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Ever found love and got into a relationship with someone they met on agnostic?

If so, was long distance involved and how did you overcome this? How long did the relationship last or has lasted to date?.... and anyone planning to get married to someone they met from here?

Hazydays 7 July 16

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One can only hope.

azzow2 Level 9 July 16, 2019

Yes, meet my wife here. 1500 mile LDR that neither of us wanted. I flew down for the weekend, then for a really long weekend the next month, then she flew up for almost 2 weeks the month after that, then i flew down for 2 weeks every month for 3 months, then moved down there, and now we've moved back to my place and looking for a house in the area we both want to perminantly relocate too.

Besides the travel we communicated constantly - codependent levels of communication (which actually started around 2 months before my first trip down) bordering on unhealthy. There were weekends where whoever got up 1st would call the other and we'd spend the whole day with our headphones on just going about our day "together", rinse and repeat.14 to 16 hours per day sometimes.

On top of that, when we couldn't talk we'd text fairly constantly using the sites PM and the phone. I remember laughing with her about someone on this site reporting on how well thier relationship was going, saying it only took a couple days to text each other about 100 times - we did that every day, minimum.

We also would watch utube "together" using a video sharing program, but I think the most importaint thing we did, and still do to this day, was take walks "together" while on the phone (no, we don't talk on the phone while walking now).

So anyways, that's how we did it. It was a pain, and a lot of effort (that wasn't actually effort, it was amazingly enjoyable) and we couldn't have done it if I didn't have the time and means to visit as often as I did.

1of5 Level 8 July 16, 2019

Thanks for your reply. That’s a great connection you found and I’m happy everything has worked out so well for you both. I’m sure it will also provide hope and proof that it is possible to those who are looking for the same thing on here. Congratulations.


I met my current bf not on agnostic but through a friend on agnostic.. it's gonna be a long term relationship since we now have a newborn baby girl...


No, the women here are much too smart for such shenannigans.


Yes, but the restraining order makes it hard


Distance is hard. And we have to work to make it happen. But I had not met anyone local that I liked anywhere near as much. And at my age I know how to value the good stuff, quality over quantity for me.


Best friend and roommate imported from New Jersey to Connecticut here.

Not what I was looking for - but suits me fine.


I've made and visited numerous friends. I have met a few that I could definitely develop feelings for. I have not yet tackled a relationship. I'm still smarting from the last one.


Yes! Still with him, going to visit him for the third time next week! So far it's been awesome! It is long distance but we have time to get to know each other more and figure out if I move there or he does here!

I also have made friends on this site and have met up with them IRL! Awesome people!


Met someone, still together about 9 months later. We live 900 miles apart. Just went on vacation together. It is great so far though the distance is a lot.


Wait....all you people are real? I thought you were all Internet bots placed here for my amusement. 😉


There have been a few and, I believe, one marriage - though both people involved in that one decided to leave the site, so I have no idea if it went ahead.

That whole dating aspect of the site has become very secondary, however, and if it's what you're looking for you might not find it here. If you enjoy chatting with (mostly) intelligent strangers who are (mostly) a cut above the pondlife on Twitter and Facebook, on the other hand, this isn't such a bad place to hang out.

I actually feel a bit sorry for @Admin, who no doubt thought a dating site for agnostics and atheists was a great idea - but then we all started talking to each other and turned it into a garrulous social media site instead. Sorry!

Jnei Level 8 July 16, 2019

<At least two characters here>

It would, and still could, be a great dating site, but only if the membership numbers grew way bigger and we were not so scattered. But doing that would require a lot more advertising and money spent on it that the admin. apparently either doesn't have or doesn't want to spend on it. Relying on just word of mouth from members to promote the site to other non-believers doesn't seem to be working. The three likely places to advertise or get the word out about this site would be FB and Twitter, Unitarian churches, and local Meetup groups for Atheists and Freethinkers and also Humanist groups. I do very little on FB and probably so with many others on here, so only paid ads will work there. Unitarian churches may allow free promotion of the site thru word of mouth or even posting handmade notices on their bulletin boards about Agnostic. As far as Meetups, I have not attended one, but I'm sure they would allow people to mention or promote it at meetings.

I hope the site grows in my area, because paid sites like Match just aren't working for me when I am surrounded on there by so many intolerant, traditional, conservative believers, instead of non-believing hipsters like I am on here with the forums.

@TomMcGiverin personally, I think it's ticking along quite nicely. If people found it and turned it into something else, why not let it be that?

@Jnei Because there is a real need for a specialized dating site for non-believers, since mainstream dating sites like Match just don't seem to work for us, that's why. Maybe you are fine with being alone the rest of your life or finding people to date only offline, but I am not....

@TomMcGiverin Erm - that's quite a large leap from what I said!

@Jnei As they say in the UK, maybe I'm just a bit thick, so spell it out for me how I made a huge leap?


Not love but a few friends.



Yea I did and she was cool as hell!


A number of members have met and started relationships.


Yes I have. We just started talking back in May of 2018. We loved the conversations so we moved to Facebook then started talking via Facetime. I live in California and he in England. After several months, I flew over to meet him. We hit it off!! I spent a week with him. We are still communicating almost daily. He wants to come here to visit me. We want to be together so hopefully we will be!!! I don't date anyone else and neither does he. We both get butterflies when we talk. It's great!!

So happy for both of you....true love is butterflies dancing on our bellies


I did. Didn't join to find someone, but 15 minutes away there was a beauty who chose to keep me.

Wow. You are an exception. There is hope for those seeking.


I've found friends but no love really.


Distance seems to be the biggest problem to over come!

Seems the vast majority do not want to go the extra miles or hundred as the crow flys!


This would have been a great question for a poll with multiple selection such as:

A) Found love and got married
B) Found love and planning long term relationship
C) Found interesting people that I have met in real life but no plans for serious relationship
D) Have encountered (only via text) some great minds but significant miles between us have made physically encountering or hope for a long term relationships highly unlikely.
E) No.

I would rate a D

You forgot " I don't care" as an option.

@Veteran229 you're adorable


I've made some great friends here. I've met five people in person from this website. All of them live at least an hour away, three live in different states. The distance was long but I like to drive so that part was easy to overcome. I'm also blessed with a job that I can work from home twice a week and could travel from anywhere that has high speed internet to work in the office Tuesday through Thursday and be "at home" four days a week.

Hopefully I will find my life partner one day. That hasn't happened yet but I'm hopeful. If there weren't hope, I wouldn't be here.

You will find what you need. It just may not be what you thought🙂


Nope … I just realised that my profile usually only attracts old codgers like myself

And the problem with old codgers is?

@Mooolah I have to live with one 24/7 … Sometimes I refuse to shave him.


I haven't. To be honest, I have so little luck on sites intended for dating that I have reason to doubt I'll ever find someone. Since this site is mostly a ghost town in my area on top of that, it just doesn't seem very likely. Maybe someday somebody will prove me wrong...

There are many Atheist women from Iowa City to West Des Moines but being great Feminist Atheists they have their pick of Chippendales and leave us linebackers lonely

Can you handle some constructive criticism???? After reading your post, I think you should try a makeover. Go to a metro area and get a new cool hairstyle...something really hip and edgy. Get a new sexy wardrobe like some cool skinny Jean's and leather jacket or something like that. You look super conservative! I already know you have a cool mind cuz ur on this site!! Very good!!
Go to a professional photographer after getting your makeover and then hit the web. You're young and can get a great partner but be on the creative side and see what may have to move to a more happening city but it may be worth it!! Just sayin......
Don't take offense...trying to help is all. 😊👍

My closest town has about 2,000 or less people and I meet people from 15 minutes away. I've been married almost 30 yrs. My best advice for getting a woman attracted to you is " make her laugh". Try a " knock- knock joke.


Here is what I found. Since I have no photos of me anywhere on the internet I have had 1 asshole that went searching for me on FB, Twitter etc. He was reported & blocked. Another I got rid of when I refused to send a photo. Their are bad ones lurking around, even on Agnostic. so be careful, suspicious & savvy. The good ones are gay, taken, into poly, are proud of their obesity, or dead. Just like the real world. Cynical? You betcha.

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people make this exact assumption about me. It's not true, but the truth seems to be irrelevant when people don't take the time to look for it.

What do you have against the poly community and people with a positive body image? I can just imagine the backlash if I had said something similar about obese women or those that want to be monogamous. It's fine if thats not for you, but try not to sound so judgemental.

@Brian81 I am very judgemental. Obesity is not positive. It is gluttony. It is unhealthy, placing a major burden on our health system with dysfunctions that can be avoided via proper diet. Nothing against the poly community but she is not interested in that lifestyle. I was responding to her inquiry. Obese women are just as poorly informed concerning health as obese men.

I am none of those things and I am on here and Match, so you're justly cynical, but you are not completely right about all men. Since you have no pics of yourself and only have them of your cats, plus you don't give your real age, I can't say whether we might be compatible if we lived near each other. Best wishes...

Can't possibly understand why you are still single 👀

Well said

@Kitz What makes you think I am single?

i totaly agree with you i find them all over even in the many churches i have visited trying to find answers

@Mooolah it’s the way you tell ‘em 😂

@lost We women are hunted....constantly.


'Fraid not. Good place to find like-minded individuals to just talk to, though.


I lost my mind after my divorce. I tried a therapy session, but everyone there had more messed up situations than I did. So, I met somebody from this website in Vegas after A LOT of hours on the phone. It wouldn't have worked out even without the distance problems. It's pretty was easy to get a date for no charge on . I finally realized that I'm probably not ready for anything remotely serious at this time anyway.

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