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“According to the leadership of the evangelical community, the man on the left is the savior of Christianity in America. It is dead without him. He's pictured here with a porn star.

The man on the right is a Sunday school teacher, and is building homes for the poor with his last breath. The Evangelical leadership, and the so called "moral majority," succeeded in removing him from office.

Makes you wonder what kind of "Christianity" the evangelical community really wants to protect.”

  • Jason Matthews
skado 9 Oct 5

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"Makes you wonder what kind of "Christianity" the evangelical community really wants to protect.”
Whatever it is, it is not Christianity.

It’s called phony dangerous brainwashing garbage.

...or what kind of Christianity they want to project


Jimmy is a hell of a guy

Too decent to really be a politician, I think he was the best president of my lifetime.


It is astounding that this country did not recognize the gift James Earl Carter was to this nation and went back to false narratives so shortly after what it had been through with Nixon.

Always wanting the glamorous boy to tell us we're pretty rather than telling us we are tough enough to make things right on our own.

Was Nixon glamorous? I thought he was a majoritarian populist

@Spongebob I was referring more to the movie star Reagan. All that "Win one for the Gipper" horseshit.


Of those who will call themselves, 'true Christians' most fail at even the slightest humanitarian effort.

Jimmy Carter is one of those who even if he didn't have his faith, has been more of a humanity figure for as long as I have heard of him. The man is 180 years old, and still volunteers at building homes for the poor.
I'll take a real person who cares about others regardless of their beliefs. over some strong I hate religion people any day.
And this is coming from a very astute Atheist.
The man is to be one that people should aspire to be JMHO.

Well said.

Trump is so out of touch with the lives of We The People he had to ask how much gas costs and when someone jokingly said $15 a gallon he didn't even blink.

@prometheus One reason for that is he can hardly read.

@mischl he might also have thought "15" meant "15 cents" - which was probably the price of gas when he last bought any.

@mischl Did you mean hardly think? After all. He only has about 3 working brain cells.

@Healthydoc70 Yes, thank you. However sparse his neurons may be, the dendrites connecting them are terrible connections and badly jumbled. After all, he was clearly Putin's choice.


Former President Carter , was , last I heard , in his 90's and still building Houses for Humanity .

That photo with the black eye was him back working a day or two after falling in his home.

Right back at helping. That's my kind of hero.


I'm happy to see that Stormy's brief relationship with the Orange One didn't hurt her reputation too badly.


“Makes you wonder... “ No, it does not. I have always known they are petty hypocrites. Plain and simple.


I don’t understand why the evangelicals back Trump. Is it because of the highly religious Pence? What has trump actually done for them?

Mvtt Level 7 Oct 5, 2020

Enabled and pandered

I don’t really understand it either, but I don’t guess it has all that much to do with Pence. My guess is that their idea of Christianity is just as corrupt as Trump’s is - totally hollow, and self serving.

Given them a largely Conservative Judiciary. And most likely a 6-3 US Supreme Court that may give them their dream of overturning Roe Vs. Wade.

He ran on the Republican ticket. That's it.

In 2001, Trump registered as a Democrat, probably because he was pondering a run against G W Bush. He switched back in 2009 because he hated Obama and realized that he could capitalize on the hatred of a lot of right-wingers to become popular again and eventually run as a Republican. Since 1987, according to Wiki, he's changed parties 5 times.

'In a 2004 interview, Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "In many cases, I probably identify more as Democrat," explaining: "It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn't be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats...But certainly we had some very good economies under Democrats, as well as Republicans. But we've had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans." In a July 2015 interview, Trump said that he has a broad range of political positions and that "I identify with some things as a Democrat."' He was also pro-choice at various points.

Come 2016, the entire Republican party managed to forget everything Trump had ever said, and he became a lifelong crusader for all things conservative- because the "deplorables" went for him. The evangelical establishment saw which way the wind was blowing and saw that he was their only hope against Clinton, figuring that another 4 years of Democrat government would put the nail in the coffin of things like "faith-based initiatives", whereas Trump and a Republican legislature would once again pump money the churches' way. So they backed him to the hilt, knowing that they'd get nothing from Hilary.

The alliance between right-wing evangelicals and the Republican party over abortion goes way back to the Carter administration, and it was pumped up into a fake issue purely for the purpose of getting votes. Prior to that, abortion had been a non-issue. Now it's life and death (pardon the pun).

Power and money is their god

It seems obvious that ACB as a new judge to promote their agenda is partly why they back him. And I will always come back to the George Carlin response to believers in fairies;"What. Are you Fxxcking Stupid!!

@Paul4747 It's all about Percieved power


Just follow the money for that is their true god!!

If that’s a God I’d rather be Lucifer!! Lol


The porn starlet community would be much worse off without the cash infusions from the man on the left. He is just trying to help them. Isn't he generous?

Those women are so poor, they can't even afford clothes. His heart goes out to them.


Just insane and power hungry

BINGO !!!!!!!


Heart breaking! ... just heartbreaking!


I don't need to wonder, I know them...


Their kind of "Christianity" should be known as Talibangelical Christianity.

Excellent description! That’s exactly what it is.

i CALL it Corporate religions


Those Xians love a good sinner... makes them feel better about their own suck-ass lazy uncharitable lives.

Leelu Level 7 Oct 5, 2020

Incorrect for a few reasons:

  1. Trump has been much more assertive, confident and convention busting active president of the modern times. Carter was not and was seen as mellow leader who could be muscled by Iran
  2. Trump does not have to be charitable like Carter. It is a wrong comparison. They are all good in the own rights. Bush and Obama are not doing anything like Carter did.
  3. Carter has proved to be a better ex-president than president than Clinton, Bush and Obama.
  4. We all know what evangelical's love for Trump is all about. He supports their cause with intertwining their agenda with the government resources. Carter did not do it. Evangelicals call Trump the second Cyrus for that reason.

Carter's biggest problem when he was President was he may have had the absolute worst cabinet in American history.


  1. Lol... including Zbigniew Brzezinski? Where did he come from?
  2. If I am correct, none of his cabinet secretaries was hired by Democrats in the Cabinet again

@St-Sinner correct on both points


Long life for President Carter.. 🙂


Trump is a terrible person and a terrible President. Carter is a very fine man, but was a terrible President.


Let’s be fair. You are talking about a political figure and actions from today vs on from 40 years ago You can’t act like it is the same people doing big these two things. I don’t like Trump either, but this comparison and argument is useless drivel.

We have been on this path (Evangelical push), for 40 years! Trump has taken us to the brink of destruction! Carter, was a smart and balanced human being and that was not good enough for the Evangelicals! They this day put Carter down...for all kinds of things when he was president! Franklin Graham, that Liberty President...these are just some of the people that the Evangelicals look up to!

Carter has been helping people his entire life



Just because you are unaware doesn’t mean what Carter has done is insignificant.

@ThisIsPatrick Sorry, I think you may have accidentally responded to wrong post. I did not say what Carter had done was insignificant. I searched the other posts briefly to see which one you may have meant to respond to, but was unable.

@Freedompath I just don’t see the point of comparing the two. I mean, I get it. I agree Carter is way better, but it just seems so, I don’t know, pointless.

@indirect76 Did I read your post incorrectly? You appear to be downplaying the accomplishments of Carter’s life compared to the actions of both people in recent times. Carter has made a lifetime commitment to helping others, present included, while trump has proven consistently to be interested in himself and those that pander to him, especially since he’s somehow became president.

@indirect76 I am comparing trump, that the Evangelicals seem willing to die for right now and how Carter was an upright man who did care for the people and they voted him out! Since Carter we have had all kinds of presidents and if they had some integrity, they weren’t good enough and yet we have a president who is a criminal and has almost brought this Country to it’s knees and he is STILL the Evangelical’s chosen one! Maybe I went off script here, but hope you get it.

@Freedompath As well as Jerry Falwell Sr. And Jr. .........Tammy Faye Baker, Jimmy Swaggert, Pat Robertson

They’re the ones dumb enough to give these idiots their time and money.

@Freedompath YES HE was too kind.. and not war like


Everywhere, there are the good and the bad. Guys like the older man, usually are always put aside because of interests, malicious intentions, jealousy or whatever, most likely it's what is happening in this case. It's everywhere around the world like this unfortunately.


We always knew that people wanted to do more than just stone Mary Magdalene.

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