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How many of you have been told you are going to hell?

I would say I am a friendly atheist, not militant like some prefer to be. Yet, when asked about my religious preference I answer honestly. I am often told I am going to hell and many other bigoted things. Why do people with religion think that this behavior is okay? Am I the only one receiving this level of hatred? Why are we allowed to discriminate against atheists but not religions?

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Dimples1114 4 Apr 13

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62 years an Atheist hell threats and heaven bribes are the double whammy of xians....however the more militant an American Atheist I have been known the LESS hell threats I have received out of the blue by telephone mail and behind my back in other ways....18 thousand phone calls in 31 months operating Dial THE Atheist 515 266 6133 with 515 266 2255 my personal listed 1st hell threat and heaven bribe was 64 years ago in Sunday School drawing flames and clouds as a 3 year old ....combine that with still common McCarthyism of 1953 when I was 3 yrs old I got it loud and clear nuke war was bible war against gawdless kommnists evil Soviets who would take away our xmas presents cars jobs and make us all slaves to Chairman Krushchev....his successor Putin today wears a crucifix pretending to be xian and zero preachers call him out as a phony content they have won the battle against ReaGUNs "evil empire" ....1983 Year of the bible passed Congress and ReaGUN spewed his lies daily against gays Atheists labor unions and people on food stamps
....xians inside USA hate us Atheists by repeating what they learned radio TV home newspapers boss at work co workers neighbors and even closet Atheists who do scold us militant American Atheists as if we are causing xians to hate them not the xian fascists themselves....Unitarian Universalist UU World publication hates the 20% Atheist membership also with clergy less than 2% admitting Atheism in their sermons or being answer to why all this is a simple confrontation to every xian who is not a KKK member hating Jews: " if you xians who are 99 % Atheists won't hate Jews for killing your jeebush geehobah yhwh ghostholes why hate us Atheists for being 100% Atheists who declare there is no evidence for ANY of the alleged gawds anywhere when you xians claim all are false except yours ??????? Most don't want to be known as anti-Semitic and I equate that with anti-Atheist bigotry. Since 1973 with legal abortions 9 doctors have been murdered and 56 clinics have been bombed killing pregnant women and nurses there....xians are more bigoted there as I call them all TAMPON TERRORISTS seeking to prevent menstruation and keep women slaves to pregnancy.....xians won't go away from friendly Atheists seen as easy targets....stiffen up comrade and shame all xians for their violent genocidal misogynistic pro-violent abortion bibles in 4 separate verses "rip open the bellies of pregnant women "....SHAME THEM FOR THE IGNORANT BIGOTS AND THEIR BOOK DOING WORSE INSIDE worse than KKK xians do outside....after all NOBODY worships Apollo or Zeus anymore and 94% of all world scientists are Atheists....stand with them be less nice to xian hell threat bigots


Yes, I've been told that a few times since I deconverted. Interestingly enough, I exited hell the day I became an unbeliever.


I could drive you there. It's in Michigan and really disappointing.

@Stevil I think it is pretty funny that people would name their settlement Hell.

My parents thought it was hilarious that my first boyfriend was “a boyfriend from Hell.”
The next year I brought home a typical “boyfriend from hell” and it didn’t seem so funny anymore ?

Actually, there is a crater on the Moon with the name of Hell. Soo... start walking.

@starwatcher-al Hell is in Michigan.

@BufftonBeotch until Hell freezes over......eternal arsonists should be like G Gordon Liddy forced to keep a finger over a candle until the skin is burning charcoal


But as one of my old friends from the Air Force once said, “When I die, I want to go to hell, because they won’t have Jack Daniels and rock and roll in heaven”

My Mom’s long said she wants to ‘go wherever Pat Boone isn’t’ 😀


@OtherPatrick Yea...that’s hell

@Varn that’s HILARIOUS!


I often reply to the 'You're going to Hell' remark by saying, "I forgive you."

The shocked looks I often get... LOL 😀!


I just laugh and tell them that that's where all the fun people go...


You mean we're not there now with the orange devil vampire??


I had (very) close relatives that told me I was going to hell, before I ever became an agnostic...when I questioned the real Jesus and other ideas. Actually, I was always questioning...which lost me friends and family. Once (but not the only time she told that I was going to hell.) my oldest granddaughter and her self-appointed preacher husband attempted to verbally attack me (and save my soul at the same time) over a story that I told my g-granddaughter! That...Jesus if he existed, inspired people, and did not perform miracles like reported in the Bible! It was a terrible sight and I hope one day the memory of what they put me through, comes clear (as it should) about how their actions were so hurtful.


Maybe I have not been told that, probably because I live in Australia. Seems to me that in the US there are a lot of religious nutters, just like in Saudi Arabia.

The same with me here in Portugal. But even if someone told me that I would prefer. It would be warmer in hell than in even 😛

Ha ha ha, it is kinda funny SA came to mind at the same time as the US! I want to come down there!


I was told twice Friday last - 'speak of the Devil'. my response was 'At your service.' 😎 so where the hell should I be?


I have been told that. I suspect I was also pushed out of a job due to my agnosticism.


I always loved this from "To Kill a Mockingbird":

“You know old Mr. Radley was a foot-washing
“That’s what you are, ain’t it?”
“My shell’s not that hard, child. I’m just a Baptist.”
“Don’t you all believe in foot-washing?”
“We do. At home in the bathtub.”
“But we can’t have communion with you all-”
Apparently deciding that it was easier to define primitive baptistry than closed
communion, Miss Maudie said: “Foot-washers believe anything that’s pleasure is a sin.
Did you know some of ‘em came out of the woods one Saturday and passed by this
place and told me me and my flowers were going to hell?”
“Your flowers, too?”
“Yes ma’am. They’d burn right with me. They thought I spent too much time in God’s
outdoors and not enough time inside the house reading the Bible.”

Me too. Probably my favorite book of all time.


i have been told i am going to hell... for being jewish. for being an atheist i am just told i can't possibly be a good person because my good behavior is my own idea and not in obedience to a god (that sounds backwards to me) and that atheism is a religion.



I have most definitely been told that I am going to hell. Ironically, though, I got told that more when I was a Catholic than as an agnostic/atheist. Protestants told me that I was going to hell because I was a Catholic. Other Catholics told me that I was going to hell because I was not sufficiently Catholic. I am not particularly worried as hell is not real.


I was told I was going to burn in hell for my non belief. Does that count???? LOL

Yes, it counts. Here you are burning in hell for your non-belief and god says "I bet you believe now don't you?"


Does being told to go to hell count?


Often, when the Bible-Thumping Faithfools tell that I'll be going to Hell I respond with a simple " That's okay, I'll see you when you get there then ,won't I?"
Boy, the look that crosses their faces is priceless to say the least.


There was a fight in my family after a family friend died. She was a Presbyterian or something, and no one could agree if she was going to heaven or hell just because of that. I don't even mention that I don't believe to most of them.

But yeah, I've heard it to. Usually the same shit.


When I was nine years old one of my Mom's friends gave me a vivid description of hell and said I'm headed there.

Buxx Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

Not for being atheist but when I went to church. Especially when I was young. We had a fire and brimstone preacher who revelled in the consequences of sin. Every Sunday. The entire congregation was going to hell.

@Stevil part of the reason I'm atheist. Lol


Jeez, I've told I'm going to Hell so much I'd reckon that by now I must have front row seats.


Haven't we all. least once or twice.


Hell has all the good bands anyway...


I was told the devil was making me think I was an Atheist, on a long haul flight. This former catholic, now christian claimed I was possessed! Religious bigotry was one of my reasons for being Atheist, but intolerance of Christians to others, was a bigger reason.
I tried to get him detained for religious hatred but the chief steward was too dubious to organise a police meeting party for him, his wife and children!


Remind them that according to their own bible, only 144,000 go to heaven. All the other billions go to hell.

Tell your accuser that according to their own bible, they are also more than 99% certain to go to hell with you.


I can't recall ever being told that I'm going to hell directly, but it's been said about others in my presence. I mentioned to my Mom once about a friend of mine who constantly posts nothing but memes about being Atheist on Facebook. Not that I care that he's Atheist, it just gets annoying when that's all I see from him. Anyway, she said something along the lines of, "I feel so sorry for people like that because they're going to hell." She doesn't know that I'm Agnostic and it really struck a nerve.

I've always held the mentality that it's not my place to decide what others should do with their lives. It shouldn't matter, especially when it's not effecting me personally. Same as the lady who told me that I need Jesus to be happy. Just mind your own business.

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