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What do you wear to bed?

I've done it all - fully clothed with boots on, one shoe off & one shoe on, underwear, longhandles, nightshirts & nightcaps, pajamas, robes, & - of course - nothing at all. Now that it's wintertime, flannel pajamas are the routine. How bout you?

Lucky57 4 Jan 21

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Tee shirt.

That's it?

@Lucky57 Yep. That’s it.

@Christiep77 hopefully an AG T-shirt soon.

@EricTrommater black agnostic tee....

@Christiep77 black is slimming. πŸ˜‰

@EricTrommater it seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before....

@Christiep77 you look good in anything.

@EricTrommater awe!!! Thank you!

@Christiep77 you can always borrow mine πŸ˜€

@EricTrommater I want my own cause....twinsies!!!

@Christiep77 25k more points...

@EricTrommater half way!!!

@Christiep77 all down hill from here.

@Christiep77 down hill as in easier, not going down hill.

@Christiep77 that saying can be read both ways.


My only requirements are very short and cute.

: )


Panties, string top, socks... sometimes just one or the other.

I now have a happy image for the day! πŸ™‚

; )

I'm like you, but can't handle the socks. πŸ˜€


Love men's pajama pants because of the pockets. Why ? I wear an insulin pump which needs pockets to sit in or a sturdy waistband to clip onto. Any old t-shirt. ( right now lime green HAM radio t-shirt.

You are a paragon of practicality

@Lucky57 You got it, dude!


PJs, usually ancient usually mismatched and holey.



Lots of soft covers to keep warm.

Sounds plumb luxurious


A Dickensian long white night gown, with a hat and a pom-pom, and a candle to guide me, the shutter banging at the window, whether windy or not, and the Raven on the perch, glaring menacingly, as the candle flickers and casts an eerie glow on the paintings of the ancestors, their eyes following with every movement.

Another good night's sleep.


How Dickensian! I love it!


Panties and a tank top only. I don't like sleeping in pj's.

Never tried that myself! : )


unless it's very cold, i wear my birthday suit.


Simple & elegant

@Lucky57 um.. simple, anyway lol


@genessa LOL


I can't sleep without socks on...even in the summer. Strange but true. My feet are always cold!

tinebean I had a spinal cord injury & my feet are always cold too. Always have socks on.....

Oh every bit of my nursey background is ringing out to encourage you to avoid ankle socks in bed.

@Amisja I can not lie, as long as they cover my feet I'll wear them ? tall socks, short socks, I really love soft fluffy socks!!

Wearing socks is supposed to help you sleep better. Keeps the feet warm, which helps with blood circulation. Something in an article I once read.

@Lucky57 I have low blood pressure so my extremities are always cold as well. Cold feet are worst

@James00346 I do sleep like a corpse most of the time... maybe the socks help!

I skip the socks and keep a warming pad by my feet if they get cold.

@CaroleKay good idea!


My superhero costume πŸ™‚


Nothing when I'm by myself or with a partner. My boxer briefs when I have my kids; they like sleeping in bed with me.

That sounds appropriate


i wear my birth suit



That's dead easy, the same clothing I was wearing when I was born, it's gotten a wee bit more wrinkled,etc, these days though.




Good deal



You must keep your house nice & warm during the winter.....

@Lucky57 lots of blankets.......

@Dhiltong Ah-haaaaa


parka and snow pants

@coralisthree Ruh-roh - sounds like someone fergot t'stoke the fire durin the night. 'R sum'm.


Flannel jammies in the winter if I’m
alone. T-shirt in the summer.

UUNJ Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

M on them flannel perjammers!


I wear myself out. Too much work and not getting anything done.

LOL thass a good one


naked, always...

Prolly how it was meant to be

@Lucky57 ...why god made women and blankets? πŸ˜‰


I tend to sleep naked year round. It's more comfortable. Also, if you sleep naked it is easier for you body to maintain a constant temperature (homeostasis), which makes for better rest and deeper sleep.

Okay on that homeostasis Perfesser!!!


I wear a lot of fleecy pajamas. The warmth from the furnace doesn't reach the second floor or my house where my bedroom is. Other than the cats and the space heater that i use very sparingly, I am usually the only heat source up there when I'm in bed.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

Just like in the olden days


adam' s costume...and i really want my partner to wear her eve's .....also for hygienic reasons are more paying attention to getting into bed clean.....


Wear ha, you're funny


Boxers and a T shirt.

Well that sounds manly enough

Whatever it takes!

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