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What is it that you would prefer to be doing tonight?

On this late summer Friday night are you passing the evening doing what you really want to do?

AmiSue 8 Aug 24

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Nothing. Watching Netflix unwinding was a hard day.


I am 40 points away from a T shirt. After that I will have no purpose in life.

Hey everyone give her points!!!

What color are ya gonna pick?????

@KKGator I like the transparent one.

oh its fun.



I'm doing what I want to be doing, relaxing after working 11.5 hour days all week. I had my house cleaned today and my yard tended to, so I could consume some edible Cannabis in the form of gummy worms and watch music videos instead of doing chores. I kicked ass at work all week and now I have the weekend off. Boss said it was a "stellar week". ā™„ Happy Friday.
Alan Parsons' first concert ever

Are you just trying to shit on the happy people or what?
...I block fucktards like you, bye.

@CaroleKay I really laughed at this, You party on, don't let no shit head stop you.

@kenriley Lol! Thanks, I blocked him so I can't even see it anymore. šŸ˜€


Iā€™d rather be home right now reading and relaxing instead of being at this loud bar with all these drunks.

Oh wait... I am.


Going to a gig, drinking some beer. Instead, getting 4 kids off to bed while feeling like death due to some bug they've infected me with. Sigh. Adulting sucks.


Iā€™m relaxing with an adult beverage and decompressing from today. Wish I had someone here to rub my back or shoulders but it is what it is

@AmiSue so I have been told


Binge watch the big bang theory with someone special.


Traveling and knowing new cultures


I have a massive headache due to allergies. However, tomorrow my kids are meeting here and then we're going to my sister's house 1.5 hours away. She lives on a lake, has a jet ski and pontoon boat. The babies are going to be introduced to the lake, we're going to fry in the sun, and sis is going to feed us til we can't walk.

@AmiSue We are excited! My sister is my BFF. My kids and my sis and her family all together, life is good.


Karaoke and drinks with good company. The latter seems to be hardest to find these days.


I'll be doing what I enjoy all weekend: gaming, Netflix, sleeping. I work hard 5 days, the weekends are for recuperating.


More of a who...but wonky schedules don't mesh


I'm re-watching Queen at Live Aid.
The only thing I wish I had is a big bag o'weed.

@trblemaker The movie was a topic of conversation earlier this week.

I have a tiny bag o' weed. Too bad you're so far away. This looks to be awesome: []

@pokerboss77 I know!!! My nephew and I have made plans to go see it together---no kids. LOL


No. The person I want to be with is not with me.


Not really. I'd like to be drinking beer hanging with friends and waxing philosophical about the universe and simulation theory. Instead I'ma go to work tomorrow like a good robot! LOL


Playing D&D with my old crew. Having shallow sex with my first girlfriend who is still one of my best friends. Though in all honesty that is probably a far better fantasy then reality and her friendship is worth far more then sex.

Quarm Level 6 Aug 24, 2018

Probably not. I'm drunk and I had a sexual invite come along after the fact. I would have to drive and I can't because I'm drinking. Just home now listening to music.


Yeah, home alone. Might be nice to have some companionship but it's not in the cards at this time.


I wish I was with the love of my life. Doing ANYTHING at all.

I agree. Just wish I had one.


Watching a movie... pause....making out....resume move.... pause...making out....finish watching the movie....making out.... cooking something....making out....enjoying dinner with great conversation and pauses in between, yes you know what I am going to say now, don't-ya? Then drinks, music, slow dancing with more making out and finally going to bed just to sleep sliding our fingers through each other's hair until we are out. Yeah, sounds like a perfect plan for me... one little flaw with my logic, can you guess what is it?

@AmiSue I hear you. Unfortunately there are many more out there with the same flaw..... and I am sure everyone have their own reasons. The reality is... days will keep passing by.....

We all live to far apart?

@AmiSue well, I can only wish you the best

@freeofgod some do, some don't. No one is within walking distance, that's for sure. That would be awesome for coffee or drinks every other Friday or so....

@IamNobody , a real conversation? That would be awesome.

@freeofgod I know !!!!


I sat (after a long day on my feet) and watched my favorite show Real Time with Bill Maher while eating my evening meal which consisted of Steelhead salmon, roasted garlic potatoes and steamed spinach. Which reminds me, I forgot to have my fresh figs as dessert. šŸ˜• After that I fell into a catatonic state and slept until 5.30 this morning. Pretty good evening I'd say! šŸ˜€


Having a few glasses of some good wine, and playing/ writing some Spanish guitar.
I've been on the upside in creativity lately, so I want to take advantage while I can.


being loved for who I am.


Would rather be practicing my kissing skills. Learning, teaching, sharing, observing, enjoying.... but instead I'm grooming my 3 fluffy white-dogs. THEY're having ALL the fun tonight... and they love me for it! Sigh...


I'd like to be on a date with a lovely, smart woman but I'm not, so no, I'm not doing what I want. ?

Ditto to everything you said


lay in bed and cuddle

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