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How often do you self-censor? Is it hard to bite your tongue?

I'm the sort of person who has trouble not saying what they think. It just rolls right off my tongue. That's not always a good thing. Learning to nod and grin would often be in my benefit, but I find it difficult to do.

How about you?

silvereyes 8 Feb 13

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I'd say often. I'd fucking be cursing every other word if I didn't. And I work for a conservative company in a conservative state. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a fucking right wing douche nozzle or a TV tuned in to Fox news. I've thought about bailing and moving to a blue state but damn, Kansas needs all the liberals it can get.

I feel much the same about Georgia. I have to stay and represent. LOL

More power to you Sir.

Well that makes two of us in this idiotic state.

awww, you gotta gawddamn free yerself here - this is fuckin πŸ™‚

I live in Arizona and it's the same here and I stay for the same reason plus I'm too old to move.

I know what you mean. I just can't seem to escape all the fucking liberal asshats in my area. I just make a hobby of triggering the shit out of them.

The snowflakes are everywhere especially the gun toting ones around here.

Mother's side of the family is from western Kansas around Dodge. Went to high school in Wichita so I know of what you speak although it wasn't as bad then as it is now. The Republicans weren't as mentally ill then. @evestrat @sewchick57 @Fearlessfreep I definitely feel your pain and am willing to send you as much electronic support as possible but there's no fucking way I'm moving back!

Why do hate? I have left wingers, and I don't hate.


Been working on that all my life. Sometimes, I taste blood.

So this is the censored you? Lol.

...that is poetry ~

@Varn LOL Thanks.

@EricTrommater Pretty much, Eric.

@KKGator hehe


I censor myself a lot in general conversation with friends, and what I say in jest is still considered by many to be way over the line. I always tell them if that was too much, they don't even want to know how much I'm holding back. I'm far more diplomatic in serious situations, like at work, but I often still overstep my bounds. (It's gotten me in trouble a few times but, seriously, business owners and managers need to grow a thicker skin and be ready to hear when a poorly considered decision they've made has gone sideways. I'm not big on coddling them, even if they have the power to fire me.)


A lot of people who think they know me believe that I don't censor myself because I frequently say some off the wall things. The scary thing is how much worse the things I keep to my self are.

yeah, that's me.... full of the naked truth.


I work with a lot of religious Trump supporters, and I have to tune them out all the time. It is harder and harder for me to hold back.

Talk about a definition of hell!

My condolences..


Same here, I lack a filter system. Trying to be more diplomatic in a very pre programed world. Still honestly is the best policy.


I would say a fair amount but I think some people at work might disagree. They used to ask me questions about things but half the time they'll say "NO! I don't want to know" before I can answer. i just laugh.


Hundreds of times a day on all issues, I see it as my way of being kind, I am not argumentative by nature and if the matter/issue is not of any importance, I just gloss over it.
Luckily I don't take any great notice because some of the things I ignore are just ridiculous.


I'm the same as you.


I used to work in a medical call center, our lines were recorded. Yeah, self censor is helpful. As a parent you also self censor, kids are little parrots!


It’s difficult.. Enthusiasm often drives my response, to anything. So to curb it leaves me disappointed, and somewhat depressed. I have a hard time finding that β€˜inbetween’...

Varn Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

I work in an environment that prohibits me from using my farm boy vernacular. I wish I worked elsewhere.?


I'm a self censor machine. I hate making waves, so I try to get along with everyone.


To often to count. I chose my battles and speak up when need arises.


Yeah, when I read new age religious nonsense posted here I bite my tongue usually. Let it go, Dave, let it go, I say to myself. Same goes for some right wingers here too.


Yes, very difficult. It is one of the reasons I avoided supervisory work for so long. It's difficult not to just say what I think and be direct about it. I am working on it because I want to continue to have influence over how clients are served and staff are treated.


Hahaha! This is funny. I was out with a friend tonight and were talking about this very thing. I really have almost no filter. People have literally said about me that you just never know what I might say. Sometimes I think back on things I've said and really feel a little embarrassed by how inappropriate I can be.


I've learned to but my tongue pretty well. As a bisexual atheist in a conservative Christian home, I have to bite my tongue on a constant basis. But I've gotten so used to it by now it's just automatic for me. It's really nice to find a community now though where I can openly and honestly express myself in a safe environment.

Elsy Level 4 Feb 14, 2018

It’s something that took me years to learn. But up until a few years ago I would also say what was on my mind and it would get me in trouble more often than not. Now I restrain myself and rethink to be a little less direct and find a more positive way of getting my point across. I will say it’s not necessarily the best idea to leave things unsaid. But it needs to be said in a tactful way.


of course i self-censor. i find the spoken language a treacherous thing to rely upon only. maybe it has to do with me not having grown up with english - dunno. depending on how important, how dear a person is to me i will make an effort to be understood. that's what i love about this medium: i can keep editing & rephrasing until i feel: yes, this is exactly what i want to convey. but direct contact has its own allure of course. i am lucky enough to never have to censor myself for survival reasons (saving relationship, job, political position...) any more.


Almost never in person. When writing pretty much always.


My favorite supervisor and I would do an asshole check for each other on emails. I actually come across as way more negative than I intend to be because flowery language is not my native tongue, so I have to be careful.


I just say whatever is on my mind because I want to be just as surprised as everybody else what comes out.


From the number of complaints I've heard about over posting on, obviously not enough lol. I really never self-censor and that's only a problem later . . . If I turn out to be wrong. Usually makes for a fun life. My friend's don't know what I'll say or do next and neither do I. Never boring, anyway.


Yup, I tend to say what I mean, but that's not always good.

Luckily, I'm living in Thailand, so it's easier to keep quiet...I'm not fluent enough in Thai to rant.

But if I'm really ticked off, say, at some Thai man man-spreading into my seat space on a crowded bus, I yell in languages he doesn't know, such as Creole, or English, to be safe.

One (high?) Thai man kept toppling sideways into me on a songtheaw bus, as though by accident, groping at me, and I gave him a hard shove, setting him upright while yelling in English, "Stop leaning on me. Sit up!"

A Thai woman indicated a place next to her, so I changed seats, but the man complained loudly in Thai the rest of the trip about people speaking in English so he couldn't understand, and why didn't I speak in Thai like everyone else, etc. The rest of the bus passengers were Thai women, and they ignored him.

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