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I suspect a scammer in my messages, what should I do?

Some warning signs pop up when a person claims to have a higher education but uses incorrect or weird sentence structure, repeats words like “interesting”, person says “dear” or “sweetie” and “hugs and kisses” or “xoxoxox” assuming you don’t have a problem with it. They claim they have the freedom to relocate anywhere because of “contracting” for their job. They attempt to redirect questions. Then they get all righteous and butt hurt with you because you want to be honest letting them know this sounds familiar and claim they may sound like a scammer.

What should be done?

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MyLiege 7 Jan 18

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Trust your instincts.


Ok, even if he’s not a scammer, he still does not sound “interesting”. Scammer or not, no one deserves that low of an effort. I vote drop him because he’s a jerk, no assumptions.

Yep I do. Every time.


You should block them and report them. It's just a waste of time if you play into their little game. Plus if you're already questioning them then what's the point of having them in your life? You don't trust them now why would you trust them later?

What she said.


I have been on the internet and dating sites for over 20 years. I typed a text file and saved it. When encountering scammers I simply copy and paste it into the conversation. Abide by this rule and you will NEVER be a victim.
"I have one strict rule when I am on the internet. I will NEVER, under ANY circumstances, send money or gifts to ANYONE for ANY REASON".

It never gets beyond idle volley of conversation.

I might add that it is equally important to tell this to YOURSELF frequently.

I wouldn’t. I could not ever be convinced because there is a brain between these ears. 😉


If you want to play with them it could be a little fun, but eventually block & report. They always give themselves away with the sentence structure and there will be all kinds of reasons why they can't talk to you on the phone. Almost all claim to to be widowed and may have a younger child at home. After a while they are easy to spot.



Report, english is my second language so I will fucked up this language a lot but... better safe than sorry. Report.


Report, block, and go on with life. If Admin determines they are scamming they will be terminated.


Do anything EXCEPT give them the benefit of the doubt. If your gut tells you someone is trying to take advantage of you, trust yourself. Not them.

  1. "educated" and uses weird sentence structure: could be totally legit. Language fluency is a highly variable thing. One need not be a Shakespeare to get a degree in certain fields.

  2. Repeats words: some people are like that. Sometimes idiosyncrasies become even more pronounced online. High probability of being legit.

  3. Overly familiar: see above.

  4. Redirects questions: threat level yellow: caution advised.

  5. Righteous and butthurt: threat level orange: extreme caution advised; take protective measures.

1+2+3+4+5= suspect. Weird and tetchy at least; total scam at worst. Ignore. Block and report if they don't take the hint and leave you alone.


I got sucked in by someone that responded to a comment...the storis seem plausible for a moment. I did 'block,' before I was ask for money so he could 'return to the states to strengthen out his affairs.'


Education and writing perfect English depends on where the person is coming from. Consider those things too, while taking a decision.


Accidentally hit block, meant report. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.


I will give someone the benefit of the doubt, and then I might toy with them, and then I shut them down.

Your Savage AF. I like that. LOL


Report and RUN FOREST RUN!!! Don't look back.


Slight problem with the choices offered, so I chose 'other'. I think one should always pay attention to red flags. Each of us defines our own set of flags, but I've found from conversation with others that many of those flags are common to all.

I usually attempt to determine if the flags are real with the individual involved, so I will engage for two or three interchanges before doing anything. If the flags remain flying or new ones pop up, then I think it's a good idea to report and block. No sense in carrying on beyond the first few exchanges.


It really depends. If they’re being rude, block them. If they’re just obviously not what they claim to be, call them on it.


lead them on as long as possible, let them think they got you then flood them with all the scams they ran before. Sometimes what I do is tell them I have their IP address and that I am going to turn it into their government for a reward. For identity theft makes them scramble.


Let the admins figure it out. They have ways.


If you suspect it's a scammer then just stop communicating with them. He'll get the hint and move on. I know a girl who's mom was scammed. Not shitting you, she actually believed she was talking to Benny Hen the TV evangelist. She met him on Facebook and his page had like 50 followers. We tried telling her it was not the real Benny but she refused to listen to anyone. She was always sending him money. When we asked why a millionaire preacher needed money? He told her he didn't want his wife to see him taking money out to buy her stuff. That he was leaving his wife for her. He never bought her anything and always planned to visit but cancelled at the last minute. Once, she sent him money because he was out of the country doing mission work and lost his passport. She realized after about 2 years that it was not the real Benny. The dude came clean and admitted that he lives in Africa but had fallen in love with her. She still talks to him and sends money. It's sickening.

That's terrible!! There was a woman in the same situation with a Nigerian scammer. They did meet in person and became engaged to be married to her, and used it to scam her out of more money. The day came for her to go to Nigeria to marry him and move into their new house, she was never heard from again. It was later discovered he killed her and robbed her.. It's serious stuff and people die from this.

Wow... that is serious. I don’t understand how it can get that far. I could never get beyond the fractured sentences in the first place.


Yes toy with them, and lull them into a false sense of accomplishment with you, so they think they have roped you in. Then it comes:" My sick grandmother needs an operation, I wish I had the money, oh well...." lol It actually happened to me once, I strung her along for several more text messages before she worked out that I knew about her slimy little scam!


@MyLiege-think I got 2 new ones today-please message me.

Do not react. Don’t answer


Block them if they make you feel uncomfortable, report them if they continue.


Asking for money is a scam block the bastards. ..I have relocated dozens of times 1970 to 2017 ....5 times last year only once with a partner who almost scammed me. ....she was religious that itself is a scam but she loved my 2 SERVICE CATS and seduced me with skillful tenderness. ...Hurricanes near the beach compel mobile evacuation. ....I got a court order against my sexual scammer before she could steal anything


Point him out, we'll break his legs!!! GGGGRRRRR


If you suspect a scammer , report them immediately

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