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Your favorite dog breed!

What's your favorite dog breed? I have a special place in my heart for Basset Hounds. The longer the ears and the goofier the better.

RobLawrence 7 June 24

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Shetland Sheepdog. They are the most intelligent and have a great personality.


We got Chief in 1996. He was the son I never gave birth to, the best brother my girls could ever have. I trained him to let us know he wanted out by ringing jingle bells hung from the door knob. I trained him to respond to several hand signals. He would bark when I touched my ear. We had a signal for sit and for lie down. He was trained to sit and wait for release when his food was put at his feeding spot. He was trained to wait until everyone was off the stairs before he'd go up or down. The 5 pound kitten bossed him around, and groomed in. The hair balls didn't seem to slow her down. He loved adults and loved full body contact. He pretty much ignored kids unless they had food or were his kids. I miss my bubba.


used to have some long time ago they are very awesome loyal dog.


I respect the super intelligence of a Border Collie.

We used to have a border collie mix and all her traits and habits were 100% border collie. I adored her and would love to find another pup like her. I just feel that so much of her personality was shaped by the kitten she grew up with.


I have a mixed breed dog right now and she is the most intelligent and loyal dog I have ever had.

This is my dog Corona.

I love mutts!

@JBeberstein That is a great name for a dog. Is it for the color?

@JoshArnaldo yes!


I am pretty partial to my crazy little rat terrier. She maybe full of the crazy but she means well.


Labrador or Weimaraner


The dog kind.


Only one? We have had two sets of greyhounds over the past 18 - 20 years and they are fabulous creatures in so many ways. Before that we had a chocolate lab who, once she got past the eat my golf shoes and chew through walls stage was the happiest, friendliest, and most loving dog I've known. I suspect dogs are what we make of them.



Awww, so cute!


Hot...with mustard and onion

Hutch Level 7 June 24, 2018



My family

Count Level 5 June 24, 2018

My friend has a sheep farm and a Great Pyranese named, "Frank."

This is my youngest and the love of her life, "Frank."

I would have said that my favorite dog was a Mastiff until I met this dog.

@RobLawrence Thank you


Jack Russell Terrierists (not a typo! LOL)

This is a picture of my last 3 doggie daughters -- they have all passed. All told, I had over 20 JRTs in my life.
The one on the right just passed away last year at the age of 18. She was my constant companion from birth to death. I will never live a day that I don't miss her.

@Shelton I used to tell people that I didn’t have dogs, that I had “cats on crack”! LOL


Bouvier de Flandres, loyal, intelligent, protective and loving, all 100 wooly pounds of them. Are there other dogs?


I confess I love dogs more for their personalities than their appearance. I do however rather like a dog to have a 'proper nose' which I define as not being the stub-like nose you get on boxers, pugs and so on.

I am currently about to move home, but once I have settled in to my new place I'm planning to give a new 'rest of their life home' to a couple of ex-racing greyhounds.


Rescue anything

t1nick Level 8 June 24, 2018

@OlderMusicGeek yes. I have two. Very peculiar


Mixed breed is my preferred, cuz they seem to abundant. I used to have a Golden Retriever that was beyond a sweetheart. Right now I have three dogs and one is a pure bread "mountian coon." Great dog too.


German Shepherd.

Agree - raised a couple as Guide Dog Puppies (back when they were used in the program), had one has a great, loyal, gentle, intelligent pet.


Power and beauty:


I've had many. Jack Russell, Australian Cattle Dog, Great Dane, Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, and Cane Corso. The Australian Cattle Dogs are probably my favorite with the Rottweiler and Cane Corso tied for second. The Cattle dog is a great all around dog that isn't too big, has energy when necessary, can chill out when needed. Extremely protective and loving. They can be trained easily to do damn near anything.

My current Sophia (left) 3 yr old female Cane Corso, and Zeke (right) 9 yr old Rottweiler


All of them, but l am partial to lap dogs at this point in my life. There is something therapeutic about holding a cat or small dog in your lap and petting said pet. ????

I love when a cat sits in my lap and starts purring it's the best sound ever

@Sheannutt I like that to.


I love standard poodles - bright, goofy, and the life of the party. I also have two rescues - one a rat terrier and a mixed breed rescued from an animal hoarder. The mixed breed rescue is never very far from my side.

Ohub Level 7 June 24, 2018


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