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But men having been doing such a great job so far. Give us another few thousand years and we're going to have everything straightened out real good. Promise! 😀


As long as we're careful. Just because someone's a woman doesn't mean she has everyone's best interests at heart. I mean, look at deVos.

Can I not? Look at deVos? I don't feel like puking. Again.

On second thought, deVos is a lovable idiot child compared to Dana Loesch, if we really want to speak of female dicks.


About damn time.


What, decisions made with contemplation and forethought instead of ego and self-aggrandizement? Pishaw! Im all for half baked solutions made by corrupt men in backrooms and golf courses. Bringing women into equation would only add logic.


And we will all have to make our own sandwiches? No, that is so wrong!


Cool. I really like that Bannon is afraid of women taking over.
Actually, I find it fucking hilarious!


That would undoubtedly be better than the present fiasco.


the women would a thousand times better than Bannon

A dog turd would be better than Bannon

[] @powder


Yup, works for me too❤❤❤❤


About freakin' time, if Bannon & ilk is the other choice


Oh, the horror!

godef Level 7 Nov 4, 2018

More like the NZ PM, sure.
PM May or a Hillary Clinton, no thanks.
Not so much gender, rewarding narcissistic traits by giving them leadership roles is what needs looking at.


It’s about damned time we took over.


We can only hope


I for one welcome our new overlords.


Makes sense, they do most of the really important shit already.


Wouldn't bother me! They couldn't screw it up any worse than we men have! If Hillary had won, the United States would still have the respect of the world! We have an racist misogynistic orange idiot occupying the Oval Office who has turned his back on NATO and befriended thugs like North Korea and Putin! Seriously?


I've been saying men should hand it all over to women for a while now, everything down to the nastiest physical labor jobs, and men start being the stay at home parents for a while. Hard telling what the outcome would be but overall I doubt it would be any better than what we got now and if men would just check out it would allow women to see just how valuable we actually are. Women are not magical creatures who are immune to corruption or any of the other things that are currently plaguing the system and it is proven by none other than Pelosi, DWS and Hillary all. Women are humans just like men and I do think some of the problems might be from different issues than we have now but I don't think it would be better in any way, just different. And if by chance it solves all the problems of the world then great. If it collapses on its face then great as well. Either way it would give women exactly what they been fighting for and if or when things go bad they can't blame the evil patriarchy or men at all. I'm 100% for total female takeover.

jorj Level 8 Nov 5, 2018

Bold, and no doubt a secret thought of a lot of us guys. In a way, I tried that. I stayed ‘on the farm’ and raised two daughters from birth. My wife worked, 4 days a week, 8 hours a day. My days were 16 & 18 hours long..

Most jobs no longer require serious physical labor, more women are graduating from college, and though a few go into the military, I view the military as about the only place left for some men. I thought too, let them die younger, break down their bodies, lose touch with their kids, enjoy the stress of serious employment...

Watched my Mother crack, one of the first women hired at ‘the main post office,’ she broke her (once magnificent) body down trying to keep up with men. It became her life, she had no time for we 4 kids … and it seemed with my Dad working too, we had no parents..

Lots to your post… Women in politics: to me, the best thing that could happen for the health & welfare of US citizens. But economically, geostrategically … I don’t think so, cuz they’d be up against untrustworthy, bloodthirsty, malignant narcissistic leaders breaking all rules and conventions in order to bring down our nation … and most women don’t ‘think like that.’

Anyway, it’s happening… My college educated daughters are working full time I type. Children are not even ‘on their burners,’ but the stresses are they’ve always been. I rarely hear from them, as it’s wall-to-work ..then a little time with friends.. As usual, we mainly hear from the loudmouths on such subjects, the ‘all or nothing’ crowd, but I’d suggest women be careful what they wish for, and hope my two have…

The reasons why men have the "nastiest physical labor jobs" is because men decided that they were not fit jobs for women. Men decided which jobs were for women and which were for men. Poor women always worked and some worked at those nasty jobs in factories and elsewhere. Upper class women did not work outside the home because patriarchal societies would not let them; men decided that women should be stay at home moms. However, few women these days are stay at home moms.

Yup, women are every bit as fallible as men. And I know no women who say that men are of no value (and I am a feminist). Perhaps the women whom you know just think that you are of no value since you are the common denominator.

@Gwendolyn2018 yeah, women are applying to work the sewers and coal mines in record numbers now days, huh?

@Gwendolyn2018 I see all the feminsts complaining about CEO jobs and equality but by all means, show me the feminist protesting for equal representation in the nasty jobs. I don't see it at all but I'm welcome to u teaching me. The laws would guarentee them to get hired but for some reason women just don't apply for those jobs.

@jorj I have no idea--I have three degrees and teach college courses online. Which jobs other women are apply for are unknown to me. Of course, 100 years ago, I would not have been allowed to teach anywhere but at a woman's college or elementary/secondary schools. Even then, I would have only been allowed to teach if I were not married--men's rules.

@jorj Who are these feminists? Let me know their names. And let's be logical (you are male, and males are more logical than females, right?): why would a woman apply for those jobs? I wouldn't. That a male would be a coal miner or other dangerous/dirty job is circumstance and the lack of a better offer. There are more women than men going to college these days and more are getting degrees; maybe the guys in the menial jobs should do the same. By the way, if the men want to get out of the mines and "nasty jobs," they should apply for jobs as motel housekeepers--there's a stereotype for you.

[] []

@Gwendolyn2018 women have more resources to go to college is why they outnumber men. Just from one site alone, count the numbers up.

@Gwendolyn2018 I'm not complaining about it. Just being honest. U all can have it all as far as I'm concerned. Then after nothing changes we might actually be allowed to have honest discussion about things.

@Gwendolyn2018 as far as who are the feminsts talking about CEO jobs, are u kidding me? Are we really gonna be that dishonest about this? American Center for Progress and NOW are two very prominent places that talk about all the high paying stuff but never mention the low paying things from either perspective, male or female.

@jorj I've had women friends who were electricians working at the shipyard (not an easy job) and plumbers - what you're missing is the fact that men and women alike can CHOOSE to do those dirty jobs - or not. You shouldn't be complaining that women by and large are smart enough to realize that if they get an education they can be a lawyer or doctor or CEO - instead of cleaning out someone's toilet. Maybe if more young men spent their time studying and getting better grades in school instead of hanging out with their friends and getting stoned they might find their opportunities would be much greater. ( And yes - that goes for all the young women too.)

@Lavergne telling facts is not complaining. Just because u know a woman who did a job don't change the truth of reality. And give me a break on women are smart enough to realize if they get an education BS. Student loan debt is being called a woman's issue now because so many women choose to be "smart" and get a gender studies degree only to realize it was waste of time and money and they can't afford to pay those loans back. Just because u all go to college at a higher rate don't make u smarter by any means. Just shows the system is geared towrd women and their success more so than men. What a failure of a "patriarchy".
Like I said, I'm not complaining. I happily give all of society over to women. Let's see if u all are really capable of all these things u claim. Men are the reason for all the problems, right? Women are different and are immune to all the evils of humanity is what I expect from the rhetoric so please, take it all. Put us men in our place and show us how great a female ran society is. I can't seem to find any female led society in history that really changed the world but I'm open to see what u all can do. If u succeed then wonderful. If u fail and destroy it all then wonderful as well. Either way it will finally bring the gender war to an end.

@jorj have my deepest sympathy. Sounds like you have been seriously traumatized (damaged?) by women in your life. 😟

@Lavergne lmao, that is the common move u women do when the reality proves u wrong. Of course it is something wrong with me because u don't want to admit the truth about our society.

@Lavergne I challenge u to prove me wrong on any thing I have said. I'm not a hater of women like u want me to be, I'm just a realist that can see the truth of society. I seem to be one of few on this site that called the midterm outcome correctly because I'm not a blind fool following an agenda. I go where the facts lead only. Just because some don't like the facts is a problem of their own, not a problem of mine or a result of my past experiences even tho u want that to be the case so u can continue to live in your alternative reality.

@jorj recommended reading for you: Merlin Stone : When God was a Woman.

@Spinliesel is there an online copy for free?

@jorj I don't think so, You can find it very inexpensive as a used book on amazon or order it through your library system.

@Spinliesel I'll look up a summary of it and see if it's worth my time or not. I focus more on things in the now and just look to the past for lessons learned. Many people want retribution against others for things that are long since legislated and fixed. That is one of the biggest problems in the gender issues of today. Many times I've seen inequality and privilege seeking things justified because of things of the past that people of today never experienced and to me that is just insane. Thanks for the recommendation tho, I will at least check out a summary of it.

@Spinliesel well, I'm sure a book wrote in 1976 will have no mentioning of the reality of what society is today. I don't deny women had it bad in the past but those days are long gone in the western world. First and second wave feminism were much needed movements and accomplished great things, this thrid wave of today is just mostly privilege seeking and non issues, such as fat shaming. If the fight was more focused on helping women of the third world and actual repressive regimes like in the Middle East I would be part of the fight. Unfortunately that is not what the modern feminist care to much about when it comes to the main stream. That's why even 80% of women today won't call theirselves feminsts. If the talks and issues were more based in honesty and equality people would still support the movement but it has lost it's way now days.


Obviously most of the reactions posted here are not what Ol’ Steve was fishing for! The scary thing is the people out there who are somehow horrified by the thought.


Despite his alt-right penchant, Bannon is a very intelligent guy; he was a major architect of 45's victory in '16. Let's hope he's right about this. We have got to get all those old white men out ASAP.


he should be afraid


somebody's GOTTA remember where we put shit


We can only hope!


I always thought that eventually women will take control of the human race. All they need is a supply of sperm and the species will continue. Men are completely disposable.


Thank christ for that. Men have had their go. The whole government system needs an overhaul.

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