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Most common/ridicuous argumento pro religion?

What is the most common and the most ridiculous argument that you hear from the religious people?

Pedrohbds 7 Nov 26

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Here are a few of them

You cannot be moral and atheist as morality is god given without god you are by definition immoral regardless of your actions

Something can not come from nothing except god who simply is

The bible is true because it is the word of god and we know this because god tells us so in the bible

God does not send people to hell, they send themselves

People need to be saved because of the fall of man (Adam and Eve) which is why god sacrificed himself to himself to get around a law he made, BUT you still can't take advantage of this unless you enslave yourself to him to say thank you.

Good list.

Although the myth of the paradise has some roots in "don't seek things (fruit of knowledge) out of the tribe (tree of life) or you will die". That is a valid point for bronze age tribe, we are waaaay past this stage of civilization XD.
Aaaah the hell as separation from god comes from the same source.

Anyway, the moral argument is annoying, really annoying. But easily rebounded when you talk about slaves in the bible


"If you accept the sacrifice of Jesus and open your heart to him, he will come into it.

So basically, all I have to do is to believe he's real, talk to him like he's listening, and acknowledge his part in my life and then I'll know him.

Yes, that is exactly how delusions work.

I'm dubious about opening my heart to Jesus. I have the knives that are quite capable of doing the job, but my concern is the resulting pain and blood loss.

yes, believe first then you will believe.... lol

@Pedrohbds It's amazing people don't see how stupid that argument is.

I tried that. I really did. It didn't work.

You could put a big sign on your kitchen wall that says "Believe". Then your troubles would be over. Drink the KoolAid - it's good for you.


The bible is universal truth and knowledge. Often their answer to a difficult question is, you got to have Faith. Grrrrrrr...

Why bother to explore and advance humanity, Everything you ever wanted to know about the meaning of life is all in a book. Also it's a sheep herders guild to the universe .

hahahah I will have to remember that... THE SHEEP HERDERS GUILD TO THE UNIVERSE... LOVE IT..


Everyone knows there is a god because the bible tells us so.

God has so many names and that is the real reason there are so many religions. Someday we will have the whole truth.

@Sealybobo That ‘theory’ also doesn’t account for people of all colors and languages. Somehow incest just makes no sense!

@Sealybobo God populated earth twice through incest. Somehow that just pleased him and it gave all of us something to be forgiven for.


"It takes faith to believe. You lack faith." To which I reply "it also takes gullibility and naivete' to believe. I have neither of those."

“Faith is the permission religious people give themselves to believe things strongly when all reason has failed”

His greatness, Sam Harris

It can get worse. Some claim that it takes more faith to believe that there is no god....


Pascal's wager.

JimG Level 8 Nov 26, 2019

a classic and also the easiest to refute, since it can apply to any god.


"Where do you think you'll go when you die?"

My stock answer to that is: “same place as you”. The “because we’ll both be dead” is silent 😁!

To the same place I used to be 10 million years ago


It's all part of God's plan, and God has given us free will. Well which is it? If whatever we do is part of 'his' plan, then there cannot be free will. Even my not believing in 'him' is part of his plan, which seems rather stupid. But then, if we have free will, then God cannot have a plan.
Catch 22 aye.


I have never doled out more “likes” in one thread than this one. Well said everyone!


Hands down the The Kalām cosmological argument.

Something can not come from nothing. (which may not be true outside our universe)
God made something from nothing. (so they say without evidence)
Therefore God.


The Kalām cosmological argument. Also known by some as the colostomolical argument, because it is full of holes where all the shit leaks out.


You are guilty, guilty, guilty unless you grovel.


They use the Bible to "prove" things, never questioning its truthfulness, or lack thereof.

The bible is true because the bible says that the bible is true because...

@Pedrohbds Here's my reaction to that bogus argument:

@BestWithoutGods the spyderman exists because the spyderman comics says so

@Pedrohbds LOL.


Years ago my ex was collecting clothing to send to Romania and the collection point was a church in town.
The minister was badgering her to join the church as she was spending so much time there. She muttered something about humanism and he shouted at her "Do you think think this all just happened".
She was a very shy person and just clammed up. I wish I had been there to have a little debate with the pratt.


What LenHazell53 below says, plus.

You don't believe it because you don't understand it.

God loves you but you just have to open your heart.


For Christianity anything related to Hell and for Islam the concept of 72 virgins waiting for a hero.

Judaism has lots of nonsense in the Torah but they continue to discuss and debate so that’s a pretty good arrangement.

About 72 virgins would be my hell.

A Christian told me, how ridiculous Muslims hell was, they shove a monkey up your butt.

Then I asked him, is your lord burning or demons eating you for eternity, any nicer.

@Castlepaloma You can buy anti monkey butt powder at Walgreens. It even comes in a feminine version.😁

I heard that this 72 virgins is a kind of crazy priest talk, not something real in the religion.
About the hell is pretty the same as the christian hell

It is written you can get from 2 to 72 virgins in Islam paradice. Suicide bomber will haggle over how many virgins they get. If council agree to give 72 virgin, the bomber could say, ha ha, I would have done it for 50.

A female suicide bomber detonated a vest filled with explosives at a university in Baghdad Sunday, killing more than 40 people. If male martyrs can expect to find 72 virgin maidens in paradise when they die, what rewards can female suicide bombers expect?

Their husbands.

Sucks both ways, give me a fire breathing whore.

@Castlepaloma I would be more sad for the monkey than myself. But that is just how I roll.

Human shit is the most toxic in all of the animal kingdom, it would be a greater hell for the monkey.

What sick fucking imagination we have. Lol.


One that has always bothered me is when something good happens my sister says it's gods will, then when something bad happens she says he works in mysterious ways.....really?

That's the entire point of the indoctrination system; all glory unto god, but no blame.

exactly, it is impossible to question a god build that way.


"Well, the bible says ..."


What if he's real? If I don't believe I will go to hell.

One my sister likes to use when I say something that she can't refute is "Well, I try not to think about it".

They're all sheeple who just follow the herd. I truly feel sorry for them because they honestly believe they're thinking for themselves when they're not.


"You really do not need any evidence to know God"


One of them is "You can't prove he doesn't exist!"

well we really can't.
On the same way we can't prove that any god/non falsifiable concept don't exist.

@Pedrohbds Extraordinary claims require evidence to prove. The onus of proof is on the one making said claims.

@OldMetalHead that is why you simply disregard non falsifiable claims as useless until you find a way to test it.
And if the claim is non falsifiable per definition, then is a useless concept, it being true or false is the same, and you would be able to create infinite variations that are not compatible with that concept that will be non falsifiable as well.
As any variation of god (judaism, islam, christianism and all the internal variations of those religions are mutuably excludent and all of them non falsibiable)

@Pedrohbds this is the best atheist description I have heard for a while ...

@blzjz this is the agnostic argument.
Agnostic is not being in doubt, it is knowing that a non falsifiable god is a useless concept and it really does not matter if he exists or not.


I don't hear comments because I seldom give anyone an opportunity. I only say things like, "of course, there's no god," when someone is using god and the Bible as some lame excuse to attack gays/Muslims/women/people of color/immigrants/etc. then continue on with my conversation without giving them time to respond. If they try, I just smile broadly and change the subject, as though humoring them.


The most silly comment i have heard is, How do you know you wernt there. No ammount of reason can dislodge these ideas from the brain of a committed believer


Where to start . . . others beat me to some of mine, but one that amuses me is "God doesn't send people to hell; they send themselves." I have even heard that people "choose" to go to hell because they choose not to accept Jesus.

No, I choose not to accept Jesus and I choose not to go to hell--however, the latter is not my option.


(Paraphrasing🙂 "I went away to Bible camp and the others prayed for me. When I went to my cabin, I met Jesus... He's real... We talked together... He's really real... "

That was the most rediculous argument, which I viewed as part lying for Jesus, part delusion. The most common? "That's what my family believes." (peer pressure/argument by authority).


That god made Donald John Trump some sort of messiah to his not true!

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