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Your thoughts on pubic hair fashions?

I was getting my eye brow waxed yesterday and got chatting to the young beautician about Brazlian waxing... I understand pubic hair au naturale is well out of vogue even seen by some as a big turn off. Many men are also 'manscaping ' Some trim to specific styles... Lazer treatments to ensure a no pubic hair zone is very popular... does styles and what you find a turn on depend on age, ethnicity... sexual orientation? Your thoughts and preferences ??

By Angelamelek7
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I have extensions.

Livia Level 6 Aug 31, 2018

You win the internet today! I love this!


@LucyLoohoo Dreaded.

@Livia WAit! Little beads & everything?

@LucyLoohoo only down the thighs and round the butt. Weaved in with LED twinkling lights. Think Christmas tree, but pubes.

@Livia Must be fun to hear YOU at the gym! smile001.gif

This is probably going to be the next thing. Teenage girls will do it first, maybe even Barbie.


I once read an article which advocated in favor of pubic hair from a health

The link provided isn't the same article I read, but it covers the same ground.
(the link is safe)


I think the increased "fad" of shaving has been largely instigated by
the porn industry. That's not a criticism, just an observation.

I started having sex in the late 70s. Pubic hair was normal for everyone.
It wasn't until the advent of the VCR and widespread availability of pornography
for home viewing that shaving started becoming more popular. By the mid-80s,
it was becoming much more common.

That's my own little anthropological/sociological theory, based on observation
and personal experience.

KKGator Level 9 Aug 29, 2018


It's about lighting in the porn industry. The camera catches more "action" when public hair is out of the way.

@LiterateHiker Yep.

For me it's functionality. I could care less about societal constructs or expectation. I find there are more nerve endings exposed and it's easier to keep tidy and free of toilet paperdegree. (Damn ultra soft, cushioned paper!!) I don't have an opinion on others preferences, just my own.


@AdorkableMe Whatever works for you.

My daughter is a physician and has commented on the number of nasty abscesses she has had to treat on her female patients either from ingrown pubic hairs or infected nicks from razors.


Hair is hair. People make too much of it.


The only hair on this body, is on my head. I expect my partner to tend to matters as well. To me it’s a part of hygiene and makes oral sex so much better. It does seem to be a more recent thing culturally although it’s been my thing for decades.


I think that this question is splitting hairs ?


Get rid of it! I’m so used to waxing that I’m actually uncomfortable if it grows out too much. It feels so much nicer when it’s smooth. Air that little lady out! ?

Leeshi Level 6 Aug 31, 2018

I shave because I hate toilet paper stuck in it.


I like my hair neatly combed when I out in public. ...What?

godef Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

I read 'public'. That would have a been an odd comment


I have a mullet.

Secretguy Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

Hair there, yes. Don't mind going through a little brush to a picnic.


This fetish came about thru the porn medium. Shaved made for a more detailed visual. As long as nothing is growing in the bushes that might bite me, hair is there for a reason. As Napoleon.


I would like to be loved just as I am...


People should have whatever makes them feel comfortable.


This adventurer loves to get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.


I don't think people (especially dudes) truly take advantage of fashioning pubic hair. I mean, people braid it, comb it, gel it, but don't bother to give their junk a Jheri Curl. It's rid-dick-ulous...


Dealers choice. I could care less either way just appreciate the invitation to the dance

maxhyde Level 7 Aug 31, 2018

I need to see a pubic version of one of these posters before I can choose


Well, I am going to go against the train of preference and go ewww! ickkk! on the hairless bod. It reminds me too much of the pre pubescent condition. But I am a huge supporter of each to his/her own. smile002.gif

Yes. I think would feel like a pedophile with a man with no body hair! How can a guy look manly without any hair on his body?

I'm all to each their own but I think the concept that it is looks prepubescent and is disgusting is mainly societal and is body shaming. It's fine thavepreferences, but can we voice them in a way that doesn't shame others? I have never understood why someone sees a bald pubis thinks this way. It's on a grown woman with hips and breasts and 99.99% of people who have the preference aren't doing it to look prepubescent, it's usually for hygiene and/or sensation purposes. It's akin to underarm or leg hair on women. Why is it seen as perfectly ok for men but disgusting for females? No one associates a man that chooses to shave is beard and moustache of looking prepubescent and getting squicked out. No one looks at a man that shaves his head and thinks he looks infintile. What gives?

@AdorkableMe Like I said, this is MY preference and my each his own. There is no judgement on my part..I don't care what people do to their bodies. Body shaming...what? No, that is not what I was doing or my intent? I was merely stating a preference and why.

@patchoullijulie "Ewww! Ick!" is body shaming. Its akin to someone saying they dislike overweight people because it's disgusting, etc. You're preference is your preference but you are adding modifiers that are judgmental to people that present that way. It's possible to present your opinion and/or preference without being offensive or shaming people for their own preferences.


@AdorkableMe No...I disagree. It is my reaction and that is all it is. You can make it into something else if you wish but my intentions have been made clear.


@patchoullijulie it is absolutely your issue, but it can and does effect others but it's also a free country and we have free speech and you will do and think what you want. Peace.

@AdorkableMe I couldn't agree more. smile002.gif

@patchoullijulie Sad that you had to be accused like that for voicing your opinion. Happens way too often here when you disagree.

@AdorkableMe Great points!!! you should be an attorney, if you aren't already.


I like shaven mostly because I enjoy performing oral. Much easier. Also, I like the look of a vagina. Hair hides that.

What you can see from the outside is the vulva. The vagina is entirely internal.

@JenBeberstein true. But it sounded a whole lot better than "the sight of pussy makes me horny"??


You have hair in all areas for a reason. I tend to like neatly trimmed. A work friend was once arguing with me that women who shaved their pubic hair looked so much younger. Really. How old do you want them - 10?

DenoPenno Level 8 Sep 17, 2018

Tell him that a woman’s body looks different from a child’s, hair or no hair.


Trimmed means it's much more sensitive to touch...and I like that!


I have a mullet. I keep my frontal hair spiked and my ass hair halfway down my legs, lol

mikebeed Level 7 Aug 31, 2018



I would just be thrilled to see a live one at this stage! I don’t care how it’s dressed! ? I personally like at least some hair. I never had any fetish for prepubescent girls, so having a woman’s pubic area look like she is 5 years old is not really a turn on. And I’ve picked enough pubic hair out of my mouth over the years to not be overly concerned about the short interruption.


On women l prefer trimmed. I find that triangular patch of fur quite sexy. I don't really care what men do.

Sticks48 Level 9 Aug 30, 2018

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Post us a picture.

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