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Dating on this site

Has anybody on this site found love?

Dollwiser 4 Nov 4

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No...we're just here for the free drugs.


Not yet. Messaged and talked by phone a little bit with one. Messaged a bit with another and got ghosted. Then ran across a third who I had seen on Match. Sent her a message on her welcoming her here and expressing interest, but she rejected me with a lame ass lie about not dating non-drinkers ( even after I informed her that I was married 20 years
to a social drinker with no issue there ) because past non-drinking men had been
judgmental about her social drinking. So I took another look at her profile and saw it said she has let go of the past and tries to look to the future, etc. So lying is part of the game here too, just like on paid sites, at least with some people. My guess is her real reason was her being much better-looking than me.


I would be happy to meet some one for coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch or dinner or a chat or all of the above.


Not yet


I've met a wonderful person here, I don't know if we're ready to profess our undying love or anything like that, but our time together has been beautiful.


I haven't been looking for love, so no.


Yes! And I wasn't even looking.


Perhaps--we are meeting soon. I met another guy here before & although we had fun I didn't see a future with him.

Carin Level 8 Nov 5, 2018

I saw your post header "Dating on this site"...and my first thought was, "Good luck with that!!!!" 🙂


I talked to one woman for maybe a day, she was a scammer.


Quit looking for love. Be yourself, be the best yourself you can be, then love will find you.


Met one person, did some chatting, but got the feeling it was a scam. To many personal questions and no information from the other end.


How about the love of this site can that count?


See post by Dragoria.


Yes, several, depending what you mean.

I have not met a woman with whom I have a sexual relationship, but have met a couple I love as friends. I know of others who have met mates. There is no reason you cannot meet people you love here, in whatever way you wish.

That you have a halo in your pic and list yourself as other instead of male or female is not a big deal here. Few of us are superstitious. You are an attractive "woman" by appearance and wish to meet men. Come on down and join the party. The only guarantee I'lll give (not official) is that we treat good people well.


As I'm in the UK and this is a US dominated site, I'm not holding out a huge amount of hope. Just here for the banter, really.

Snap ! ?

Same, I’m in Oz but hope to catch up once I start to travel next year. Ya never never know if ya never never go. Should be fun and perhaps a little scary ???

@Dollwiser met! I am the Wizard in Oz ????

@Sandy6767 then I'll see you in the NT!

@MrBeelzeebubbles hell yes, just slap your forehead 3 times whilst repeating “ there’s no chick like Sandy “ and I will magically appear. ??


I've read posts about couples that met on the site. Personally I haven't met anyone IRL from here, but I haven't been super active. Good luck 🙂

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