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As a non religious person how do you view lust as defined as an intense sexual desire or appetite?

darren316 5 Jan 10

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Lust is wonderful while it lasts.

It can fill a hole in one's life.

@ChurchLess Isn't filling a hole the object of lust? Just sayin'.


Lust or desire is not a sin. It is a natural reaction to someone you find sexually attractive.

Atheists don't sin but that's another topic all together. your point is well taken. I agree with you.

@darren316 You are right, atheist don't sin. Sin is a religious tool to control how people act.


Sex predates the bible. The Bible included it, as they thought it would increase sales/readership.


There are more kinds of lust than simply sexual desire or appetite. Lust for power, lust for money, etc.

Those don't service his agenda.

TBF, he did limit the question to sexual lust.


The question is stupid and frankly only posted as a way to sexualize a non-sexual environment by an admitted sexist IMO. Lust runs much deeper than religious beliefs and everyone knows that and accepts it as fact. Get over it and move on with your life.

"There are a number of outspoken feminists in the atheist community who have written articles and ..."

would love to hear the feminist opinion and I'll even promise to not comment.

@darren316 I believe you just did.

@tinkercreek Yes I did indeed! The angry feminist, angry at me for not seeing eye to eye with her. That happened days ago but some types of people can't let it go. Sounds like a stereotype but if the shoe fits.

@darren316 Judging the clearly stated opinion from a framework of emotion easily defines your misogyny.

@tinkercreek Judging being the operative word here. Your judgement of someone whom you know nothing about. Misogyny has been brought up multiple times by self described feminists. I guess the women I know have it right. A lot of toxic feminists and misandry in the world. Maybe one day women can agree on feminism but I doubt it.

@darren316 Oh gosh, my apologies, hope I didn't bruise anything fragile there. To rephrase: "Assessing the clearly stated opinion from a framework of emotion easily defines your misogyny."


Natural. Normal. Hopefully appropriate. I don't think either sex takes the crown for the desire of it. Just different expectations of when/how, IMO.


I don't think in the terms of sin. I think you can have healthy and unhealthy lust. Lust is a craving. You can have a lust for knowledge, I would consider that to be a healthy craving. I have let my own unhealthy lust make me look past unhealthy behaviors by my ex-girlfriends, in other words I put up with a lot of crap as long as the supply of sex was coming in. That's why I'm single now. Getting laid is easy, finding a real life partner is a little more complicated. I wish that had learned this when I was younger, I could have avoided a lot of heartaches.


Pheromones. It's that simple.

Nice ass helps

not all the time. could lust be caused by a photo or even a story?


Photos and stories don't work for me.

I'm attracted to fit, intelligent men with a great sense of humor.

Thank you, I was going to simply state 'chemistry' but your answer is more precise. Funny, but recently I mentioned to someone, with my first wife, I fell in lust with her. Those were some powerful pheromones.

@LiterateHiker reckon I'm too easy.😶

@LiterateHiker You’re attracted to, but is it lust?


The mind is the best sex organ. I only experience lust after getting to know the man.

The last man I met I took on a hike as a first date. He is a Ph.D. psychologist. We enjoyed each other's conversation and humor.

For lunch, we sat on a hill overlooking two lakes and a waterfall. After lunch, he scooted behind me and put his arms around me. I leaned back against his chest and relaxed. He felt wonderful. The waterfall was mesmerizing. We relaxed together for about 20 minutes.

Before hiking out, we kissed. He smelled good. Had subsequent sexy, laughing phone conversations.

The next time we got together, we fell on each other like beasts. Couldn't get enough of each other. That was lust.

@LiterateHiker Ask the Web if females are “gifted” with as much Big T as males. ( big effing grin )


What's a big T?

@LiterateHiker Slang for testosterone.

Here’s Mark Twain: From the time a woman is seven years old till she dies of old age, she is ready for action, and competent. As competent as the candlestick to receive the candle. But man is only briefly competent:...After fifty his performance is of poor quality; the intervals between are wide, and its satisfactions of no great quality to either party; whereas his great-grandmother is as good as new.

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Does Mark Twain mean seven-year old girls are ready for sex? That's sick, cruel, horrific and illegal.

@LiterateHiker Dig up Mark Twain’s remains and prosecute them. Register them as a sex offender.

@LiterateHiker actually now that I think about it, lust involves lots of slobbering.

@LiterateHiker well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad….

@LiterateHiker I tell people my reasons for reacting angrily to Catholicism. Do you tell people your reason/s for reacting angrily to Twain’s words?


Why are you on this site if you differentiate the "non-religious"?


I describe it as, “I miss it.”🤣🤣🤣


The medieval Christian warning against 'lust' was a fear of sexual desire. Since I have no reason to fear it, I regard it as a good thing when it gives pleasure, and have enjoyed it whenever I could, and still do.

There are two considerations that should always be observed: respect for the persons you are sharing the desire with, and not putting oneself in harm's way.


When you start your question with " As a non religious person how do you".It sounds like the sort of question a religious person would ask.
Is that you?


That definition doesn't work for the things I lust for or over or about.

Sex isn't important enough for me to lust about it.

A big civil right case win? Now that makes me knee weak, salivating, daydreaming, wishing and overall consumed.


sex is natural, and it's all geared towards procreation. That doesn't mean we don't enjoy it. The impulse seems to be on reproduction. We are mammals after all.


I would view lust as sexual desire for someone or something, with which I am not involved in a relationship of any other sort. Pretty much the same way I would see it if I was religious.

Now if lust is a good thing, neutral or a bad, or if that varies according to circumstance, and the wants or not of the subject of the lust. Now that is a complex question.


Lust where one seeks to take what is not consciously given is not OK (i.e. rape or molestation). Lust where one admires another body and enjoys ones own endorphins is OK.



Only when she orgasms…


I view it as the apex of animal expression of passion. I encourage it in all things. Without lust we wouldn't be here, lust for life, lust for knowledge, lust for sex. It's as essential as water and air.

Leelu Level 7 Jan 11, 2022

Lust is a natural biological response. Has naught to do with religion.

Agreed; lust has naught to do with religion, but religion puts a lot of effort into stamping out lust.


Humans have a primal drive to pass on our genetic message and seek out the best mating opportunities based on instinctual triggers. Lust can also fall into a control act, where a person wishes to demonstrate power over others or be controlled.
'Lust', often clashes with our societal and cultural ideals.
We have cognitive control sufficient to counter the biological drives to mate or control others.
For example. I work with some very attractive young women, yet I do not exert pressure on them to have my babies. I also do not fantasize about them as it simply isn't right in my opinion to turn them into sex objects. Even with the single, beautiful, and age appropriate lady at work, I treat her with the respect she deserves. Should I ever pluck up the courage to ask her out and that goes well, then I can be lustful in my thoughts.
To conclude, lust is only sinful through subjective rules applied by religion and/or society or cultures.


It's what makes the world go around


Do you use your right hand or left hand to fap to all your imaginary friends?
Asking for one of your friends.

I'll be damned, there's a real man in the house. Whodathunkit?

Masturbation wasn't the question but appreciate that that's where your head is at.


Welcome to Agnostic!


Hedonism is a primary characteristic of Humans.
Primary characteristics can also be primary weaknesses.
Capitalism exploits hedonism in order to Foster commodity fetishism.
Which is when you buy things because they
Look good
Sound good
Feel good
Taste good
Smell good.
(Think of all the money you have ever spent on satiation of the five senses!).
As we age, we tend to be less gullible.
In the meantime, the Capitalist, the Physician, the Dentist, and the Undertaker laugh all the way to the bank!
The lesson here is all things in moderation!

That’s too much moderation. Way too much.


If there is no emotional attachment between the parties engaging, then it's simply scratching an itch. There is nothing ethically wrong with it, as long as everyone involved understands that's all that is happening. Ideally, although probably not typically, all expectations should be discussed beforehand.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 12, 2022
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