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Best ever lover, did you have one?

I made this a poll as I am only looking for yes or no, feel free to comment by all means. But not chasing details, or whether it refers to your current partner or a long lost love. Also not asking if you were in love, just purely on the sex issue. Have you had a sex partner that stands out as the best, considerably better than others, just on how the 2 of you were together, rocked your world and such. I mean CONSIDERABLY better, like more than 10 % better than 2nd place getter or more than 40% better than average.

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Rugglesby 8 Feb 3

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Unfortunately the best ever was a raging narcissist. Kind of feeds my suspicion that crazy people are better lovers. Sigh.


She was the only woman I ever met that was uninhibited. I married her.

good call

Yes, good call.

@EricTrommater well that's a keeper I missed and 3 I should never have let get away. hmmmm. but am glad they are gone just the same.


When I was young and foolish, at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts I had an encounter with a supply clerk after hours in the supply room. It was amazing. As is the Army way, he was transferred shortly after that, and then I went elsewhere. I don't think we would have been a good couple, but that one night was the best I have ever had.

Small world. I was stationed at Ft. Devens😉

That would make a great Harold Robbins novel!

@EricTrommater LOL! Yeah, maybe...


Yes, and honestly sex has been a disappointment ever since. Now would I risk my mental health and safety to get into another relationship like that? Oh, Hell no!

I can relate

Damn, I have 2 that stand out by far, 15 and 20 years ago, (I am currently chatting to both online), and they both have had major mental health issues. I don't like this pattern.

@Rugglesby Run!


Yes ,before I was married . She was unbelievable and I was addicted to her,but she had mental health issues. This relationship caused me so much pain and problems it was like getting off drugs . Luckily I met my wife just in time


Oof... I can honestly say everyone should have a story about sex resulting in some form of noise complaint. Bonus points if the police show up because the neighbors thought someone was about to die.

haha, does getting up and having your front door covered in crime scene tape count? I may have a pic of it somewhere, neighbour was a cop, I heard him and his girlfriend giggling, next day I saw why.


I can remember it like it was just yesterday


Oh yes indeedy ... I will never, ever forget him either !

@Redcupcoffee Let us not forget ... this is the internet !


I loved her dearly.


YES. My ex activated things in me I didn't realize were there. Years after our divorce the mystery was solved when he came out as a bi nonbinary female, and I realized four years ago that I'm partially transmale, although I live as an androgyne female. Neither of use were aware of gender issues while married, and believed we were a normal hetero couple.

We both did gender-switching roles, costumes, mild S & M, fantasy games, and almost non-stop play as long as our relationship lasted.
I used to think the straight male "rabbit" sex of my former partners was boring and stupid, but my ex opened up a new world for me.


She was bipolar, but she was great in bed.

Been there, done that, got the therapy bills.

The crazy ones go off like a frog in a sock


If average was 5 second best was a 7, she was a 10.


Yes, spring of 77, We connected on all levels, and I think that, (and the fact that it was "adventure" sex... we fell off a tree branch for goodness sake!) is what made it stand out most. There were plenty of other comparable tales.

Donna Level 6 Feb 4, 2018

He was one of my best friends for years and years. We were both married to other people for the majority of our friendship. After we both divorced, we decided to just try it out once. Memorable does not even begin to cover it. Things I didn't even think I'd enjoy were suddenly the most amazing things I'd ever experienced. I look forward to a repeat of that. We're still best buds, but there's a lot of miles between us.


My B.O.B is the best..never complains, hums abit but never yells,can keep up with my appetite and stays up till I'm sasiated..awesome!

A friend of mine was asked on a tv vox pop " where`s the best place you have ever had sex " She replied " In my head ".

@Charlene Does he has a sister?

@Rugglesby nooooo


I have, was a woman I met when I was in the Navy on a liberty call in Fremantle down under where you reside. She had an obsession with kegel muscle exercise.

clever lady.

My dad was in Fremantle near the end of WW2, learning to type at a secretarial college One dozen jolly jack tars and a whole building full of would be secretaries. He always smiled when he thought of it lol


Everyone was.

So you have never had bad or even disappointing sex? Go you!

@EricTrommater Make up for it the next session.


Didn't last, but certainly made me more confident. When guys are younger, they get a lot of pressure(mind you by media and other guys) to know what they're doing in bed. She was very open and made me feel like I wasn't a total idiot. An enlightening relationship.


Yes I have and they were ALL women. Kidding aside, absolutely and it was a tie between a Mexican and an Asian, never to forget. However, as the saying goes, the worst I ever had was wonderful.

Jealous, my worst ones were terrible,

@Rugglesby I can't even imagine that.

@Rugglesby IKR? Maybe I'm too picky.


Yes, I have. Unfortunately for me she was also a meth addict and drained my bank account.

d_day Level 7 Feb 4, 2018

The one I'm with.


Three, for entirely different reasons.


It's like asking who is my favorite offspring, I can't choose.


Ok ... ok... this would best explain it. Watch and Enjoy!
Watch "Smallville 10x06 Lois and Clark make love for the first time" on YouTube

Whew... (fanning myself)... it's been a while...


The best one night stand I’ve ever had.

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