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Imagine you could say "take me to Hell" into your GPS. Where on the map would it lead you?

So, what real destination would be your personal Hell?

silvereyes 8 Jan 7

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That is in Michigan well hell's kitchen anyway. Think that some place that stays cold would be misery for me. I can tolerate heat in fact I thrive in the heat, most people I know would rather be cold than hot. May be I am unusual .


You might just end up in Hell, Michigan.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018


Lol, right?

There's a Hell in Norway too, so feel free to use that one 🙂

@TheMiddleWay @Jnei @silvereyes HAHAAAA! Sooo you would all end up with meeeee! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! For I am Lilith. Come. Enjoy our delicious FIRE PIT BBQ and our HOT HOT HOT Carolina Reaper Chili Pot Pie! Then take a stroll along our fire and brimestone district that lead you to a comfy hotel room with a FANTABULOUS Lave Pit Hot Tub! We are a beatuful town, you see, just Dont Forget to buy your Hell T-shirts and Key Chains on the way out. Thank you. This has been a public announcement from the Tourist Community of Hell Michigan. Have a BLESSED DAY!! 🙂

oh yes, and we ARE currently Frozen Over, buuut... frostbite feels as hot and painful as fire so we have Still got all your sadist needs met! 😉

And don't mind the looping track of Hotel California playing in he background...

@Jnei yup there is. i also found Horse Heaven in the US if anyone needs some heaven. lol

Is there many churches there?


"Some folks call it Hell. We call it Texas."

--Robert Heinlein

I've been told the summers are unbearable. Is that true?

@betpaq. Yes... Dallas is terrible. My wife is from Houston. When I visited it was warm in her house about 73. She would tell me it's comfortable...yeah..right! Now that we're married at my house/our house. It stays on 68 in the summer. Lol... 73 would be burning


Right now 68 degrees sounds right balmy. 🙂

@betpaq. Oh geeze... I understand... BRRRR!


Probably the nearest church.




My ex-wife's house...


Back to my dysfunctional childhood-if there were a hell that would be it.


I just asked SIRI (on my I phone) to take me to hell. The phone answered "My policy is the separation of spirit and silicon". LOL...during my last IOS software upgrade I was not notified they were including a smart ass lexicon.


Likely, somewhere in Georgia or Louisiana.


I actually went to Hell Michigan. I smoked pot there. That way I could say I 'burned' in Hell.


Inside my own head.

Thsts one of my clever A.A. statements.


Millen, Georgia. EVERY time I have gone through there, I have been treated horrendously by any business I have visited. It's uncanny how awful folks there have been, across the board.

Zster Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

To a town full of self-assured theists or atheists <<shudder to think>>


Back to Lyondell Chemical plant in Lake Charles louisiana...

They used steam to dissolve process leaked from seals on pumps. We used cool vests to keep from fainting.

@silvereyes. Ok Silver... looks like a story now. when I was a millwright there before i escaped to being a planner. I would have to rope off the area where I was working. Put on a cool vest with supplied air. Then I had to put chemical suit on with supplied air and a 5 minute escape bottle on my side. I pulled the wet end and suck out the case with a vacuum tubing the install a 12 inch caustic scrubber hose to the case to vacuum the fumes. Tear down the seal in the same location and use chemical soap to Decon the components. Then remove the 12 inch hose and install the new wet end. Worst job I ever had and I was in shape with the best of them. I've got five trades I can do and I did 4 of them there. I went to heaven when I got hired as a machinist at an oil




I actually did. And it gives me two options:
Hell, Norway (
or Hell Hole Bar, Michigan (

Sorry for the non-joke

P.S. it turns out that Hell can be a really cold place, who would tell?


Ada, Oklahoma. It is such a shithole. Terrible


Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, California.

They're adjoining cities in a big, brown, windy desert full of Joshua Trees.
In the Summer it truly is hot as hell.


Any southeastern town in the tent revival circuit. From experience, anyway.


Ha. It might be where I live now. Mannington, WV. Just my opinion.


Into a church full of people singing religious nursery rhymes that have got nothing to do with reality,


My teenage years.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 7, 2018


@silvereyes I suppose I could cope somewhere out in the backwoods off grid self sufficient with a group of like minded people. My Gr gr gr granddad and grandmother went to the US in the early 1800's passage paid by the Salvation Army to spread the word and learn a trade, they came back at the first opportunity and I think I have a genetic aversion to the place LOL!






My diner table

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