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I believe that I was meant to travel. I enjoy exploring places I've never been whether here in the states or on foreign soil. I embrace diverse cultures and people. The meme says it all.

How about you? Are you an explorer?

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BeeHappy 9 May 6

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Following my separation (eventual divorce), disenchanted by conventional America, I sold everything and took a job in Vietnam teaching English. I thought I would go for just one year, but, when I returned, I was wrestless and bitten by the travel bug. It's been 10 years, 32 countries, 4 continents, and I'm looking to go back out. Re-establishing in the USA is a difficult process and the cost of living has skyrocketed, so it looks like I'll be heading back out to explore a new place. Anyone want to experience a tropical island in Asia with me?

Sounds great. It's what I used to do when I was younger. Did you teach English in all 32 countries?.

So with all of your travels, which place has been your favorite?

Yes, teaching English abroad has long been a bucket list item. Thanks for reigniting the idea!

@GoldenDoll Yes. I taught in Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I just returned from Turkey because of a stalker and the hostile political climate. But I loved it there.

@GoldenDoll, @mebeb32 Japan all around. I wish I could live there permanently. Turkey was my second favorite, because of the archaeology. But the culture and politics were to assimilate to.

@poetdi56 Let me know if I can help you out. It's challenging at times, but it's been the best 10 years of my life.

@LilithGone - Ah so you just taught in 6 countries. I thought you'd had a bit of a rush teaching in 32 countries in 10 years!

That's wonderful and you will remember all those adventures your whole life. Very cool!

@LilithGone Hi again. I sent you a message before digging into your profile, so now I know what had you abroad. I would like to talk with you more about teaching English overseas. My grandparents were diplomats that lived in Turkey, Pakistan, and the Philippines, and probably other places I can't recall. When they were abroad, it put them close to cool places to spend their vacation time, like Thailand. They spoke 7 languages between the 2 of them.

@Ange Ask me anything, I'm more than happy to answer best to my knowedge and stear you in the right direction, should you decide to try teaching overseas.

Would love to.


My dream is to make it to every European country before I die.

Sounds like a good idea. Transport would be more coslty after you're dead.

@GoldenDoll You're wicked, but I still like you GoldenDoll, you make me laugh, and sometimes you make me laugh at myself.

Sounds like an explorer's dream!


In June, my family and I will take a month-long road trip around Texas. There is still much of Texas I haven't seen.

Texas is huge! So you might need a part 2 or 3 for that trip. Lol If you haven't already planned all your destinations. Go on line and check out Texas Country Reporter, you might find some interesting places to stop.

@BeeHappy love that show, will be visiting some of those locations

@RandyMoose great!


I spent 6 years in the Army, went to Okinawa, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Germany. I married a soldier and went back to Germany, and moved about 15 more times. I am planning a trip to Winipeg in the fall, and we will see what the future brings.


Well....where do I start? I've been everywhere man! France, Bahrain, Capetown, Canary Islands, Messina Sicily, Naples, Milan, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. I have lived in Australia, England, the Philippines and good ol' U.S. of A. (Texas, Louisiana, New England, California). Does that count. I still want to travel to Spain, Morocco, India and re-visit France and Italy.

Wow, nice list!!

@BeeHappy Explorer is my middle name. lol

@patchoullijulie I guess so! ?


I used to be until my son moved to Alaska 20 years ago now that is my destination every year. I will be there in July for a couple of weeks catching fish and avoiding brown bears.

But what an adventure! Right?


I would enjoy exploring if I could. But with my autoimmune and nervous system conditions, travel isn't an option. I do small trips here in the USA, and I get sick everytime. Not worth it to travel further.

Sounds like you need a Quarian enviro suit.

Sorry to hear that, our health comes first!


I have spend 4 years of my life wandering exotic and interesting countries. I think I really need 700 years more to see and experience what I need to fulfill my desire for travel. I'm off to Scotland again next week to begin another journey.





As the saying goes, if travel was free, you'd never see me again.


@BeeHappy same


I would really love to visit the Far East especially Japan,...I am fascinated by their wonderful culture.

Also I need to do a bucket list.


I've got a bucket list I'm working on. When I complete it, I'll make another one. I can't wait!!!

Good for you!


Actually not so much exploring, i like living & working abroad. That's really the only way to understand a country & its culture. And speaking the language of course.

Yes, when you are able to interact with people on a daily basis. My only experience with that was 5 mos living and working in Stockholm but I did explore on weekends. ?


I want to be an explorer but have not yet done much .. This June I will finally get see some of the US that is not on the east coast, taking a road trip to Colorado

That should be great fun. It's a totally different landscape.

@BeeHappy I'm pretty excited .. it will be my mom and I .. the trip is more about the journey, not so much the destination ... she's been wanting to drive around different states and go to silly attractions, certain hall of fame places, things like that .. I suggested we end in Colorado because I want to check out the marijuana dispensaries and figured the trip would be the perfect time to get there

@JaciBea oh yeah. I love finding unexpected places along the way. Have fun!


Moving to Okinawa, Japan in September. I've lived all over the country. Now I get live on the other side of the planet.

What are you going to do there?

I am an active duty Air Force social worker. I'll be working in the mental health clinic on base.

I was in Okinawa in 1977-78. And as I do the math... Anyway, I was at Torii Station near Sunny Sobe by the Sea. I don't know if it is even still there. Aside from the Army and the humidity, I loved it there.

Sweet! Good luck!


I love traveling. I've been lucky enough to go to Pune India twice and to Singapore and Indonesia once. I will be going on an Alaskan cruise in June.

I would love to do the Alaskan cruise. Enjoy!


I would love nothing more than to travel the world, but he travels fastest he who travels alone, when you are settled with loving family, your options are certainly more limited, also financing trips is another limiting factor.

I agree but weekend excursions or day trips can be affordable and satisfy the travel bug.

@BeeHappy. Don't get me wrong I have travelled extensively as a single man or with girlfriends and pals, but the only places I have taken my wife and kids to are Eygpt , France , Greece, Spain, & Portugal..thats pretty much it. I have To bring them somewhere a little more exotic and adventurous some time.

@Hitchens, Hey those are some pretty fantastic places to have been. Beats my list. Lol

Well yes that's true...but There is so much out there to see... I wish I had some magic wand that could freeze I could see the world.

@Hitchens I agree. Whichever of us finds it first must agree to share with the other! Lol

@BeeHappy. Ha ha Okey Dokey, Its probably hidden in some remote and exotic place, We will have to search the world for it, then we won't need it anymore. ???


I've done quite a bit of traveling. Gotten to see a few other parts of the world.
Been to all but 6 states.
If money were no object, I'd still be traveling.
Turns out, the older I get, the more I need to be comfortable wherever I am.
Sleeping on the ground, or the floor, is no longer an option. Indoor plumbing
is a non-negotiable requirement. There will be no more camping out. Ever.
Would that I could, I'd be hanging out in Italy, full-time. With excursions into Greece,
and multiple points throughout Europe.
I'd also really like to see New Zealand.

I can relate, "roughen it" gets harder as we age and we aren't as willing to put up with the discomfort.

I still camp but prefer a campground where a bathroom is nearby. I take an air mattress to sleep on.


I would love to explore Europe and other places I've never been, but every time I seriously think about it, I remember all of the places in the US I've never explored. I've even left places within a hundred miles of me unexplored, so I can scratch that itch without spending a ton of money.

That can be a tough call. There are amazing places all over the world, including here in the states. Not enough time or money for it all.


I used to see myself as an explorer. I have done some, but I would do more if lack of money didn't play such a part.

Me too!


I love to travel. I'm traveling today for a few days. I try to take my son somewhere new every summer. His first flight was when we went to Mexico for a week. He was 9 and still remembers that trip. Last summer we went to Greece for a month. That was a life altering experience for him.


I'm an explorer of ideas. I don't have the budget for physical travel.

skado Level 9 May 6, 2018

Course you do...just walk to new places. Travel doesn't have to mean jetsetting

@Amisja Well, I do that, but when the water gets above my nose I usually turn around.

@skado I find if I walk round my little town or along the canal you can find lots of hidden treasures you never knew existed. Loads of old industrial heritage or ancient burial mounds...its fascinating. I travelled around the world for 10 years. It was fun but in the end theres no place like home 😉

@Amisja, Agree that exploring can be done in your own backyard.
@skado, when you are out photographing things in your yard, you are exploring!


An outlier here. Traveling gives me very intense anxiety. Going places I've never been is a huge trigger. I'm incredibly happy in my comfort zone where I can follow a routine. I'm having to move 30 minutes away to a different city that I've visited many times, but it's really scaring me.

It's definitely not for everyone. And we all need to do what's best for ourselves. Hope your move goes smoothly.


I've got a bucket list I'm working on. When I complete it, I'll make another one. I can't wait!!!


Definitely an explorer.


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