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Who has read the comments on's facebook ad?'s facebook ad came scrolling through my feed so I clicked on the comments. Wow!! Mostly christains talking mad smack about the site and about us. Quoting bible verses, being judgemental, spouting know, christian behavior.

helionoftroy 7 July 30

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I love it when they say I’m going to hell! I like to tell them Santa isn’t going to bring them anything for Christmas since they don’t believe in him! ?? That’s how much I worry about hell!


The terrified, hateful comments actually made me think that I needed to look into this site. I wondered if people commenting there were the opposite of the ones on Agnostic. If so, I thought I I might have found my cyber-tribe.

LB67 Level 7 July 30, 2018

I didn't read the comments, but found this site through the Facebook ad, too. And glad I did. I've been spending more time on Instagram than Facebook, but there's no discussion there, really. I don't want to clean house on every negative Nelly there, i want to stay aware of how other people think. But it's gotten to the point that I have to take it in doses. So far, this place has been pretty great.

@Tampabrew I was staying aware through Facebook, as well. I have suffered a kind of burn out there, with what is going on in the world these days. This place has become a happy change of pace.

@LB67 I couldn't agree more. Only thing missing is the lot of my friends that I do enjoy keeping up with. I guess I'll have to go out after work more now.


Pretty much all FB is good for anymore is a forum for trolls.

Bjy001 Level 7 July 30, 2018

Me. They are always good for a laugh!


Yes I read some of them as well and they can be very cruel, they are so blind.


I wanted to crawl into a vault of protection after I last read comments. However sometimes I see nice comments from people who are here - or from people who think it might be a good place to join.

I don't like knowing that much of the population is that intolerant and hate filled - but at least I know. And not everyone is.


It would be fun if they come to the site and argue their ideas.

Some have. There is also the republican atheist troglodyte group..


@ClaytonE83 Atheism is not a political stand. It may be that the majority of Atheists here in the US, are left of center, but it certainly shouldn't be a requirement. I have known conservative Atheists who have not felt welcome or comfortable at Atheist groups and I think that is a shame and wrong. Not all conservatives are opposed to separation of church and state.

@itsmedammit I think you meant "isn't a political stance".
But I didn't say "conservative", I said "Republican"; there is a difference. I hold some views that would considered centrist or even conservative but to stand with Trump and the wacky Republican party who even today announced a religious task force makes very little sense to me and self defeating. Republicans generally do not respect atheism to say the least. The party has become very cult-like and has lost certain "conservative" values as a whole...

@ClaytonE83 Just sayin' - a person's political beliefs are separate from religious beliefs. Yes, we do have a problem with the Christian Right pushing their agendas in government at the moment, but they do not represent all Republicans. Personally I'd like to be more inclusive in our Atheist group rather than contributing to the divide. Diversity can give us a larger voice for the issues important to the secular public. As far as politics go, every politician is given to exaggeration, pandering, favoring money interests. The problem is with the system. And somehow the system got so bad that we wound up with a ridiculous reprobate in office.

@itsmedammit I'm aware of that. But if I was republican I wouldn't be anymore once seeing this shit show the past two years, nevermind the Bush presidency(and Raegan). I don't have much respect for those who align with Trump and white supremacists; I've seen enough... You are free to be more inclusive to those who wish to exclude you or are indifferent about it. I just think being a republican atheist is like being a Jewish Nazi or a black white supremacist at this point. Maybe not quite as extreme at this point but we will know where they led us in the future...


Yes. I've read comments on Facebook for the adds for here numerous times....some unbelievably stupid comments there


I should have a few thousand extra points for defending the site and agnostics/atheists on those threads but I don't care about points lol... Yeah, lots of stupid repetitive comments...


Yep there's a lot of dummies in the world


I also didn't know about until a FB ad scrolled past. Figured I'd give it a look. And like others here, I'm glad I did.

I love that Christians will tell me my sins have already been absolved by Jesus' matyrdom on the cross, and that the Good Book tells deep truths and quote those truths at you. But then they turn bat shit crazy when, apparently, you infringe on the intellectual property of the Good Book (I'm fairly sure the authors died more than 50 years ago, so I think we're in the clear) by quoting it outside of church and street corner preaching. I find the intellectual vacuity of these people both baffling and bemusing.

I leave it to Tim Minchin...


I'm not on FB that often. i only check in there sometimes to say Hi to some old friends. But one time i was there and an add was in my feed from this place. I just had to check it out, and I am really glad i did.

i didn't know there were comments to read on the ad.
I'll have to look that up and read some. I'm always up for a good laugh.

I went there to the FB site, and read a bunch of comments. It is always funny at just un-christian are so not Christ like.


I found this site from the Facebook ad. I didn't bother reading any comments. Now I'm curious.


Facebook? What's Facebook? 😉


Unbelievably, I used to argue with Trump trolls and even insult them back. I guess I needed to vent some of my frustration after the 2016 election. Eventually, I began thinking of them as mindless ants, churning around and attacking anything they perceive as different, so their opinions no longer meant anything to me.

I recently found out that THREE of my college educated, professional siblings are Trumpites, and act just like all the other alt-right wing nuts if I say anything about what Trump is's all "fake news" - thank heavens Obama is gone, so now we have a "real" president," etc.

So I dropped my siblings from my life, as I can't imagine hanging with people who think it's a good idea to take kids away from their parents and lock them into cages, to attack the rights of LGBTQ people and minorities, or to collude with Russia.

I have been surprised and appalled at the people I know who voted for Trump. That tells me I have a lot to understand about my fellow countrymen/women.


Since I've joined this site, I no longer see the ads on Facebook.
I may have blocked the ads, I don't remember. It's quite likely though.
I do that. If it's an ad, I usually block it, regardless of the source.
I "hide" a lot of posts, too.
If I don't want to see it every time I check my feed, I'll hide it.
Or snooze the source. I do that a lot, too.
Or just unfriend, or unfollow, altogether.


Me! and I want to reply to them....but I'm afraid people in here are watching and then would try to friend me on Facebook. So I don't comment. LOL


good on them! whilst they are talking about us they are leaving other good folk alone !

jacpod Level 8 July 31, 2018

On my Face Book I have a film of myself playing guitar and singing. while wearing my shirt. I got a lot of good comments, and one friend wanted to share it. I told her to go ahead. But this one friend did want to know what was up with the shirt,. I also read a comment from one of our members, letting everyone know that is was a great site.


No but I will take a look. I can only imagine the nonsense and verbal diaharia they are probably spouting...???


Let’s tear down Facebook!! Feed it to the ?

Facebook seems to be self immolating these days ?


So you happen to have a link. Would love to take a look.


Yes, we've talked about this a few times but it is always a great reminder of so-called Xian love. LOL I read some of the comments a few times and was actually kinda scared! It actually was a FB ad that brought me here, but I hadn't read the comments until later. Yikes!


Imbeciles are everywhere. And what are the afraid of? Why are they "offended?"

I figger, it is another symptom of their mental confusion.

Jacar Level 8 July 31, 2018

So much for "Love thy neighbor as thyself". If these people can quote supposed bible verses to back them up it tells me this book is one of contradictions and this is just one of many examples.


Me. They're the reason I'm here at all.

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