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“It is by the grace of God that a bullet missed me,” Tyler said. “I saw the smoke leaving the gun, and I literally watched bodies drop. It was crazy.”

A comment by a worker who escaped injury in the Wallmart shooting in Virginia.
So the ones shot did not have" the grace of god".?
So being religious does help then !!

Moravian 8 Nov 23

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It could just be that the shooter lacked proficiency and just missed the shot


If you believe in ‘miracles’!!


Or maybe he was just a bad shot?


This isn’t complicated. God is a personification of “what is”.
And yes, the ones who were shot did not have the “grace” (luck) of what is.
It’s just linguistics. Not rocket science.

skado Level 9 Nov 23, 2022

True it is just everyday language for many people but only because they have been indoctrinated by Christian dogma.
Thanking god for saving you in a situation like this is like sending a thank you note to a serial killer for murdering the family next door.

Is it wrong to be thankful you were not murdered?
I don’t see how that indicates lack of concern for those killed.

@skado Of course not but what I am trying to say is that if you think god intervened to save you then the implication is that the same god either had no concern for or deliberately put someone else in the firing line.

I don’t see how that would be any different from nature doing the same thing. The results is the same. Your relief at not dying is no indication that you’re glad others did.


As John Lennon said; "Whatever gets you through the night". From my vantage point, divine providence is no more insane an idea than the profusion of death sticks that can turn a trip to the supermarket into a one-way journey.


What gets to me is that when people say that, they are assuming that God shows his grace to first to people in modern western countries.
Which seems to be in direct opposition to his tendency to have only ever appeared to people, in the middle east a few thousand years ago

The Christian/Jewish/Islamic god if he she it really exists really is a complete cock womble


Imagine the power of YHWH, being able to plan out the courses of so many lives that brought all that together to inflict pain, grief and injury to people shopping.
Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

Don't forget to tithe 10% of your ammunition to jesus


I often feel like that is a panic statement and they can think of nothing else. Of course that doesn't mean they don't believe an ina hereafter or any of that other fantasies.

People can say stuff they don’t mean sometimes. Especially after dodging bullets.

One might think that someone believing in the hereafter might be anxious to get there - this world is corrupt and evil in the Christian view and the next one is supposed to be perfect (if one has a spot reserved, otherwise ....)

Yes I think a phrase like "thank god" is so ingrained in our language that people just say it automatically so I always make a determined effort not to utter anything like that.


I guess god hated all of those other people. In reality, it would have made more sense for the sinners to be saved so they could repent and those who were saved to die. After all, they would go straight to heaven, right?


How many were shot and killed? I wonder if they are saying by the grace of god?

After all it must have been god's plan.


"By the grace of god." In other words, "I am pretty lucky and wanna believe that god did it." Only a saying at best but some believers think this makes them special and the dead must have had "some sin" in their lives.

I don't know if the person who said that thought that the others were sinners, but he definitely thought that he was special. In reality, it would have made more sense for the sinners to be saved so they could repent and those who were saved to die. After all, they would go straight to heaven, right?


What horrified me was the fact the news reached Australia within 15 minutes of it happening. That 13,000 people were displaced, 26+ killed & many injured only 75 klms from the capital Jakarta of one of the most populated countries in the world & it took two days to start appearing on American news sources is appalling.
As I said to a US correspondent "who wants the urgent news that Walmart has driven one of its managers over the edge? We know that most Americans are mad anyway & what's 6 more dead? They've just killed hundreds of thousands with covid & still are!"


You are obviously assuming that the ones killed were not religious.

Apparently they weren't real christians ™

I'm not assuming anything. I just think it was a ridiculous thing to say when it was just good fortune or luck. Nothing to do with an imaginary god.


There is no point in trying to reason with those who are hopelessly mentally defective.

It’s a sick world after all…..,it’s a sick, sick world.


US Walmart shooting: Employee kills six at Virginia supermarket



#MysteriousWay is typically the cop out answer to situations like that

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