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Do you consider yourself a humanist?

I do. Some days I don't feel like I should go by that title, because I get fed up with all stupid/rude people I have to deal with every day. Then I think, how can I be a humanist if I get annoyed by the general public? I do care for the human race though. I just have my days where I can't deal with being around people. Most days I have to though, even on my days off when I see very few people. I am an introvert btw. You all could probably tell by now. I used to volunteer my time helping out the homeless people. Packaging food for families at a shelter or passing out free meals on X-mas for the homeless. On Thanksgiving as well. Everyone needs a hot meal on the holidays. So, yes, I consider myself a humanist.

Sarahroo29 8 Feb 24

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Humanism is a beautiful philosophy and way of living.

Yes it is.

Certainly beats many other philosophies.


Nothing wrong with being overwhelmed by humanity now and then.

But yes I'd still say Humanist - I am one.


someone told me that in Homers Iliad it often says "and then the brave hero ran away" So he didnt stop being a brave hero just because he ran away - sometimes you have neither the energy nor the patience so 'the calm humanist let fly' It doesn't make you lesser than a calm humanist just multi talented.


You are certainly a humanist. To me, humanism is the belief that humans need to be responsible for solving humanity's problems or challenges. "Need" to be, because of course there are no sky faeries to magically save us.

But none of this means you must be blind to the abundance of aggravating selfishness and short-sighted stupidity so much on display around you. Every halfway-observant student of sociology knows humans create endless problems for themselves and each other. Basic conflict theory--ideals are never lived up to. Reality always falls short.

As for me, I often lose patience with selfish, mean-spirited actions of individuals and groups and can be angry at the bigotry or callous disregard for fellow human beings, but I generally can still genuinely care about people for their human frailties and emotional vulnerabilities, even many of the mean ones. It helps to remember that I am not perfect, either.

Okay, thanks for sharing.


“an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.”
Yes, definitely.



Yes. I do have a lot of empathy for my fellow humans but avoid the ones that are a 'vexation of the spirit' I do like my own company though.

Okay, awesome.


Yes I am.



I also go by the AHA definition of Humanism, as @Shellbell pointed out earlier: Humanism is a progressive lifestance that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives capable of adding to the greater good of humanity.

Through my growth on this matter, I first got to Agnostic about 20 years ago, then Atheist, then Humanist and so far I identify with Secular Humanism.
Calling myself a Humanist, it defines what I stand for. Instead, calling oneself an Atheist, it only says what I don't believe in, but says nothing about what I stand for.
All Humanist are Atheist, but not all Atheist are Humanist.










I love learning, laughing and exploring. I also try to inspire fellow humans to do those things.

I love to learn.


I also go by the label “principled utilitarian”

I think Utilitarian communicates my value of maximizing happiness in the world. Principled communicates that I don’t take an ends justifies the means approach.

Myah Level 6 Feb 24, 2018

Agreed. Maximize happiness; minimize suffering.

What is a Utilitarian?

Here is a source:[]

It basically looks at the results of an action. Then tried the pick the action that results in the most good. So you can’t get by on just good intentions.

So some people don’t like sex education because it teaches kids about sex. A utilitarian might look at it see sex education decreases unwanted pregnancies doesn’t increase the sex rate so no additional STDs so they would support sec education. If abstinence only education had the better results then a utilitarian would choose that.

Allowing transgender people in the bathroom of their choice which decreases their stress levels a lot (transgendered people literally get infections from holding it all day until they get home) and it doesn’t hurt other people (perhaps a few moments of discomfort, but that is also because of their attitude and can be expected to diminish with time as it becomes normalized) so I would be in favor of that.

You can get scenarios where you might prosecute an innocent man to prevent mass rioting in a city that might result in death and destruction for example. This is where the“principled“ aspect comes in. I would not be supportive of prosecution of an innocent man.
Though I think a lot of those scenarios don’t account for long term consequences because if you regularly do that then your justice system becomes corrupt in general- so even with pure utilitarianism I don’t think it is justified.
It is still a good example that you still subscribe to principles as you are trying to maximize happiness


@Myah Thanks.


I just try to be human

Good job.


I like humans. Most of the time.



I am a very proud humanist. I take pride in helping with the Children's Hunger Project and supporting the Special Olympics in my local area. I also get overwhelmed by WH stupidity and the trashing of our environment but as the saying goes, "you can't fix stupid"! Thus, I put on my warrior hat and shield and fight for humanity every day.

That is awesome.


I like to think of myself as a humanist in so far as I have empathy for other people who have endured some hardship or personal tragedy. I have helped many people in different ways over the years and brought a smile to their face.

That is awesome!


I am a Humanist for the same reason I am an interest in morality.

That is good.


>how can I be a humanist if I get annoyed by the general public?

To quote Screwtape letters:

>in the second place, since his ideas about her soul will be very crude and often erroneous, he will, in some degree, be praying for an imaginary person, and it will be your task to make that imaginary person daily less and less like the real mother — the sharp-tongued old lady at the breakfast table.
in time, you may get the cleavage so wide that no thought or feeling from his prayers for the imagined mother will ever flow over into his treatment of the real one. I have had patients of my own so well in hand that they could be turned at a moment’s notice from impassioned prayer for a wife’s or son’s “soul” to beating or insulting the real wife or son without a qualm

Basically it is very easy to love the idea of someone, be it a soul or the human spirit or whatever compared to loving the person.

To answer you question I lean towards humanism but I refuse to slap any ism or ist on myself. World is too big and life is too short to embrace ideology.

Okay, cool.


I also did not realize what a Humanist is until I came upon this site and read some definitions and viewpoints about. I am a Humanist. I can not say that I am an Atheist tho, because at some of my hardest times I seem to look for something Divine to guide me. I have some most of my adult life volunteering or being involved in events for people that need some help. I have volunteered at a no kill animal shelter, a wear to work program helping those who do not have clothes, resumes, etc to re-enter the work force; Red Cross where I went to NOLA to help with Hurricane Katrina; traveled to DC from Illinois to lobby the White House on funding for Aids (which I have had for 22+ years) programs. These are the things I enjoy and try to be a part of. Not only does it heal me, I hope it does some healing for the many I interact with!!



I do try to do good where I can and I've given homeless people money so they can eat. one girl who slept in her car I used to let her crash at my house and take showers sometimes. I too am an introvert. I don't consider myself to be a humanist , because as a whole race I can't care about people in which some only care about themselves or don't care about themselves at all. capitalism has destroyed this planet. it's not about what you have and being happy about it, it's more about what you want. I'm more more a realist or idealist.. . ,

Oh, okay.


I don't know what it means to be honest, I will consult Google.

OK, I would say not, not a fan of the species, I help those that really need it, just as i would help any living thing, but do not do more and often do less because they are human.
As I tell anyone and everyone, I hate people, though I can like persons.
I don't hate everyone, and do like some.
If we can raise the bar a bit, I would like humanity more, hence why I enjoy a lot of discussions here, the general level is better than what I find outside.





In the UK , the churches have got as far as making statements of the type " We ( the churches) must make more effort to show people how to be human"

To me this means that we are (slowly) winning.

We can help them.



Yup I am. A dues paying member of the local humanist chapter

Sweet! Good job.


See? There ya go, being all human and everything. So I guess you're right - you are a Humanist underneath it all.



No. Psychlogical existentialist.


@Sarahroo29 I just don't like labels. Poetic naturalist. Humanist. Socialist. Athiest. Episcopalian. All certainly describe me to some extent, but not really comforyable wearing any of them.

@Druvius Okay. To each his own.

@Sarahhroo29 Yerp, I don't care what people do as long as they don't scare the horses.

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