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What is it you like about

I love the fact that no one is obsessed with sports! I mean, on other sites everyone talks about being a huge Seahawks fan or when I was in MA, Redsox.

Lots of other things but this by far is one of my top favorites.

Akfishlady 8 Feb 20

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Stimulating exchanges of ideas, so far, are inspiring and increase my expectations of being able to discover people, primarily female, with similar interests and passions. Romance, is certainly neither prerequisite or even primary. I happen to prefer exchanging ideas and sharing company and activities of shared interest with females.

We males, unfortunately, lack the GENERALLY better intellectual balance and physiological superiority possessed by females. The various male dominated social systems within which we live aptly demonstrate imbalance and results of having shut-out more than half of our kind from full participation. presents an inspiring amount of possibilities of finding others with this orientation with whom to expand and refine understanding in this area that I consider to be the surest road to social 'salvation'.

All the women now love you.... just saying.

@RavenCT yeah I was just thinking he really knows how to get in good graces with the women

@RavenCT 'All' is perhaps a bit of a stretch, but I'll take it. 🙂 Good company.

Agreed. I like talking to intelligent women; there are many of them here.

@Jnei Seems we've 'hit the jackpot' after lots and lots of quarters..


I just love the banter..and y'all wicked smaht too.


I like that most people here have obvious brains.

They say if you're the smartest guy in the room, then you're in the wrong room. I must be in the right room on this site: )


The people. We have a good bunch here.


So far there is nothing to dislike.


That fellow individuals here have a love of learning.


Absolutely nothing. I hate it here, everybody sucks!


You made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

me too I have been giggling all day to myself


Some interesting chats here. I'm still fairly new, still finding my place here. I might stay a little longer: )

Why thank you@Akfishlady

Please do, @BawdyTales. I suspect you'll find the conversations addictive. I know I do.

Thank you for making me welcome @Lauren


Being able to let my hair down and not worry about offending the religious. Getting to be myself without worrying about who hears me.

Zster Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Asportuality is a definite asset. I like how the Groups have helped distill certain interests of the people visiting here. I have learned a lot about philosophy to which I never as exposed. And just the general mix of things

LOL! You're the first person I've ever seen using the word "asportuality!"

@birdingnut I am not sure but I think I made it up

@btroje Nope! It does exist, but the first time I've seen it being used. Good guess, though, to add the "a" prefix to make it null, as in "asexual."

@birdingnut well at least I followed the rules and its not a total neologism

@btroje Good one! Another "first use" observation, for me.


Lots of science based posts. Listening to some new to me music on a couple of the groups. And a lot of non-believers.


Pretty much no Christians.


What I like about this site. It's the people, they seem to genuinely care

@Akfishlady Suck it, fishlady. 😉

@KKGator @Akfishlady I can FEEL the love.


Great discussions and evidence based debates. Plus, an opportunity to find love.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

Yes, I hate sports, Donald Trump, one faceted thinking ie religion and gun laws. I love the intellectual openness and generally great posts with thought behind them. so glad I found it.


I like the community and thought provoking topics. Oh, and I like sports too! lol


What I like best it....I've been having so many dates and so much sex since joining this heathenish site that I've had to hire an intern to take care of my overflow. heh heh


That hadn't occurred to me until this moment but you're correct.

I am indifferent to sports myself ... so maybe that's why I hang on a couple of other atheists / agnostic sites too, because come to it, they seldom discuss sports there, either. Wonder what's up with that.

Me three. Couldn't care less about major televised sports. I do love engaging in certain sports, though; mountainbiking, racquetball, et al.


Haha yes, the lack of sports is fantastic!!!


By now, I've come to believe that I can frankly share my opinion on a contentious issue and no one's going to jump all over my shit. Like nowhere else on the internet, that I've found.


I love the intelligent conversation, excellent topics, and supportive members. I feel the love every day!!


The diversity of the community; and the fact that there's waaay more substance here than FB. Oh yeah, and you can block the dopes. No, that wasn't an invitation.


Me during Super Bowl "Can you tell me when half-time starts? I want to see the commercials!". (Now with the internet I can just watch the best the next day).

Hated blood sports my entire life. Can't stand the thought that someone is throwing their life away with a TBI for someone's entertainment. Or ruining their knees... yup. Too empathetic for sports.

I did once see my Dad pull the arms off a rocking chair trying to "help the players" in a football game. His next sentence was "I can fix this honey!". Boy my Mom could chill you to the bone with that look. 😉


A redsux fan? We can't be friends.

Sooo what's wrong with the BoSox?..hmmm?

@Charlene I'm a lifelong Yankees fan. How do I hate the sux? Let me count the ways... 😀

@KKGator Yankees? I luv you x

@Akfishlady LOL Nah. Just a knee-jerk reaction. I'm a little rabid about my Yankees.


Hi don't know I was hoping for more sports ball talk, I mean have you been keeping up on quittage this session 😉

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