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Were You Raised In A Single Parent Home Or 2 Parent Home

I was curious what is the make up of people in our community who were raised in a 2 parent home compared to a single parent home.

If you come from a Single parent home, what were the circumstances? Did your parent never marry? Did your Parents Divorce? Or Is your parent a widow?

My parents were married for nearly 40 years and Divorced when I was an adult and living on my own.

When my dad was terminally ill with colon cancer, my mom divorced him because she didnt want to be a widow.
I was Mom!

Please share with me your family unit growing up.

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twshield 8 Mar 13

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I raised my damn self and my younger, twin brothers.

and as a result i bet this made you a great parent to your kids!

@twshield They seem to love me.

@Donotbelieve u know they love you! remember u broke the cycle!

@twshield Thank you. I tried to.


2 parents. They were married for almost 50 years before my father passed away 4 years ago.

wow long life together! thanks!


Both my parents were absent. Have no memory of my mother. She left when I was young enough to forget her. Never heard from her after that. I was stashed in a catholic home for kids by my dad, so I guess you would consider that foster care. Raised by nuns for almost 10 years.

wow. that is tough. I bet this adversity made you a strong woman


I voted 2. But my dad passed away when I was 15. And my mom raised us all on her own raised after.

great woman!


I am from a two parent home and they will be celebrating 58 years of marriage this June 2018.

congrats thanks!


Raised with a younger brother by our happily married parents. They were together for 53 years, separated by the sudden and unexpected death of my father nearly two months ago.

Zster Level 8 Mar 13, 2018

wow sorry to hear that.

Thanks. I am learning that I am seldom ready to say good bye, yet...


Watching my parents taught me that marriage is hell.


I had two birth parents both emotionally wounded by war experiences, neither of them were capable of being parents. Mother Bi-polar father Depressive so I left home at 15 y.o. adn constructed myself - looking back I am grateful to them for letting me go so easily.

wow thank you for sharing that


I was raised in a two parent home until I was about 13 years old, considering my dad was an abusive alcoholic that would beat his kids and wife every time he got drunk I feel I would have been better off being in a single parent home, in fact I was probably the reason my mother finally divorced him, at 13 years old I put one of his pistols to his head and told him "you ever hit my mother or brothers and sister again I will kill you", and yes the gun was loaded and cocked.

wow. i am sorry you had to do that as a child. you are a brave man defending your family!

@twshield Never thought about it as being brave, just saw it as something that had to be done before he killed my mother.

@slinkie59 well sir you made a choice to be a leader and not continue to follow the norm therefore you are brave.


My mom and dad, but basically my mom. She was raising my dad too. He has autism. Undiagnosed asperger's. He would not go for testing. My mom died, he let my 14 year old sister do the bills. He almost went bankrupt! Buying shit and eating out. Police got involved because he never made her go to high school. My aunt and cousin came and stepped in after a year. I was in my own apartment in college. We had an intervention and all moved to CO. They both moved back to OR, leaving me behind. Now my aunt helps me out. Those two are on their own. My dad lives alone with family helping him now. My sister is marrying some man she met 1 year ago. I'm not going to the wedding.

wow. i hope you guys can have peace and come together some day

@twshield My dad molested us. No.

@Sarahroo29 wow. that is awful. perhaps a reunion is not a good idea after all

@twshield Nope.


A 2 parent home but it may as well have been a Single Parent one since my 'mother' was an absolute bitch in every respect bar none and my Father was the kind of person who gave me guidance, taught me my principles, etc, in life and showed that just because she was a total bitch that not everyone else is and as such I should NEVER use heras my role model, etc, etc.

i am glad you had your father to mold you into the good man you have become


The answer is complex for me my dad asked for a divorce because mom had an act of infidelity. My mom remarried to a guy that would travel when he was home he was an awful person to me and my younger brother. My mother had moved us far away from my dad. I was unable to tell him about the abuse at home. If I had as you can imagine abusers tend to threaten their victims with even worse punishment if they tell. Did not see my dad from about the age 8 until was 17.5 years old. After one rather violent innocent at home I left at 16 while my mother was still collecting support checks. Going to school at night I worked during the day. I had decided to join the Navy at 17.5 intended to dropout of high school to do so (I was held back a year why time frame seems off) I need my dad signure to do so. He invited me to come stay with him to finish and get my diploma. My dad had no idea what was going or that I was living on the streets for nearly 1.5 years.

wow man! you have been through alot. i hope you and your brother are ok after that

@twshield You go for years blame yourself, then you blame who caused it. Relationships do not last more self blame. Try and kill the pain with alcohol for years. Then you grow out of it.

@azzow2 good man! a man with no experience hasn't learned a damn thing...


I'm really baffled by your Mom's reasoning? I imagine you are too.


Two parents until I was 8, all of us kids were removed from home and turned over to the State Home in Waco. Mom divorced my dad a few years later. I ran away from the home at 16 and married 3 months later. My older brother and I raised ourselves and 6 younger sibs.


Actually this answer for me is really a split answer as it I was raised in a two parent home until the age of 11 when my parents divorced and then it was signle parent after that with the parents constantly fighting for custody. We were all of the opinion Dad didnt really want to raise as so much as he wanted to hurt our Mom. Custody went back and forth according to who won and since dad had more money he got us in the end. Overall Mom was the more loving parent.

Thats unfortunate! using kids a pawns

@twshield It happens far more than it should, not just to us but to far too many families. I don't think Dad knew how to be a loving parent, he was more into barking orders and expecting immediate obedience.

@misstuffy this sounds a lot like my dad. Minus the fighting for custody. He was content to have me on the weekends. Never did actually pay any child support though. And he was considerably better off financially.


Single parent (mom). My parents divorced when I was 5, he was an alcoholic and abusive. My father would pop into my life every so often, but wasn't too much of an influence. My mom dated on and off growing up, but was very protective of who she brought around me. As I got older the roles started to reverse and I became protective of her. She finally married 8 days after I graduated high school and left for the Air Force.

your mom was a wise woman. women sometimes put a lover before their children and she protected you!

@twshield yes, I didn't realize it till later and thanked her for what she did for us.


My dad was gone a lot in the first 10 years of my life -- military. Then my parents divorced before I turned 11, and my mom remarried when I was almost 15. We didn't see much of my stepdad either. Military. Service in the military always takes priority over family, so technically, I was raised in a single-parent home. I learned valuable skills from my mother that I was able to apply with my daughter as I was widowed when she was almost 2 weeks old.

well i always say VictoriaNotes is an intelligent woman


Two parents, but a lot of times it seemed more like one. My father wasn't much of a dad, especially when I got to be a teen. My parents eventually divorced. I'm estranged from my father, but close to my mom.

thanks for sharing buddy!

@twshield Well, I didn't share everything. It's a complicated shitpile. πŸ˜›

@bingst lol we all got shitpiles


I was raised by a single mother. I met my father when I was 17. I'm astonished they were married to each other. My father joined the navy when I was pretty small. I have a younger sister. I think he may have come home twice after he joined the navy. I have one very vague memory of him from when I was around 7. My mother remarried an abusive man when I was 12. I left home at 16 and got married. Then the adventures really started.

wow. I am hoping good adventures for you


Started in a two parent home with my baby brother, then my father was killed in a car wreck. Mom remarried, had two more kids, then (thankfully) divorced the evil stepfather. There was no option for multiple choice. πŸ˜€

Glad stepdad is out of the picture!

@twshield Thanks!


Two very dramatic, weird parents that shattered things and barely noticed I was there.

It fit the 70's country songs of the day though.

The drama they had was easier to appreciate as a young adult.

wow. i hate when kids are faced with disfunction

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton duck that plate.


I was raised in a single parent home, then my grandma, then my mom, then my grandpa, then back with my mom, then my mom and adoptive dad

wow i hate you moved around so much but glad you were in a safe environment

@twshield it wasn't too bad. Lot better than many

@LadyAlyxandrea true...someone is always worse off


I was raised in a two parent home. My parents didn’t divorce until I was in my thirties.

just like me


I had two parents, but unfortunately before I was born, they converted to Mormonism.

So you wound up with like 8?

@NothinnXpreVails Yeah, my parents wanted three kids when they got married, but after converting they decided to have six kids, so the family was eight altogether.


My parents divorced when I was 10, so not sure how to answer this, it’s sort of half and half. I lived with my mom until I was 25, by then we were good friends more than mother/daughter.

thanks for sharing.

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