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How often do you pay attention to your neighbors?

I got the best neighbors in the world. They all mind their business and we just wave unless we see them at a party. My wifes best from is my next door neighbor. They go hiking and shopping together. I help my neighbor with mechanical issues and he helps me with electrical issues. I'm an old rocker and he's a cowboy. Our dogs vet lives across the street so we're lucky there. How are your neighbors?

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 25

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I had a neighbor from when I was born until I was 45 years old that was one of the meanest spiteful SOBs that I ever knew and i eventually had a high fence built between our properties .My father worked with him as a fireman and he was even hated in the fire dept.When he died his daughter moved in and she is the nicest person I could ask for .The neighbor on the other side I also had for about 40 years was a policeman and one of the kindest helpful men I ever knew and loved him like a father ,and was very depressed when he passed away at the age of 81

I wonder how I would feel if I lived next door to the mean, angry person for 45 years? That would be a challenge for me! You must have secret weapon?

Im sorry for your loss brother.


Because I live in an over 55 independent living community I have many people to choose from. But I am friendly to everyone. Some are delightful and I can easily avoid the negative people. It's nice to have a lot of choices for friends.

Yes it is...


I only have two - to one side, and the back of me. We're all there for one another if needed - and say hi sometimes - but otherwise leave each other alone. And they all like bagpipes - so I can practice in my yard, without bother. Perfect.

Can we see vids of you playing bagpipes? I live in DFW Texas. We don't have cool stuff like that here.

I love bag pipes... i was in cam ranh bay in early 72 . I was walking back to my bungalow when I first heard Amazing Grace over the loud speakers after playing the national anthem. I don't know why but I started crying and standing proud gritting my teeth. Like I'm ready MF... bring it on. For some crazing reason i love the pipes...

@BucketlistBob that's why the Scots used them as a weapon of war - the enemy burst into tears and didnt see the Claymore taking their head off. Lol.

@FrayedBear Actually, they are the only instrument officially declared a weapon of war. A mass of war pipes coming over a hill, was enough to instill great fear in the enemy. There's a powerful story of a piper, whose legs were shot off, and he continued to play ...

@mymysticcrow I don't have any videos - sorry. Maybe I'll have to create one ! And I bet , if you look hard enough, you'll find some in Texas ...

@evergreen In case you haven't encountered her before, Kathryn Tickell is probably the finest pipe player to ever play. She not only plays her Northumberland pipes but also the Scottish pipes. Here she is with "the Lads of Alnwick"

@FrayedBear No, I've not heard of her before - good stuff, thanks for the introduction !

@evergreen She is so good they ended up refusing her entry into pipe playing competitions. Then they made her a judge. That is skill. Sadly I've never heard her live.


Maybe there is space in your area for my 'tiny house?' Here in the area that I am leaving, there are not a lot of neighbors, as you describe! We need to pay for any help. I helped out earlier, but now I can't get on the roof and clean gutters or help with physical things. In NM...very different, people are helpful and don't charge for every little thing! Life feels better, when you have neighbors that care...

Yes it is...


As little as possible. It's nice that the two women who live on either side of me are in their 90s and deaf as posts, so I crank up my music super loud with no repercussions. It's also fitting that my two big living-room windows face out towards the woods on the backside of the house, meaning that the ass-end of the house is facing the street--kinda like mooning them all. And when you get down to it, I'm pretty much mooning the whole damn Bible-bangin' town.


@BucketlistBob the cheeks of his ass are shining to the world to come and kiss it?


North: my dog's pack of playmates/boyfriends

West: horses

South: my mother

East: meth dealers

It's a wash.

Meth dealers?

@BucketlistBob Methamphetamine. Yep. They don't cause any problems. Just a lot of traffic.


Don't know any of my neighbors, but we wave whenever we notice each other.
It's fairly rural out here, and the houses are spread pretty far apart.


My kids were convinced that our neighbor worked for the CIA. He worked nights and his car was always home but we never saw him. They still call him CIA Brian.



I am jealous, my neighbours are fine, have been here almost 5 years, and every hose has changed owners at least once since we moved here, so it must be us. Older neighbors were awesome and all have moved into aged care, new neighbours are all young families, babies and todlers, but nice kids. We have some older teens in the area, they are loud and so on, yet quite friendly, the preteens however are the painful ones, cheeky, breaking into houses and so on, these are kids under 12.

Yeah... theres 3 of us retired and we're next door neighbors...

And if they are caught nothing is done to prevent reoffending particularly in terms of teaching respect for others property. 18/12 someone walked down my driveway and smashed the car driver's door window and walked off. The car parked on the roadside grass was untouched.

@FrayedBear I know what you mean, it is the same up here, we have a new school, built about 2 years ago at the end of my street. It was constantly vandalised. They set up cameras, it was 3 young kids, 2 brothers and their sister, they lived right next to the school, the police were given the disks from the camera and nothing was done. Even after repeated incidents.

@Rugglesby A mate had a similar problem with theft from his shop. The culprit was the local police sergeant's son. Strangely subsequent to that an outbreak of car thefts and torchings commenced that resulted in questions being asked in parliament. When the sergeant's son was charged for his crimes the car thefts ceased.


I hardly know any of my neighbors, but I work long hours and I'm not a social butterfly. Garage door openers have killed neighborliness. And right now most of my neighbors are likely pissed at me. I don't shovel the sidewalks. Long hours and it is dark when I get home. And I figure the sun will do it sooner or later, my house faces south so I only need a day or so of sunshine.

@MrLizard Snow baby!! I am here in the snowbelt and we had 6 inches of the lovely white crap on Tuesday.

@MrLizard a phenomena of the northern states, our rain morphs into flakes of crystal and pile up on EVERYTHING!! Snowflakes are very fragile, but when they hang together they can change life forever. They're also very beautiful until when they first fall, and then they just get dirty, dingy, ugly, and tiresome.


Its funny since I live in an industrial park/commercial zone. My home and the nextdoor home is the last residential on the block. So, most of my neighbors are companies.

As for the home nextdoor I am on good terms with them and we chat sometimes. For the businesses I know the owners but not very well.

businesses make quiet neighbors after hours

@btroje generally yes, except for the towing company and the bar. Hahaha

@engineer_in_nj oh, nevermind


never. i don't do neighbors. i don't look at them or speak...

Hmmm.... bad vibes brother?

@BucketlistBob no i just see not point in meaningless interaction with people you care nothing about or have to pretend to like


Next door one side? Barely speak to them, but it's polite when we do. And they make very little noise. Next door the other side? Still on good terms with her, but he doesn't approve of my 'lifestyle choices' and so started parking his car like a complete dick until I politely asked him to stop, which gave him the excuse to tell me to 'fuck off' and never speak to me properly again.

Their next door neighbours? Still fine with me. The couple over the road? She's lovely, though I don't think he's entirely comfortable with my 'lifestyle choices' either. But he hasn't made a big song and dance about it, like the one next door.

I feel safe here, which is what matters, I suppose.

Yes, safe feeling can find some friends!

How are your "lifestyle" choices known? One of mine is obvious "if grass was only meant to grow 2" high that is how high it would grow and who am I to argue with nature. When it starts to tickle my armpits or knees when sober then mow it. As I have been sober many decades it is now waste high until it becomes a fire or snake hazard.

My "lifestyle choices" became rather obvious, the first time he saw me leaving the house in a dress. It set off a discussion with him and his wife, where questions were asked about my sexuality and honest answers were given. They were both supposedly cool with all of it. Then he started parking his car like a dick (with one wheel on my property) and when I asked him politely to stop because it was making it difficult getting my own car onto my driveway, he told me to 'fuck off' and hasn't spoken to me properly since. As I said before, I still get on fine with her.

@NicoleCadmium I'm afraid I do not understand this Nicole. You wear a dress and it is objectionable to a heterosexual male?

A lot of heterosexual males feel threatened by transgender people. Homophobia: fear that you might fancy them. Transphobia: fear that, after a couple of drinks, they might fancy you.


My neighbors are pretty awesome actually. Our kids run together in a pack and we all get together and help one another with various tasks and such. The neighbors on the corner are always up for a beer and a chat. I feel pretty lucky in that department.


pretty much the same. I try not to get too close because if it goes bad it can be a nightmare.


I live in a dense residential community (i.e. more than 30 domiciles within 1 mile radius). As such I'll specify direction and mention significant neighbors. I'm generally friendly and helpful unless there is a good reason not to be. Keep in mind I've lived in the area I am mentioning below for close to 21 years. So the crime oriented stuff I mentioned happened over a long period of time. Generally speaking the neighborhood I'm in is very quiet and most of the neighbors are quite trustworthy.

North has 3 significant domiciles - 1 is snobs who's company parks wherever they want - they refuse to talk to me so I've been forced to call PD on them 1 time. 2 is quiet but cordial so I always smile and wave. 3 is a family of rednecks - I've called Animal Control due to witnessing abuse dog seized.

West has 3 significant domiciles - 1 is a Hispanic family who decided to fire high end fireworks on their porch late at night - They got ticketed because I called PD on them. 2 is a super nice family who I always try to help. 3 is the grandmother of 1 of my friends - she's a nut job Republican but that didn't stop me from helping her - I stopped helping her because she got angry and threw hot food on her grandson (my friend) and his niece - the family opted not to call PD on her because CPS would have gotten involved.

East 1+ domicile(s) - 1+ I stay away. I'm aware that PD shows up periodically for domestic cases and drug busts.

South 1 domicile - 1 Friendly older gardener and his wife - we're on good term but their daughter & her husband were homeless, got arrested on drug charges & their kids got taken away from them by CPS. I reported them to CPS because I personally witnessed the kids not in school. However I had no idea that they were homeless (living in a shed) and addicted to drugs. If I had known, I would have talked to my neighbors (i.e. their parents) to get someone to take the kids before I reported them to PD to get them into drug rehab.

I guess that surely sums up a cross section of society...that is a mighty lot, to keep what I am thinking!

I noticed that you mentioned the ethnicity of only one domicile. Since you shared that one, I'm curious what are the races and ethnicities of the others?


North - 1 white 2 Hispanic 3 white

West - 1 Hispanic (as mentioned above) 2 Hispanic 3 White

East - 1+ Varies (some white, some Hispanic)

South - 1 white

Further back in the residential area I know there are some Asian and black people - along with the usual mix of white and Hispanic. But I don't really drive back there. No reason to since there's no way out back there.

Throughout the park, some of the Hispanic people don't speak English - including some of my immediate neighbors. Doesn't bother me a bit. If you know the linguistics of immigration a lot of 1st gen never learn the language, most of the 2nd gen are bilingual and most of 3rd gen on only know English. From studies in other nations, we could improve how many 1st and 2nd gen know English by subsidizing ESL programs. But dumb as bricks conservatives (note I'm in Texas - a conservative state) won't support ESL programs even though it gets the results they want faster!

@BlueWave. Lol... good question.



Very little except at a street picnic once a year.


Almost never.I have one would not mind shooting but other than him everyone around are very nice.


Most of them are intrusive, I do help one guy who is in his early eighties with his groceries and walk his dog sometimes.

That's cool... thanks is for that...


I tend to keep to myself. I live in a one story apartment building so I only really pay attention to the neighbors if they're parked in my spot or making enough noise to draw concern. A handful of times I've overheard domestic disputes but nothing too concerning that I felt the need to call the cops or anything.


I also live in an over 55 independent living community and earlier in my life I was part of the communes and worker co-operative movement so I have always really paid attention to those around me - However I was attacked in own community recently the police were called and gave the person a police order and crime number and I find myself to be less tolerant now than I was before.


I get to know them a bit better every hurricane scare. I should try harder I think


I only know one of my neighbors. I exchange hellos but really have no interest in knowing anything about them.

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