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Name your US reps and what they do for you/your district

I see so much coverage of AOC, but hardly any local commentary, from people who don't live in her district . Tell me about what other US reps are doing.

MarkiusMahamius 7 July 15

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Democrat Pete Visclosky. Been there for about 40 years. I have no idea what he has done or accomplished. He talks about protecting the steel industry and keeps getting re-elected. I don't think I've seen his name on any legislation. IDK if he sits on any committees. I've never seen him interviewed on TV ....okay I don't really pay attention, but there's been lots of politicians I've made note of who have not even served close to 40 years.

President Trump did more for the US Steel industry in less than a year than Visclosky (and our next door neighbor Obama) did in a combined 40 PLUS years!

I'm no fan of steel and the pollution, but it is about the jobs and keeping the factories opened. Many friends, neighbors and customers work there. This guy has done nothing.

twill Level 7 Sep 13, 2019

Mine have no names and they do nothing. I live in the Bible Belt. Oh ... wait! They obsess over my uterus. Yeah. There is that.


Both my senators are sychophant R's sucking up to 45......


AOC is my rep... And shumer...

Congratulations on having AOC but my condolences for having Schumer that man is a pile of shit...


My Rep is Dem. Frank Pallone, Jr. -- outspoken anti-Trump. Senators are Bob Menendez and Cory Booker, both Dems. Yay Booker!


I have Bill (No Show) Posey, a cadet bone spurs lover. Then I have Little Marco and Rick Scott who not only worship at the ass of cadet bone spurs, but encourage him!

BillF Level 7 July 16, 2019

Tucson, AZ has kirkpatrick. She's a cosponsor for medicare for all, so she's got that going for her. Need her to sign onto the green new deal tho

Marz Level 7 July 16, 2019

don't rub it in, I live in Florida dammit!


I live in DC. Obviously, they do nothing.


John Katko R 24th NY Congressional District. Syracuse area district that's been Gerrymandered. Never says anything against Chump. Likes photo ops with happy constituents.


Here in Texas in the two Senators Cronyn and Cruz are all out Obstructionist republicans, only doing their bidding for the wealthy and their corporations here in Texas and on the Federal level to keep the middle class and the poor in their place of forced downward mobility!


Lining their pockets with money.


Don Beacon of Nebraska. He does nothing outstanding. He just follows his republican masters. I would love to see more with the courage of AOC.

MrDMC Level 7 July 17, 2019

All 3 are Dems and women. Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray and Dr. Shrier. So far I have not Congresswoman say a damn thing against trump or this administration.
Cantwell and Murray do their best but are totally loathed by the republicans on the east side of her district.


Jody Hice Republican 10 district Georgia.

He does nothing for people NOT white, not Christian and not republican.


Here’s more about the republican rep.


Kendra Horn and she makes a small sliver of Oklahoma look rational.


Jeff Duncan 🌈 is doing an exceptionally bad job of representing me. Here's what Wikipedia says about him.

Duncan is pro-life.[37] He has cosponsored legislation to ban late-term abortions, to remove federal funding from abortion providers like Planned Parenthood,[38] and to protect conscience rights for businesses and healthcare providers who oppose paying for or participating in abortions. He supports gun rights. In addition to introducing the Hearing Protection Act, Duncan has cosponsored bills to expand concealed carry reciprocity rights. Duncan is a Lifetime Member of the NRA and has been endorsed by the NRA and given an A rating.[39]

He voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.[40] He also cosponsored legislation to repeal the income tax, the estate tax, and the entirety of the tax code.[41]

Duncan supports federal infrastructure, but believes states should have control over their transportation decisions and this will provide more relief from government regulation.

Duncan supported the full repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, voting on numerous occasions to repeal it in whole or in part. Duncan supports replacing it with free market solutions, having cosponsored legislation to expand health savings accounts, make all health care spending tax deductible, supporting Christian charity health plans, and creating association health plans.

Duncan opposes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Duncan supports the construction of a border wall with physical fencing, surveillance technology, and increased border patrol agents on the ground. In February 2017, Duncan introduced the Terrorist Deportation Act (H.R. 844),[42] which makes it harder for suspected terrorists to come to the United States and remove those who are already here.[1] Duncan is also a cosponsor of "Goodlatte/McCaul", H.R. 4760,[43] which requires mandatory E-verify, makes it a crime to overstay a visa, eliminates chain migration, ends the diversity lottery, and creates an agriculture work visa program.

Duncan is a supporter of a free-market, all-of-the-above approach to energy, and has been a champion for both national and hemispheric energy independence. Duncan sponsored the legislation to implement the Outer Continental Shelf Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreements Authorization Act. He has also cosponsored legislation supporting offshore energy exploration, seismic testing, clean coal technology, nuclear energy production, and the export of natural gas. Duncan has also worked to ease regulations on hydraulic fracturing, coal ash, the Social Cost of Carbon, and the Clean Water Rule. Duncan was in favor of the January 2018 decision by the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to allow more access to the Outer Continental Shelf.

In 2019, Duncan signed a letter led by Representative Ro Khanna and Senator Rand Paul to President Trump asserting that it is "long past time to rein in the use of force that goes beyond congressional authorization" and that they hoped this would "serve as a model for ending hostilities in the future — in particular, as you and your administration seek a political solution to our involvement in Afghanistan.”[

Oh dear. Yes, that is bad.

@GreatNani Considering the social and political climate of South Carolina, I feel like Dr. Evil: "I'm surrounded by idiots!"

@WonderWartHog99 I’m with ya brother.

@Namaste There is no end to the honors for former SC Sen. James Strom Thurmond.


the rep from my district is ilhan omar and this is a list of her sponsored and cosponsored legislation, the crafting of which and the voting-on of which are her job;




NC's 2 Senators suck - Richard Burr ( the one & only tRump campaign man) & Thom Tillis --- 45 butt kissers, 1% worshippers, big company backers, gerrymandering lovers & wait for it ..... christian gawd zombies.

My representative is none other than Virginia Foxx. Talk about a useless POS! If she had her head shoved any further up tRumps a**, she would disappear. She rides his coattails like there is no tomorrow. What has she done for our District? Absolutely nothing! Zero, zilch, nada! And the poor white folks here keep voting for her because they were too racist to vote for the amazing black woman who challenged Foxx.


‘morgan griffith,’ he kisses trump’s ass and votes against anything designed to help the people of his district. He is the worst kind of Republican; hideous to look at, instantly dismissive to those not of his ilk, dripping with religion … the shittiest of bad ol’ boys..

PS - we’ve only one US Congressional “Rep,” Two US Senators… My Senators are cool - Mark Warner & Tim Kaine ~

Varn Level 8 July 15, 2019

Austin Scott, republican, 8th District.
He does nothing for me.
Only wealthy gop donors.

Senator Johnny Isakson r
Senator David Perdue r

They are both useless and blindly support 45.

So too! I live in Ga, too.


My reps want Texas to be a separate country.

Texas ahould have stayed it's own country.

@KKGator it would be so unfair to Mexico, but it's so very tempting

@MarkiusMahamius Mexico doesn't want it back. Making them take it would be unfair.

Actual Texas is a republic!
Texas is the only state when admitted to the Union that has the right to succeed at any time without penalty or prejudice!

@of-the-mountain I know. It is the only state that was once it's own country.
I'd be okay if they went back to that.

Texas was mostly a Democrate run state until Bush became Governor!

It has been all down hill since!

Democrates MJ Hagar and Beto are trying to change that!

In Central Texas 12 republican judges ran unopposed in the 2018 election!

They bible thumpers conservatives are destroying the state with all these fraking NG wells!

Polluting the air and water wholesale!

The DFW area has over 10,000 drilled wells all around it, the pollution from those wells cause greater air pollution than the over 7 million vehicles using the roads there!

The wealthy and their corporations are destroying Texas just like everywhere else!

@of-the-mountain I know. I lived in the DFW area. I've lived in some truly shitty places, but by far, Texas was the absolute worst. I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for it.

100% correct


My rep makes sure drug companies can make as much money as possible.


My Representative replaced Paul Ryan who announced his departure after the dems nominated a guy who had a police record. He is a T-party take over just as Ryan was. Yech!


I live in England. I have an MP called Graham Jones, nice lad. He's scared of me! Slightly too centre left for me (By British standards). He's a bit harmless to tell you the truth.

Amisja Level 8 July 16, 2019

Graham Jones (politician) - Wikipedia

Thats him

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