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LINK Christian TV host: Vegetarian hamburgers are a ‘Luciferian’ plot to change human DNA – DeadState

This was so silly and stupid it had to go into the "Silly, Random and Fun" category.

snytiger6 9 Oct 31

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Okay, so he is saying that it is possible to change a human's DNA. Would that not negate everything that creationists believe. In that species are immutable?

You, sir, are disqualified for bringing in logic.


Give me a devil burger with extra "lost sole sauce"

Make it snappy now!!!!!!

Make that two.


Sometimes I am embarrassed to be American.

Me too..,since we should have some of the best education in the world!

@Freedompath I think we do. Just most people compare apples to oranges in this area.

@zesty Then it is sure sad to know that so many people would deny Science. Science is the reason that we live as long as we are now doing!

@Freedompath Sure. A very large percentage of the population is uninformed.

@Freedompath I think the U.S. used to have the best education system. What happened? The 1960's and early 1970's where the general populace was well informed and started to protest government actions, as they saw them for what they were, actions to primarily benefit the rich, and wars which didn't preserve freedom so much as it made money for the military industrial complex. At that point they "dumbed down" America so most people would lack the knowledge to see what policies were actually doing and would accept tht those policies would in some way benefit them, rather than ask embarrassing questions of people in power.

The uneducated are also more easily manipulated. Kind of like How the Koch brothers underwrote the Tea party to get poor people to fight against their own interest.

I disagree with the idea of disparities beign explained by comparing "apples to oranges." Knowledge of science, math and literacy levels are comparable no matter what country or language. They Japanese have a much more complicated writing system, but are still much more literate than Americans. There you have apples and oranges, but the comparison has been done and the U.S. comes out short even though we have the less complicated system.

The problem is that our education system is design to create workers, not to put out highly educated persons. They want ot teach enough so we can do the work, but not compete with existing power structures.

@snytiger6 Well put...πŸ™


This guys seems to be suffering dementia. Has he suffered a stroke, possibly from too much saturated fat?

I think he may have just been born mentally deficient.

@snytiger6 That would seem to be supported by the evidence πŸ˜‰


Also, eatimg hotdogs leads to abortions.

zesty Level 7 Oct 31, 2019

These charlatans are ridiculously malicious.


It is sad the extent to which religion has sold out to big business. Once rational people get control of the government again we should start taxing the churches. They don't pay tax because they are supposed to be separated from the functioning of the state. If they are going to enter politics then they can pay just like any other business.


Wait, I think I figured it out, where the idea originated from. Seitan does SOUND like satan, right? I never could figure out correct pronunciation of that word. So he must have heard somebody say seitan as like the real ingredient and then walked away thinking that they were putting the devil in as a real part of the food.

Good catch! Hardly anybody can spell these days,


never really understood why veggie / vegan food neeeds to be formed up to replicate meat nothing wrong with goood gruel apart from the texture and lack of taste ... and yeah - thats why I eat chunks of dead animals

Why can't a veggie burger taste like.....a veggie burger? LOL

I will say this - I love Boca chicken patties, with soybean chicken. I don't eat normal chicken patties due to their "nature." And, I'm a meat eater, an omnivore.


So first, they were mad that we make babies into burgers. Now, they are mad that we stopped using babies and started using veggies? Maybe it's more evil because it is baby veggies?
I've lost track of all of the stupid that happens sometimes. Thought I have to admit, he had me curious about the future tense of fast food places serving fake meat.

I hear ya! The guilt is strong.....


Unfortunately the sheeple of theism love this kind of nonsense.


Brain dead evangelical

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 31, 2019

Surprised to see that Pat Robertson's name was not here. lol


I remember hearing a fundamentalist minister being interviewed on NPR on a book he wrote. The book highlighted the reason Christians should all be vegetarian. Also, the 7th Day Adventists practice macrobiotic eating (vegan). My mother had ovarian cancer and was put on chemo. The doctor said she needed a macrobiotic diet as the chemo would wreck her digestive system. She went to live with a sister who was a 7th Day Adventists (and is now a Jehovah's Witness (she can't seem to make up her mind - she is the only one of 7 who still has a religion. The rest of us are atheists. These 'christians' hate any kind of change so this is not surprising.

My mother was raised JW, thought it would be embarrassing if her friends to find out. As an adult she and my father converted to become Mormons. I think some people simply don't like to have to figure things out for themselves and are just more comfortable letti0gn others tell them what is right or wrong an dhow to behave. This is especially true if they were raised to let others (religion) direct them.

@snytiger6 The problem with JW's is that they are supposed to shun non-members even family. Also, no holidays. My sister did not do this and for Thanksgiving my brother told her it was simply a family gathering. She later told me she saw right through his ruse but joined in anyway.


How those that make any sense?


Hey, I always thought that the religions of the Faithfools were 100% against masturbation YET they let this total WANKER do their thinking and talking for them, it IS about time someone told him to stop flogging his log for a change.


Masturbation is murder!


There must be a link between religion and the blood of animals. Maybe it's mostly cultural....I doubt it.

twill Level 7 Oct 31, 2019

The old testament shows that the Jews used blood sacrifice at their temples. So ritualized killing was a part of the Judaeo-Christian roots.


I have become convinced they are making imbecilic statements just to get press. They can't be saying stupid things because they actually believe it, could they? must consider that they are β€˜starved’ for attention with their say!

They may not believe it when they first say it, but they go through the motions of believing it so often, that they do come to believe it.

There is an old saying something along the lines that a con man gets caught when he starts believing his own con. If anyoen remembers the unparaphrased version pllease feel free to post it.


Really? What part of evangelical crap isn't stupid?


Someone needs to change his DNA , as it appears his own DNA has left the road and landed in a ditch.


Ringy dingy wingbats, dingbats, and wingnuts will plague us in the Final Daze!


I think I might go to Burger King and buy myself an Impossible Devil Whopper.


I have nothing against meat substitutes. But, it continues to strike me as odd when vegetarians trying to get away from meat look for products that taste like meat.

Because meat tastes good. Some of us just don't want to eat it. I will eat some poultry and what seafood I like, but I don't eat mammals. No judgment--just a personal choice.


I have enjoyed immensely the Netflix series "Lucifer".........

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