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Why Ohio??

Why are all the cute guys in Ohio?!? Is this some otherworldly being telling me to leave Florida already? Seriously, almost everyone of them...Ohio ugh!

ashortbeauty 8 Mar 31

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I've observed this odd correlation regarding dating. The more I find someone to be overall attractive, and semingly compatible - the more miles between us there seems to be. Maddening, I tell ya !


I am relocating to Washington state so I guess that means Florida will be less 1 cute guy. No conceit here.

See, you weren't even in the study because of the whole relocating thang


To all the guys in Florida......ouch!

I didn't say "all" lol



I spent much of my childhood plotting my escape from Ohio.

And I lived in maybe the 5% of the state that was aesthetically pleasing in the Appalacian foothills.

Racism and ignorance as ugly as projectile leprosy.

How did we get from childhood to racism I'm so confused

@ashortbeauty Ohio is one of the most horribly racist places on the face of the earth.

Well maybe Philadelphia or Boston.

Not everyone of course. But the rural areas and small towns are soul choking.

I never even had rice of fresh pineapple until I left. My parents thought it was too exotic.

@BufftonBeotch ok gotcha

An unusual number of astronauts are from Ohio, leading some to suspect that spending much time there gives people a strong urge to leave the planet.

@Blindbird Godspeed, John Glenn. Godspeed.

Not the best thing to say on this forum.

Also the most POTUS people to die in office.

@Blindbird Hahahaha

@BufftonBeotch obviously you haven't met me or heard of this whole "free speech" thing. You'll learn.


Now let me stop you right there...



Was this a scientific study? Lol

Highly scientific ?


They might be cute, but where are the sea monsters, anthropomorphic trucks, space aliens and magic fountains? Sounds a little dull to me.

How many other states have had a river catch fire... Not just one or twice, but at least 13 times over more than a century?

Dont forget the Magic Bus....I want it


Because Ohio's for lovers

I thought that was Virginia.

@GeorgeRocheleau either way you're not there ?

@ashortbeauty My cute guy days are long behind me. Now all I have is my sparkling wit and awesome photography skills.

Speaking of which - Carry Me, Ohio:


Ohio, eh? I've only ever flown over it. Apparently there's some Presidential election thing every four years, but I'm an Australian so I don't know the details. Come to Sydney if you want to meet some cute guys (although, warning, the hottest ones are likely to be gay).

I can work with bisexual 😉

@ashortbeauty If you ever come to Oz, give me a shout and I'll be your tour guide.

@Palindromeman it's a date 🙂


Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder!

I've seen and talked to a few guys. East coast, west coast, and everywhere in between. But cuteness isn't my only criteria. When a man is smart, kind, thoughtful, AND has a sense of humor... he can become cute, in my eyes.

Thank you @beehappy that was implied

@Shelton I wouldn't think of interfering with her admiration of Ohio men. All I'm saying is there are cute guys everywhere, IMHO! LOL

@Shelton You might be bias, ya think? LOL


Now my feelings are hurt! LOL

You know i already ? you. Move your butt to Florida ?

@ashortbeauty it's great there in the winter, but too damn hot in the summer! ;<😉

@LEPeff picky picky


New Mexico isn't as bad as I thought... Just


According to what I'm seeing, the most compatible and attractive guys are in California. I'm guessing I'm looking at a different age group than you are, though. (chuckle)

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

You live on the outskirts of Tampa. Try another part of the state, like Broward County. I find the sensibilities are very different on the gulf coast than here.

Nice profile. You're one of the exceptions. Are you coming to our meet and greet this summer?

I didn’t know there was one going on. I’ve been meaning to come out soon, my wife and I like visiting especially the Treasure Island and Marco Island areas.



Don't take it personally Texas

@ashortbeauty ?


Maybe, something deeper is drawing you in that direction? And, when the men's pics come up, you are sucked in and they look great?

Have been thinking leaving Florida. Been here too long

@ashortbeauty interesting...


I've been talking to people in Florida and Texas mostly. Gladly relocate to either.


I'm in Florida and I'd like to believe I'm a cute guy.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 1, 2018

Why yes @Gohan I stand corrected 😉


Come to Missouri. I like your pic and profile and I think I have room for you. Yeah, I'm an older man but I'm appreciative. You would have to get a local job but in a years time both of us would have plenty of money. We would be best friends.

That sounds like lyrics to a song ?
You gotta write yourself a bio 🙂

@ashortbeauty Maybe I'll work on that but I could tell you plenty on a phone if you ever want to chat. We could tell a lot about each other that way.

@DenoPenno apparently you didn't come across my phone number post lol
Message me. We can start there


Yeah enjoy the winter in Cleveland or Cincinnati


Bait and switch... I was thinking on returning back to Florida myself but I been around long to know the game... don't do it sister, stay put!


I'm in Ohio and I don't think I qualify as cute, so we aren't all that attractive.

You my dear are incorrect


It seems, to me, that many of the ladies are in Michigan.


It gets too cold in the winter there. I had lived in Pennsylvania, the one thing I do not miss from the northeast is the winter weather.


Sorry, is Oklahoma ok? I'm relocating soon. ?

I'll give ya a pass ...This time 😉

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