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Being Completely Honest, Is There A Bible Or Cross Anywhere In Your Home Right Now?

For those of you who didn't know, I have only been Agnostic for 2.5 years now. I guess I am still in a transition from Christianity.

I will be completely honest when I say that I do have one bible still in my home that I have had for years as part of my décor in my living room. Of course it is here merely as a decorative accent but I have now bagged it for garbage.

Please tell me if you have these things still in your home.
No need to be shy or embarrassed unless you are still doing sunday mass and paying

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twshield 8 Feb 4

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My mom comes to visit and she insist on having the hokey torture device here. When she passes I will for sure throw it in the wood stove.

thanks for responding


Absolutely there's a bible in my home. If you talk to christians you need to be able to look up their quotations from the bible - and give them other quotations that they find 'uncomfortable'. You cannot oppose christianity from a position of ignorance - even though that's how many christians support it.

There's also an English translation of the quran in my house for exactly the same reason. And a book detailing the basic concepts of other religions.

The reason I am an atheist is because I KNOW religion is fucked up!

great point sir


I have a bible on my bookshelf. It is over 100 years old and belonged to my grandmother as a child and still has her handwritten notes in it.

It has no religious significance to me, but does have sentimental value.

thanks for responding


I was hoping one of the options would be "Fuck, no!" 🙂



The reason i ask questions such as this has Absolutely nothing to do with calling people out! I have said before that you can learn alot about people from their responses to questions.

I am a fairly new Agnostic but i understand that it is impossible to remove religion from every aspect of your existence. As some of you shared, we often have gifts from love ones who have passed on which are of a religious nature. If you are driving in your car you will always see churches with crosses. If you enter a privately owned business, they may have religious symbols displayed.
If you shop at walmart....Sorry But they sell bibles and crosses 🙂

As Non Believers i hope we use religion to inspire our non beliefs instead of allowing religion to breed hatred and fear inside us...


I have a couple of bibles in a box somewhere in storage, along with lexicons and a Strong's concordance. I renounced Christianity in 2000 and fully deconverted in 2005. Yet, after all these years, I can still recite numerous bible scriptures from memory. It comes in handy when I'm involved in online discourse/debate with believers.

I have no religious symbols in my living environment. I understand the transition period.

The advantage to being bible literate is shooting down people who misquote the bible for their own purposes, or try to beat you over the head with it.

thank you for your honest answer!

@HippieChick58 I certainly does, and it never ceases to amaze me how often they do it -- reeking from intellectual dishonesty.


I have a couple different copies of the Bible and some other books centered around Jesus and Christianity, but I took quite a few philosophy courses that dealt with religious topics. My love for knowlesge will always trump my disdain for organized religion. How else can I truly know the enemy? Lol.


thanks for respondng


Oh god yes. My house is chock full of art of every description. Books on all religions, mythologies, and psychologies, images of deities and demons, the first Bible I was issued by the Baptist church I was raised in, an ancient family Bible with dates of births and marriages, etc., and the last one I was issued by the Mormon Church before I finally got all of that kind of psychosis out of my system (I have a much better kind of psychosis now!) and a cross my closest Christian friend custom made for me from a section of bovine vertebrae…

skado Level 8 Feb 5, 2018

Thanks for your honesty! Awesome!


I haven't owned a bible in 10 years. The whole book is online anyway. Spoiler alert we all die and come back as zombies.




Of course I gave a copy of the bible if I hadn’t have read it I wouldn’t be an atheist



A bible given to me by my grandmother. I was very young and listed the birth and death of my rabbit. Forgot I had it until a few months ago when I was going through a cedar chest and found it.

My daughter was surprised and I told her she could have it but she is waiting to inherit the entire chest. Perhaps secretively hoping I will read or something.

Reading the bible causes atheism lol

very possible! thanks!


I live with my aunt and she's religious so there is lots of religious things.


It depends on your definition of religious symbols. I don't have any crosses or bibles, however I do have a painting my grandmother painted titled "In The House of David" (she was a devout Catholic and painted a lot of religious themed paintings).



My Grandmother left here bible to me. I'm not sure why I got it. She may have believed I needed it most, of her many grandkids. So I still have it. It might as well be in a museum. It's a family thing, not a religious thing.

its special because it was a gift from a love one but the content has no meaning! that's awesome! Thanks


I have no Bibles in my home but I have some earrings that have crosses on them because they were really popular in the 1980s LOL.

i remember seeing those. Just wear them upside


I have multiple translations of the Bible, a Koran, and Book of Mormon. Reference material, you see.

Thank you sir! for your response!


I do but all of the crosses are upside down! Goes with the metal!! \m/

that's funny and i have one and its upside down too lol


I have a small cross hanging on the wall of my Den taken from my mother’s casket at the time of her burial.

thanks for your honesty my friend


No bible or crosses. Plenty of Buddhist symbolism though


It kind of acts like garlic to jehovas witnesses 🙂


I keep a bible app on my phone...because I like bookmarking the contradictions I find.

reference is good! thanks!


I have the cross necklace my ex gave me for Xmas one year. Also a Hammer of Thor necklace. And an Elder Sign (H P Lovecraft) amulet on a beautiful chain that I picked up from the game store way back when, to protect against critters from the Necronomicon, just in case.

These are all works of art, and I'm not getting rid of them, despite not believing in any of them.


Yep. Several bibles. Quran, numerous books on various mythologies, and two crucifixes my parents brought back from Bremen after WWII.


I think that some objects associated with various different religious are beautiful so they are part of the decoration in my house. I have a beautiful menorah on permanent display, a ceremonial mask from Indonesia, and a few totchkes from my days as a solitary Wiccan. I don't know whether the Banksy print of a cathedral window covered with graffiti counts. My point is that I invest no belief in any of them, but appreciate their beauty.

I agree, which was why i posed this question. I don't think people should act as if they are a vampire being exposed to a cross. When a person is comfortable being a non believer, encountering things like this should'nt bother them.


I support my wife my brother... she's still
A believer.


I have a Bible with my name printed on the cover that I was given 50+ years ago by my father. Like listening to Christmas Church music it is a reminder of someone I loved.

thanks for your response sir


Only in my Art History books.

fair enough

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