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Child abuse.


Another asshole who shouldn't be permitted anywhere near ANY child.

Yet another example of why the religious indoctrination of children should
be classified as felony child abuse.

Guys like Greg Stier should be shot where they stand.


Fathead! And $50 says he's a molester!


Reminds me of George Carlin's famous Religion is BS bit, "if you don't behave you will be tortured in hell until the end of time...but jesus loves you!" Cracked me up and I would laugh if it weren't so pathetically true for the majority of brainwashed followers of any religion.

I like Heinlein in 'Time Enough for Love' Where the main character says," History does not record anywhere at anytime a religion that has any rational basis. Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help. But like dandruff, most people do have a religion and spend time and money on it and seem to derive considerable pleasure from fiddling with it."
I always say religion is a scam. Here, give me that sacrifice, I'll make sure the God gets it. They are selling an invisible product you do not get till you are dead!


It's more effective to brainwash people when they're too young to be discerning, and their parents are also brainwashed.

Christianity is part of the Patriarchy, using religious fear of hell to extort money and obedience, and gain sexual access to trusting children and adults.


ha, i guess we need to tell more kids if you dig a pit for others to fall into, you end up in it yourself huh. Or maybe more retarded youth ministers, dunno. They tend to be pretty deaf though i guess


As Greg Steir tries to rationalize scaring kids into religion his "logic" reverts back to kids being coddled today. Perhaps his mind goes into songs like "Old Time Religion" where these ideas were good enough for our fathers and their fathers. It is only a suggestion. We may never know his thinking before, but you cannot scare people into religion. Believing something for centuries does not make it right nor make it true.

I might try to scare you into not walking in front of a car if there was any valid reason to do so. One difference here in his "logic" is that cars are real and not imaginary. Most people do not deliberately walk in front of moving vehicles. Invalid argument.


Just for fun I checked out this guys Facebook page. Lots of ways to donate to him. Also tons of merchandise to buy. even has a clearance section so you can get saved by god on the cheap!


That's what Hell's for -- negative reinforcement to accept Jebus.


Oh FFS what is he after, extra cash in the Collection Plates so he can replace his million dollar jet with a new, more up to date model?

@VictoriaNotes Can anyone name a Xrstian Religious Sect/Church, etc, does NOT employ scare tactics of one sort or another?

@VictoriaNotes Are there really such a thing as Liberal and Progressive Churches?
Given the meaning of those adjectives I'd hazard to say that mixing them with religion could be a bit of a misnomer, but that is, however, my opinion.

@Triphid agreed. There is no such thing. Especially if their beliefs derive from the "bible"

@VictoriaNotes Whilst doing research for my ThD I attended numerous different Churches and differing religions but never came across any one that could come remotely close to being 'enlightened,' liberal or progressive they all seem to spout the same tired, well worn out old rhetoric of bible based bullshit and biases.

@VictoriaNotes Ah but we live on opposite sides of that big salt water pond known as the Pacific Ocean don't we?
And, fortunately, thus far we haven't yet been invaded by anything much more than the usual Evangeloons, Mormons, Jehovah's Witlesses and a few of those 'Born Again' Sects/Movements but even those are getting as bad and annoying as flies are around a pile of fresh horse manure these days.
Sometimes I often harbor a silent wish that they'd all migrate to Bikini Atoll, decide to dwell there and leave us Secular Aussie in peace.

@VictoriaNotes Our 'Happy Clappy Jesus Chappy P.M. is about as popular with me, and countless others at present, as a Ham Sandwich at Vegan Convention, no offence intended to the Vegans btw.
So far, and in my opinion, he's been living in his own Xrstian 'Bubble' and offering around mere Thoughts and Prayers via his Hillsong Church Meetings, etc, and doing very little else of any tangible worth.
He REJECTED out-right calls for Financial Relief to be given to the families of the Volunteer Fire Fighters battling the 70+ Bush fires raging across the country, volunteers who left their employment somewhat temporarily to got and risk life and limb fighting these fires and his only response thus far was to state, " They are there because they want to be there."
Talk about Nero Fiddling while Rome burned, this P.M. has, in my opinion, just outshone Nero.

@Triphid "Liberal Christian" doesn't refer to politics, but to their willingness to interpret the Bible non-literally and, generally, without the notion that it is inerrant. It is liberal theology in other words.


They should focus on the ones being tortured here and now, then they can worry about hell.


I know that I really don't like children (maybe even despise would work), but even I am not that much of a cruel asshat.


Major asshole

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 10, 2019

What an controlling ass. There's no hell or heaven.

It's ridiculous to have blind faith in an imaginary god. Higher power, my foot!

It's called gravity.


Why not try asking and teaching morals and good behavior to children? This way they learn that they are responsible for determining rational morality and critical thinking.


So this is how we get a harmonious, peaceful society. Fill it with lots of fearful people. Actually, that's what we have with the huge proliferation of guns and people shooting each other without any justifiable cause. Guns only amplify fear which, in turn, brings on more guns!


This is the antithesis of what Christianity is "supposed" to be. What happened to love your neighbor? Guess that isn't working, so scare the shit out of them. If that doesn't work, try the sword.


Of course they do. They are losing ground so the last resort is to appeal by fear instead of love.

What a fantastic outlook on life. This is Christianity at its most abhorrent.

Give me the jolly old Anglican, ‘come as you are’ approach any day!😇

If you have to go Christian go C of E!

C of E is The Episcopal Church in the US, and very liberal. The UMC (United Methodist Church) in many areas tends to be very liberal, and does the United Church of Christ. Presbyterians are fairly liberal as well. At one time I belonged to UMC, UCC, and Presbyterian. I don't miss them at all.


Teaching this horrible doctrine can backfire on them. It was the doctrine of hell that gave me the most problems when I was a kid. I just could not understand why good people would get sent there just because they did not believe the right things about god and Jesus? Why would a loving god create such a horrible place?

That said, teaching this can, and does, cause great anxiety in children and it really is a form of child abuse.


And so now you want to torture them with your nonsense.


Filthy bastard!


I think "wrong" is the wrong adjective for this moron's suggestion.

Adjectives that better apply include: child abuse & assault. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he suggests Battery also.


Christian youth ministers are a class of criminal associated with child abuse.
I have no interest in their opinions or words on any topic.
I just assume it'll be stupid and misinformed, when pushed into actually reading or hearing them they were always as screwed up as I expected if not worse.
These people are failures.


His argument is reminiscent of the late Bob Harrington, the self-styled "chaplain of Bourbon Street", a hellfire and brimstone guy who used the metaphor of yelling STOP at a car heading for a bridge that is out.

The problem is this metaphor puts the proselytizer in the role of imagined hero, warning people about an imagined problem. Thus doing an imagined good.

It takes imagination to be a fundamentalist Christian.


Guy needs to be arrested for domestic terrorism .... A few decades in Gitmo would do him some good...

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