chilling experience.

@Tejas the fact that you think the automatic-ness of the weapon has any bearing here is comical. There is a lot I don't know about ballistics, but that doesn't make me dishonest or generally ignorant any more than your superior knowledge on the subject makes you a genius or even a good person. Really, get over yourself.

@Deb57 the only thing that matters is facts and I keep it to facts, not emotions. If you don't know the basics of a subject how do you expect people to listen to your opinions on said subject.

@Tejas I'm sorry but I moved on last night are you still stuck on trying to figure out fact from fiction because it tends to be shades of grey anymore these days. Even empirical data seems to be subjective for the most part but that's how it is. You have an nice day.

@Tejas what you were doing was attacking someone over an irrelevant detail. Pretending it stems from some obsession with fact vs fiction, in this instance, is not fooling anybody. The controversy in this discussion is about ethics, not semantics. When you try to commandeer the focus as you have done in this thread, it only makes you look evasive and uncomprehending.

@Deb57 I've stated my views on this subject on many posts and not a single person had presented a reasonable argument for their counter beliefs on this issue. I wasn't attacking anything I pointed out a fact then he insulted me for pointing that fact out. Call it whatever you want but facts are not irrelevant.


Wow! you've taken idiocy to a whole new level. Well done.

Not an argument


If Kyle Rittenhouse had decided to stay home and play Nintendo games that day, those people would be alive. Whether they deserved to be murdered (yes, MURDERED) or injured is a moot point. They were executed without a trial, so we will never know. The kid had no business being there, and had no business being there with a rifle. He went there with the intent to kill someone and accomplished his mission.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 30, 2021

This 👇

@TimeOutForMe Trevor Noah does your thinking for you? Rittenhouse is guaranteed by the second amendment to defend himself. Trevor Noah is a moron.

@Heavykevy1985 perhaps you're misidentifying who the real moron is. since you're all about name-calling!

This sums it up quite well.

@Heavykevy1985 your use of name calling and lack of ethics says everything about your character. You think, and convey your thoughts, like a spoiled child. It's clear that you are accusing people of letting others do the thinking for us while being, yourself, heavily influenced by manipulative and dishonest alt-right pundits. This is called "projecting" and you couldn't be more obvious about it. Adulting is a challenge, isn't it, sweetie?

@Deb57 not name-calling. An accurate descriptor of who you really. A dumb bitch like you sticks fingers in her ears and screams “LALALALALA!” despite the overwhelming evidence against your opinion of the case. You are the one saying that Rittenhouse committed murder. Okay dumb cunt, where’s your evidence? Please go suck shit out of Trevor Noah’s ass you easily-led automaton. I enjoy insulting you progressives. You fuckers are special breed of stupid

@TimeOutForMe describing, not name-calling. People like you let Trevor Noah do your thinking for you, prog idiot

@Heavykevy1985 you're the biggest idiot on here pushing your lone views. Go stuff yourself!!!!
You're the one who can't think for yourself. "Your dependence on your truth" rests with "your kind of jury' decision"!

@Heavykevy1985 go demonstrate your Master's in Vulgarism elsewhere, perhaps in your own neighbourhood where you belong!

@Heavykevy1985 no, what you are demonstrating is a personality disorder. This entire post, and your responses to all whose opinions differ from yours, inarguably reflects that. You have issues, boy. Toxic issues.


Those two nimrods were not murdered; they were killed in self-defense.

On this point I disagree with you, not that it was self-defense but that others are "nimrods" as you put it for seeing it as murder.
When you willingly go into a hot situation and kill someone, the line between murder and self-defense gets blurred. Similar to how the line between consensual sex and rape can get blurred when you go into a drunk situation.
Also, just because 12 people did not find "beyond a reasonable doubt" that it was not murder DOES NOT MEAN that it was not murder nor that there is reasonable doubt for millions of others.... just that there is a reasonable doubt that there is for those 12 people. For many people, regardless of the juries opinion, there was never any doubt that it was self-defense OR never any doubt that it was murder.

Hence, it's not "nimroddy" to have no doubts and see this as murder even if the 12 people had some doubts and did not see it that way.

Those two nimrods were not murdered; they were killed in self-defense. [...] Also, the shit for brains from rage claims that Kyle used his whiteness to kill those fighting against oppression

On this point I agree with you.
There is nothing racial about this incident. Rittenhouse explicitly said he supports BLM and was there not as counter protest but from a (misguided though it was) sense of being a protector.
On the plus side, this lets us know up front who sees race in EVERYTHING such that we can dismiss their opinion in the future as being wholly biased.

To close, seems like critical thinking has went out the window.

HA! As much as we debate the existence of gods on this site, so too do we debate the existence of critical reasoning. Many people claim that it exixts and yet, evidence seems to point to the contrary!!! 😀

He was there to clean graffiti and administer first aid. He can be there if he wants to. Those men try to kill him. Did you miss that?

And because those that attacked him thought they were responding to an active shooter, they thought Rittenhouse was trying to kill them as well. Their actions were justified as well. In fact, had Rittenhouse actually been killed, the verdict would have been the same not guilty 4 those that actually got killed.

As I've said at other times, this was a comedy of errors. Each side responded justifiably and tragedy was inevitable.

@TheMiddleWay I would argue even if I thought someone was shooting people, chasing them down the street with my skateboard hitting them as he is running, is probably one of the worst things to do, and not self defense.

@TheMiddleWay no, they responded to him because they are violent criminals. All three are felons. Also, those three would have been convicted of murder. Kyle did not engage them, they engaged him. Are you that bid of a centrist coward?


Also, those three would have been convicted of murder.

You'd have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that all three went to the event with the explicit purpose of murdering someone. They couldn't do that for Rittenhouse despite a video where he says he wishes he could shoot protesters and illegally purchasing and openly carrying a rifle. Seems unlikely they'd be able to do it for the other three regardless of past criminal records.

Are you that bid of a centrist coward?

Are you having this conversation purely so you can get the emotional hit of calling someone a coward?
If so, I'm not here to feed your addiction.

Absolutely the worst thing to do.
But also heroic.
And also self-defense if the person with the skateboard thought that they were going to be shot by the AR-15 that was being pointed at them.

@Heavykevy1985 Now that's funny, "clean graffiti and administer first aid"🤣

When I heard that, I couldn't help think of the classic line by rowdy Roddy Piper in they live

"I'm here to kick ass and chew gum.. and I'm all out of gum"

@Heavykevy1985 it's a lot easier to clean graffiti and administer first aid when your arms aren't full of AR15. Not buying your bullshit.

@ronnie40356 video and photos of him doing both, dumb shit

@TheMiddleWay Rittenhouse’s life was clearly in danger and he had reason to shoot those pieces of shit. The jury acquitted him for that reason. Are you this fucking dumb?

@Heavykevy1985 Post those pictures. Thanks.

@Heavykevy1985 🤣🤣🤣

@Heavykevy1985 Where's those pics? Post them for us. Thanks dumb shit..

I never denied that. If you could put your anger aside for a second you see that I'm consistently and explicitly saying that Rittenhouse was wholly justified in his actions. My only addendum is had things gone the other way and it had been writtenhouse that had been shot, then the shooters would have also been wholly justified in their actions.


? Go suck off Cenk Uygur some more you worthless bitch

Just no.
You do not insult other members on this site this way or really any other
It is against forum rules and contrary to respectful discussion, which is what this site is dedicated to.

Please refrain from further outbursts against our community members or risk being ostracized from the community via banning


video and photos of him doing both, dumb shit

There is a single photo of him cleaning graffiti on Aug 25.
That was easy to find.

There are no photos of him rending first aid that I could find.
There are no videos of him doing both that I could find.

@HeavyKevy1985, where are you finding photos of him rendering first aid and where are you finding videos of both?

@TheMiddleWay I asked for those photos earlier. No response so far..

The photos of him cleaning graffiti are easy to find.
I wouldn't press @HeavyKevy1985 on that point.

However, there are no photos or videos of him administering first aid that I could easily find.
I would press @HeavyKevy1985 on that point.

Having said that, if I know Heavy's style of debate (and I do), what you will get is a call for us to go on a "snipe hunt". He will mock us you for not being able to find the (non-existent) photos and videos of him administering first aid and will not provide it himself. Not unlike when asking a person to point to god, they say "if you can't find him, I'm not going to point him out to you" 😉

I would be VERY surprised if @HeavyKevy1985 came back and said he was wrong about evidence for first aid and videos of him cleaning graffiti. VERY surprised.

@TheMiddleWay No thanks. I'm not going to "press" that guy on anything. I've seen all of his opinions I'd want in this one thread. Only interesting thing about him is the obscenities and insults to anyone with a different opinion. Good luck, Lol..

Good point.
I've said my piece as well so I'm not long for this discussion either.

@ronnie40356 find evidence of Rittenhouse’s guilt. Thanks. Find evidence of the three felons protesting on behalf of BLM. Go for it, jackass

@Heavykevy1985 Yes, I'll go do my research to try and prove YOUR claims🤣
Bye, jackass

Called it. 😂


Most everyone with a microphone makes jackass, useless statements. Just listen to any "news" program, post game interview ......

Where I stand, and how I've talked to my son, same age as Rittenhouse. ( and a fan) is that he is just a kid who made a big mistake. And YOU are not going to entangle yourself in this kind of shit.
He does not disagree with that.
Therefore, my next point, is that the GOP and those that want to elevate him to Hero Status, are in the wrong as well with their reactions.

Kyle Rittenhouse has a lot of years ahead of him to sort this out, deal with it and live with it. The emotional reactors on both sides of this debate should shut off their microphones and step back.

twill Level 7 Nov 30, 2021

Having a good rant, eh? Feel better now?

Ryo1 Level 8 Nov 30, 2021

My opinion is the same as Pedro Pascal. There was zero reason for Kyle to even have been there and 2 people would be alive today had he of stayed home. No need to reply me. I am done.

The law regarding self defense does not consider whether not not you think he had a reason to be there. I agree he should not have been, but that does not affect one's ability to defend one's self.

What were Rosenbaum's and Huber's reasons to be there?

He has family in Kenosha and his father lives there. He had every right to be there, jackass.

@Heavykevy1985 Yep. Sure looks like he went there to see his father. It also looks like lots of people can be a jackass. Name calling makes you more credible every time.

@DenoPenno not name calling, describing you. If you think that he had no right to cross state lines even though Kenosha and Antioch are only 20 minutes from each other. He works in Kenosha, best friend lives their, and his father lives there too. Age has not gave you any wisdom at all, eh?

@Heavykevy1985 Apparently age did not give his defense attorney any wisdom either. They should have had you on the team for this. 🙂 Why did Kyle's mom only drive him for 10 minutes if she took him half way? Maybe she is on her way to work. IDK On the serious side, how would I know his business?


Kyle Rittenhouse caused the deaths of two other human beings. Had he not chosen to attend that protest with a gun it's likely both would still be alive. The fact he was found not guilty of murder doesn't change the fact he had no reason to be at that car dealership armed.

What "right" did Rosenbaum or Huber have to be there ? I understand the right to protest, but not really the right to travel and riot. I am curious how this seems to be consistently overlooked

@twill I haven't seen any evidence that they were rioting, and the main difference I see between them and Rittenhouse is that they weren't armed.

@OldMetalHead two of the people he shot had weapons. One had a handgun and another was using a skateboard

@Tejas Only one had a firearm. Do you feel like a skateboard is an equal use of force? Was Rittenhouse in imminent danger of death?

@OldMetalHead yes, a skateboard can cause death easily. And according to the law you respond to lethal force with lethal force. Same as if someone is attacking you with a bat or a knife. Even if you see it differently being knocked down by at least two people and them throwing things and hitting you with things I think its reasonable to defend yourself with whatever means.

@OldMetalHead There is plenty of evidence if you watch the tape, dumbass

@twill We don't know whether they were "rioting" or whether they were just protesting. We'll probably never know if they were committing any crimes. And even if they were, were the crimes considered capital offenses? They were executed by a vigilante without benefit of an arrest or a trial.

@Deb57 I understand but the original question was whether "anyone" (let's expand this) had a reason to be let's go back to that please.

I'm not buying Rittenhouse's reasoning. As I understand it, he was not asked by anyone from Kenosha to protect anything. He's a's his reasoning skills?
So we can reverse that ? there a "right" to travel and protect?

Definitely a few trains derailing that night.


Wow. Just, wow.

That your rebuttal?

@Heavykevy1985 No rebuttal. Merely a reaction.

@KKGator I agree with your reaction


You may be a non-believer, but like many on this site, that's all we have in common. It;s clear that you have bought into all the redneck, conservative politics of Mississippi, so I am glad you are where you belong, instead of somewhere civilized or progressive, like the Northeast or the Pacific Northwest. I would rather you live among your kind.

The irony of claiming to be a progressive and then advocating segregation. You are such a moron.

@Tejas 🤣🤣🤣


Premeditated self defense is also known as first degree murder.

Jurnee Level 5 Nov 29, 2021

No shit. He came there with a military weapon and was looking to shoot someone, that attitude on his part is clear. He is thus responsible for his actions provoking the confrontations that ended in his shooting three people and killing two. And if he's smart, which he isn't, he had better lay low, instead of being a public celeb, because I suspect there are some black and lefty type whites that would like to whack him and become hero celebs for it themselves.

No. Self-defense is not murder, dumbass.

Can you prove that in a court of law, mr. Armchair quarterback? A jury found him not guilty of murder. You are one brainless twat

@Heavykevy1985, in a court of law without a biased judge?

@Heavykevy1985 you seems to have forgotten that "premeditated" qualifier. Premeditated self defense is literally the same thing as first degree murder. Also, a jury finding someone not guilty is not the same thing as innocent. Sit the fuck down and stop watching Fox News.

No it is not. Your understandnig of law simply does not exist.

@Jurnee PLEASE cite any statute, from any State that even uses the terminology "premeditated self defense".

@Alienbeing, @Jurnee
I did wonder if there was such thing as 'premeditated self-defence". And apparently there is, but it is another term for murder:
Premeditation in the murder context means plan to kill. Laying in wait and using self defense as an excuse to kill when other options haven't been exhausted means murder not premeditated self defense.

@Ryo1, @Jurnee Your example is not "premeditated self defense" in the context of a criminal defense, such as @Jurnee implies. Your example, and the example you linked shows one can plan for self defense.

When I asked @Jurnee to provide any statute that cited "premeditated self defense", without even the slightest research, I knew that no such statute existed. Since self defense is a legal defense, it would not matter if it was pre-planned or not, it would still be a defense.

@Alienbeing Well, all criminal defense attoneys on the linked website seem to say otherwise. They seem to be saying that it does matter if self-defense was planned or not; self-defense is genuinly self-defense only when it takes place spontaneously. One of them even say clearly "No, you can't "premeditate self defense." Using deadly force against another person, with premeditation and deliberation, is first degree murder (or attempted first degree murder, if the person survives)."
I don't have a law degree; I'm not qualified to have a debate on the matter. Meanwhile, you are a retired lawyer. Were you once a criminal defense lawyer?

Premeditated self defense huh? You are really grasping for straws here. So me having a plan if someone breaks in is first degree murder? How about me concealed carrying almost everywhere, am I committing first degree murder if I have to defend myself? You should really think before you make such idiotic comments.

@Jurnee He had no premeditation in killing them, moron. He tried fleeing and they tried killing him. Self-defense, not murder, stupid

@mcgeo52 too close for comfort, that's what!

@Ryo1 Any attorney (I was an Asst. D.A. for the first 4 year of practice, then I left) who says self defense as a defense can only be used if it was not preplanned is a fool.

An excellent example of such foolishness is that most law enforcement officers in the U.S. are armed. That is preplanned self defense. If such preplanning nullified self defense we'd have a real mess wouldn't we?

I'll add that I think you are confuseing terms, and this really is no issue at all.

@Heavykevy1985 🤣🤣

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