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On FB, my cousin (once removed) just posted, "JESUS IS KING!"

That's just great, but as yet, the USA is still ostensibly a democracy. I didn't vote for Jesus to be king.

Gwendolyn2018 8 Oct 19

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It seems that the people who don't really follow this Jesus guy....they want him to be king.
Of what ? USA? The World?

It'd be kind of odd seeing an empty throne.
No voice. No person.
Just an empty chair.
How would he sign any proclamations or laws?
Is he gonna call up the Sec. of State? The Premier? The Cabinet ? Who'd be the Vice King?
Would he use email from someplace?

Somehow, someway though......there'd be a group of people empowered and making money off of this Jesus guy. Like you know, some Bishop or other weird ass pedophiles.

twill Level 7 Oct 23, 2022

He rules their lives and they are his abject slaves! Think of it, though--as he is a triple godhead, he automatically fills three positions on his cabinet.

@Gwendolyn2018 yeah we live in America, fuck Jesus!

@JoseKeil3406 but some Xtians want to make him king of America!


I think he may be confusing Jesus with Elvis Presley.

My cousin, her aunt, used to have a huge picture of Elvis hanging over her fireplace. I am sure she would claim Jesus is higher than Elvis, but if J. had a picture displayed elsewhere, it was smaller as I don't remember it. Just sayin'.


Funny, I thought these types had adopted Trump as their new king and savior.

Co-kings and rulers.


Lol. We all voted for a President/Representatives that we can fire when they miss it.

Well, remember what happened to Charles I and Louis XVI!


Neither did I. OK, Jesus is King of what? King of the Jews. His ancestry goes back into the time of King David and some others that simply are not traceable in a history timetable.

I think Christians consider Jesus as "King of the Jews" when they refused to believe in him and didn't work to prevent his death.

But then, if they had prevented his death, no one would have been saved. Catch 22.

@Gwendolyn2018 The big question is "saved from what?"

@DenoPenno I dunno! Wolves, maybe?


Unfriend him. Or unfollow if he is a good guy.

She. And as long as she doesn't push religion on me, I'm ok with what she posts.


If we’re going to anoint kingship on imaginary characters I nominate sponge bob square pants.🥴

Sponge Bob was after my time and I have inherent prejudice because my ex's name is Bob. While I am not imaginary, I nominate myself.

Lol I would too rather than "Jesus"


Yeah! King of fantasy.

Betty Level 8 Oct 19, 2022

Jebus is an imaginary king over an imaginary kingdom.


These Christians who long to live in an eternal monarchy and wear the collar of obedience are enamored with Trump because of his authoritarian instincts. The word ‘Liberty’ carries little meaning as they conveniently forget that the United States was founded by anti monarchist revolutionaries. They probably would’ve been loyal to King George had they been around during the Revolutionary War.

Agreed but for one thing! They have forgotten nothing about the anti-monarchist revolutionaries because they think--according to the history they have learned--that the revolutionaries were Christians. They have no idea that Jefferson said that it didn't matter to him if his neighbors had many gods or no gods--it did not rob his pocket. When they are told many of the founders were deists, they do not believe it.

@Gwendolyn2018 If they would just read some of the writings and personal exchanges in the form of letters between men like Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and my avatar, Thomas Paine, and their associates, they might realize their foolishness. Then again, these people, who are generally uncritical about their own belief systems, can prove difficult to convince of anything, as they simply refuse to look at new evidence.

@p-nullifidian what???? Actually READ something? What a novel idea. 😛


He’s the king in fantasyland, that’s about it.

Spot on. I would worship the sun as a god before Jesus/Yahweh. At least I can see the sun.


I wouldn't even vote for jeebus to be dog catcher. He's imaginary! Yeah, this is why many of my cousins have unfriended me.

My cousins have not unfriended me--well except for one but it wasn't over religion. My cousin's wife unfriended me because of my rantings about Trump, but that was more than fine with me.

He's definitely an imaginary creature! What foolishness!


Does anyone ever vote for kings?

No, but sham votes are sometimes made for tyrants!

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