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Words of Wisdom from Carl Everett:

"God created the sun, the stars, the heavens and the earth, and then made Adam and Eve. The Bible never says anything about dinosaurs. You can't say there were dinosaurs when you never saw them. Somebody actually saw Adam and Eve eating apples. No one ever saw a Tyrannosaurus rex."

BD66 8 May 13

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To add: THIS is exactly why religion doesn't need to be incorporated into our schools. Schools should be about facts or factual science as we best know it (until better information arises). Religions are conjectures and largely untested assumptions...and apparently are affecting IQ levels.


This is a chunk of the reason democracy is in deep trouble. The scientists are brimming with vitally important factual information, but the policy makers and the dumbass voters who elect those politicians resolutely ignore them, as if education were a disease. We have religion to thank for this, religion and cynical corporate elites eager to exploit that faith-fueled ignorance


Just watched a great video on PBS, Nova series, "The Extinction of the Dinosaurs." The episode even goes into the conditions a billion years and theorized how the asteroid was formed. The last day of Dinosaurs was 66 million years ago. There is absolutely no instance of dinosaur and human bones found even remotely together. Humans didn't start evolving until some 65+ million years after the dinosaurs died out. Since they were the first how can someone say they saw this supposed mythical Adam and Eve eating an Apple? Again religious BS.

Oh, that was funny. Who saw Adam and Eve?


Anybody who speaks words that stupid with the confidence and authority to mean them has the makings of a true religious leader.Slinging bullshit with absolute sincerity is a valuable skill.It'll get you a megachurch pulpit or the corner office in Congress.


I needed that laugh. Hardest laugh all week, actually.


Ffs who let that Froot Loop out of the box?
What ever it is that that Dip-shit has been smoking, drinking or injecting I want NONE of it thank you.


If the Creation story is to be believed, dinosaurs and humans existed on Earth at the same time. There are "creation museums" around the country that depict humans sharing time and space with dinosaurs.

Question: how was it that Noah could be so diligent and so thorough as to get the smallest critters like beetles and skinks aboard the ark, and yet forget the dinosaurs. How do you miss a dinosaur?

My guess, Noah had a bad experience with a dino shitting on his house. Noah's revenge was to leave them behind. It's as believable as anything else we are postulating for this.


Adam and Eve were the only 2 people on Earth and 'somebody' 'saw' them, OMG that's real magic...

Oops, I forgot about the talking snake or was it a grass sneak?


quote some well chosen sam harris at me. don't inflict this idiot on me. i know he exists in his billions. don't waste my time


I actually saw the Cat in the Hat!

In French chat, chapeau. In Spanish, I'm a gato in a sombrero. In German, I'm a katze in a hut, I also know.

Yeah. I was of the age of Seuss.


Somebody saw Adam and Eve eating apples. "Forbidden fruit" does not translate into apples. If it did then we have to all be sinners for eating apples or for just disobeying god. Either way the story is pretty silly. Using your eyewitness viewpoint lets move along to the chronicled events of Jesus and his 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Who recorded this event? Let's get right into Jesus and the Devil and the temptation to jump off a high mountain (the temple in other versions) and ask who recorded that. BTW, the bible says nothing about dinosaurs because the writers knew nothing of dinosaurs.



A right wing theocratic goal is that every child be so poorly educated that they become an adult this stupid.

You mean the Religious Right.

@Alienbeing Same thing.

@BufftonBeotch Are you insinuating there are no 'religious left'/left wing theocrats?


@BufftonBeotch Not at all, try reading more.

@Captain_Feelgood I haven't seen any Khrisnas in about 50 years.


Yeah ok . I had to Google who Carl Everett is. Hitting a ball . Ok !😂😂😂

I think somebody’s clunked him with one of his baseball bats!

I did the same, just before I posted "Are we supposed to know who this brain-washed idiot is?"


Dumb as fuck!


Who else was around to see Adam and Eve eat those apples Carl? Wee Willie Winkie or Peeping Tom perhaps!!

The people of Nod that Cain married after killing Abel. (I like this game of making stuff up, it just doesn't end, like a story when out drinking.)

@PadraicM Sad we usually can’t remember them the next day….they’d probably give any bible story a run for it’s money!


That's because the bible is about as factual as a Stephen King novel. lol

Betty Level 7 May 13, 2022

There are actually more facts in a King novel.

Stephen King is a much better writer too.

@OldMetalHead You've got that right. 🙂

@MyTVC15 Too true. 🙂

@OldMetalHead Yes!!!

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