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Yes...No? Do you base your position on religion or science? Does the woman have the right to chose?


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Her choice, any time, any reason.


My position is simple…. Its not my body so I don’t have the right to make a claim or decision for anyone else. I wonder what the good folks in Alabama would say about mandatory castration for men who prey on young girls. This has nothing to do with a fetus or embryo, but it has everting to do with a women’s right to make her own decision. Our body and our minds are the only things we truly have, that is ours.

They would say, "Let's try to elect this guy to the US Senate."


Here in the UK I don't think its much of an issue. I just accept that its a choice issue and not something for any of us to tell someone what they can and can't do. I'd certainly rather they did it supported by medical professionals than in a back alley with a coat hanger.


I would have one depending on the situation. I would never tell anyone what to do. I just want that person involved to weigh out all the options and make an informed decision. It's crucial to not do anything rash.

Don't you think as "enough reason" the fact the woman doesn't want to become a mother...then or ever?

Yes of course.


If it is a medical necessity, or rape I have no problem with it. Use birth control, abortion won't be a problem if you do.

Are you aware that pills fails and condoms break?

I didn't think about that when I posted, condoms slip off too. All three are also a reason to abort.

@egt1977 So then why even mention them? If anyone can just say, "Uh, the condom slipped off" and be granted an abortion we can just assume everyone will say they used some prevention method and allow unrestricted access.


I support everyone's right to body autonomy. I support your right to get pierced, tattooed and cosmetic surgery. I also, therefore support the right to choice. On that note, I support Margot Robbie's right to decide what happens to Margot Robbie's uterus and I have as much a right to choose what she does with it as every woman here. This nonsense where women think they have some added right to discuss what some 3rd party does with their body is insane. Body autonomy is something I hold sacred and which most men do and if we start defining this as a body autonomy issue, perhaps there'd be less conflict about it. This is not a women's issue.


I mind my own business, its your body, you do what you want. just don't use abortion as birth control on a continual basis. Some people should not have kids, Im probably one of them LOL, I have cats, that is enough work for me as it is. Plus I like to be able to go out or on vacations, its much easier to get a cat sitter than a babysitter LOL


Whew! Ive already had my butt clobered for one comment i made. I say the female has the right to abort if theres a unique problem with the unborn child and or her health/life may be compromised. Unique problem - only the doctor and the female know this, i dont. I feel the unborn child has rights to live if there are no complications. Theres other avenues to take if the female can't take care of the born baby.

Don't you think if the woman doesn't want the child...eight then and there there is a problem?
Nothing worse than to force a person into doing something he/she doesn't want to do.

No... the healthy child is not the problem. The child has a right to life. If there was rape, the hospital could of helped the female. If the women doesn't want child eight, then she should of thought about the consequences of her actions. She had a chance to take the pill or see a doctor. Don't put this off on the child. There's adoption agencies she can deliver the baby to.

You got a couple of months to decide on an abortion . Get it done then.


Human beings are an imperfect lot. History has shown that impulse, and bad choices along with teenage raging hormones have resulted in many unwanted pregnancies. This hasn't even touched on predators and human trafficking.

Maybe it's time for pro-choice and pro-life to combine their resources and start helping these women. Give them all the alternatives and if they still want an abortion then give it to them. Women do not what to have to go back to back alley butchers.

Betty Level 7 Nov 19, 2017

Well, I thank you all for the answers...specially because no one of you -as it happened in other sites- insulted me for posting this subject.


Pro-choice 100%. I would imagine where there is a serious relationship then naturally the couple will discuss and listen to each other. Otherwise it’s the woman that should make the decision.

gearl Level 7 Nov 19, 2017

It should not be used as a form of birth control as it is a very serious decision for a woman to make. However, it should be the right of the woman to decide . If the child was to be born with a disease that would prevent a normal life or if the child was conceived by rape or incest I find no reason not to have an abortion. Another condition might be that you would not be able to support the child although you could give it up for adoption. It is always the woman's decision to make!

To give the child for adoption implys nine months of pregnancy and hours of delivery....two events many women don't wish to experience.


@FrankA No, you didn't say that...You implied the doctor has the right to advise her but at no time you mentioned the advise should be limited to his/her duties as a professional. No doctor, friend, relative has the right to advise a woman no / yes to abort based on his /her personal views.


If a woman with a pregnancy occurring in her own body decides she want to terminate the pregnancy...only she, in consultation with her doctor, should be able to make it. For the state to forbid it is an outrage.

Well 🙂 usually the pregnancy takes place in the woman's body. 🙂
BTW, the doctor has NO say in her decision beyond any medical concern.

@DUCHESSA The woman certainly has the right to consult with her doctor when making her decision, which is what I said.


My position on abortion is not based on religion or science just gut intuition. Has anyone ever tried to read forbidden grief? I just could not get through the book, it was like looking through holocaust pictures. At one point I realized this is insanity, this is just plain insanity. The whole thing can really screw with your head, it really can!


Science and yes women should have the right to choose.

Why "science"?


I will never understand why a woman who has decided to abort wastes energy telling her partner she is pregnant. She should abort w/o telling him / anybody her business. Gee, was customary to do so in the past.


If the man gets to choose too it's okay. After all, if she wants it and he doesn't he still has to pay for it. If they planned to have a kid and she changes her mind, not cool.

lerlo Level 8 July 28, 2019

The man doesn't suffer on his body all the changes / problems a woman does during nine months........neither risk his he has not saying about this issue.

it wouldn't be the first man who "agrees" to have protected sex and, then, conveniently, finds out the condom was faulty...and he does so hoping his partner will be happy with becoming a mother..

Third, the biological father has to contribute monetarily

@DUCHESSA it's nice to just announce these proclamations but to have some basis for them would be nice. Let's start with your third one. The biological father has to contribute monetarily but he gets no say as to whether or not it gets born in the first place. Makes perfect sense to you right? The woman that had no idea while having sex that she might have a child right? And you believe that Man created the sexual production requiring women to do it so this is their penance right? So since the man can only get a child if a woman bears one, he has to keep having sex with women until he finds one willing to have a child, is that how it works? I understand you're just spewing the party line. How about we make it fair and if the man doesn't want the child and the woman does she's the one that contributes monetarily?

@lerlo Is the man responsibility to protect himself against getting a woman pregnant. The rest of your post is so full of sarcasm that it would be lowering oneself to answer / comment on your words. Bye.


I agree with the woman's choice. Choosing not to get pregnant is clearly the choice that will not affect the child.

while preventing the pregnancy is the ideal.......a fetus is not a child.


I personally wouldnt., but it should be your chouce what to do with your own body. A married woman still can't even get her tubes tied without husbands ok

Where? In USA? I doubt.

@DUCHESSA in Indiana. When i got my tubes tied my husband had to sign saying it was ok

@pamelab1968 I would have divorced him...get the tubes tied and then marry him again...maybe. 🙂 Is there also a law that ask the women to sign her OK when the guy wants to chop his ducts?

@Alvinsmama Whoever told you so should have faced malpractice.

@pamelab1968 Since when a man has any right over a woman? Since when a man decides how many kids a woman must have?


Changing the word baby to fetus does not change the reality that a human baby is in the womb. This baby either is sacred or is not. If sacred then we kill a sacred human being. If just a bunch of tissue, there is not problem because nothing is sacred.

Dear, place your agenda where it the drawer. OK? An embryo / a not a baby. period.


Definitely pro-choice. Anti-abortion laws, besides being a violation of a woman’s autonomy, are a slippery slope. In South American countries where abortion is against the law, you can go to jail for having a miscarriage. An 11-year-old in Argentina who was raped was forced to carry the baby to term and needed a C section. Women who get late-term abortions usually do so because the baby will be born with such a debilitating condition that he or she will live a short life filled with pain, and it’s kinder to let the baby die rather than be born. Pro-lifers don’t think about these things because they have tunnel vision.

The issue that we face in our civilization is that over 90% of abortions are done out of convience. This means that, while we can discuss outliers, we are killing children for our own interests, not for the reasons stated in your post. If humans (including those in the womb) are not sacred then we can do whatever we want because they and we are meaningless blobs of atoms and cells. If they are created from a sacred source, and are therefore sacred, they we are destroying the most valuable entity that exists physcially.

@noseenobelieve a fetus is not a child.

The Argentinean girl you mention...and I am Argentinean as well...was the star of a very different situation. The doctor placed his beliefs in front of all medical procedures. He was sentenced for his actions.

Fortunately, the abortion law in Argentina passes the lower house and will be presented during the next section.,,it will be sanctioned for sure.


The numbers are extremely low for abortions after 21 weeks, so called late abortions are by no means a common procedure in most countries and are usually due to fetal abnormalities or mothers health or mental health. Late abortions are not even a thing, it’s been blown all out of proportion by the Pro-Life crowd who stretch any truth until it’s a scary lie. Kind of like the story that goes around every few years of an aborted fetus that cried for an hour before it finally died and the medical personnel did nothing, just let it lay there crying and suffering until it died. Complete fabrication, it’s be run down and is not true. Doctors that have been questioned about this say it would be impossible for a fetus with immature lungs to cry at all.


I think abortion is a sad thing for any women to go through. Unlike most Pro-Lifers I do not believe that women who get abortions are just sluts who didn’t get on birth control and now want to get rid of it. Even less do I believe that there’s tons of women running around getting 3rd trimester abortions at the drop of a hat. The Pro-Lifers have always played hard and fast with the lies. They come up with the most ridiculous and horrific stories and, like with religion in general, they just believe it, no questions asked. Taking away a women’s right to do what she thinks is best for her body is, and always will be, wrong. It doesn’t matter why, that’s the women’s life and you have no right to the whys, nor do you have the right to force her to carry a fetus if she doesn’t want to. Congress, the majority of which are old white males telling women what to do with their own bodies, these idiots that can barely find their ass with both hands, what could possibly be wrong about that? They want to make sure everyone has a right to buy guns, they don’t give a shit about the environment, they want to have their right to go shoot animals for sport and give guns to teachers to protect their students (on $35,000 a year, sure) and to decide who marries and who can’t, but damn, they don’t want a fetus aborted because that boys and girls is a crime against god.

""I think abortion is a sad thing for any women to go through.""""

Trust me, is not sad at all. When a woman decides to abort she knows exactly what she wants. The bull s...t the pro-lifers tell you about "sadness / guilt" is nothing but a technique they apply to prevent women from aborting. Once I knew a prolifer who was telling young girls "If you abort you will never be able to have a child. The pro-lifers take advantage of people's ignorance.


While i would hope if I impregnated a woman, that she would decide to carry it full term, I have to go with it is a woman's choice.

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