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LINK Catholic Bishop Will Spray Holy Water from Helicopter Over City to Defeat Devil | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

A Catholic bishop, full of ideas, will borrow a helicopter and spray his city with holy water on July 14 in order to cleanse it from all the demons.

This is nto a new idea. This kind of thing has been done before.

snytiger6 9 June 29

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"Has your demon been exorcised without your consent? A beloved vampire injured by holy water? Then you might have a claim against the Catholic church? Call 5557843 devil's advocate no win no fee NOW!"


Dude, I've got MAJOR burns all over my skull, shoulders and back 'cause some jackass thought it would be cool to sprinkle pixie dust, er Holy Water, from a helicopter like he was crop dusting his corn fields.

What's that number again?!


Holy aerial bombardment, Batman! What next? Using a crop duster as a censer to dispense the incense? Using a blimp with loudspeakers to blast out an exorcist's incantations? What the hell century is this anyway?


Think of the cost for the fuel used in that helicopter, and the salary paid to the pilot, and how that money could have been used to feed a hungry child or family. Instead it is wasted on a futile gesture that has no value and does nothing.

Oh come on now, you just can't go around talking about ideas which make sense.

@creative51 You are right. What was I thinking? πŸ€”πŸ˜…


The copter will now become a "Halo-copter".



I can't believe it took the Catholic Church 80 years from the time the helicopter was invented to come up with that brilliant idea!

They need to do it at night so they will kill all the vampires too.

BD66 Level 7 June 30, 2020

I was raised r.c. and spent many years as one. I never understood the holy water thing or worship of the virgin Mary or many other odd r.c. practices. But still I was very attached to my catholicism. Later I tried nearly all the other denominations. Eventually I gave up and became an atheist because I decided I didn't want to go to heaven because there I wouldn't be able to be myself, it would be hell for me.


Wouldnt it be easier to bless the water source where the city gets its water? Take a shower in holy water, now your protected. Sprinkle you lawn. Spray the walls.

What's with the dumb and dangerous helicoptering. Guess its the visual rather than the actual benefit.

I am afraid at soem poitn they may decide to bottle and sell holy water.

@snytiger6 I thought they did that, but I am not catholic so I am not sure.

The drinking water is too subtle. It's much more dramatic from a noisy beast in the sky. It's in their dna to have it come down from the heavens.

@snytiger6 Aren't they doing that already? Read it somewhere.

@snytiger6 too late

@LenHazell53 ha that's hilarious! Salvation for less than a $100? Sold!

@snytiger6 I was at a plant that bottled water on contract. A sample would be sent to a lab, and the lab would say if it could be bottled and assigned the proper method of cleaning the system after. While my skids were being processed, the other system was being cleaned a hole day after bottling water for places without priests. They did an approximately 5000 gallon load which is like a gas semi load.


Water is holey, oxygen bubbles make it holey. Lol
The fucking idiots... i have no clue what holy is...misspelling???? Lol i think there are a lot of airheads involved with these religious nutcakes, i mean look at the drivel leaking out all over, is brain soup the answer??


I don't think it will work. Holy water in bowls inside churches hasn't wiped out demons of lust.

frvl Level 4 June 29, 2020

Say it. Don’t spray it.

Mvtt Level 5 June 29, 2020

Almost makes you want to go to the city and start reprising the role of the Wicked Witch of the West. Bonus points if you make some fog to go with it. Really freak out the believers hahahaha.


For the Horde !

TO_BY Level 6 June 30, 2020

Will those idiotic acts ever stop?

I doubt it, not while there are dollars to be made ( sorry, collected ) from the willing Dupes that follow their preachings it won't.


It's a great business idea. I'm going to buy a helicopter and pay people to provide the urine.

You only need spray over churches.


Requires lotsa water...have to boil the hell out of it first.


Great idea. This will teach that old Devil.


This is going to work! It's so stupid Satan will never see it coming.



bobwjr Level 9 June 29, 2020

"Delusional, " I'd say 110% certifiable at the very least.


Good luck with that.


My gast has been flabbered by His Holy Stupidity.


Well good luck to that.


Any chance he might fall out of the helicopter?

We can only but HOPE, can't we?


May I preface my remarks by saying jeebus he is stupid.
What if someone likes and wishes to keep certain demons. Rather presumptive on the Bishops part . He needs to ask permission first. On the other hand if it wipes out that pesky paedophilia demon I am OK with that.

Points for use of the word jeebus. Simpsons for the win.


Guess he didn't think about the demons hiding indoors when he sprays?

I would settle for your first four words.


Seems legit. I'll back it if it puts out a riot fire.

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