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Leaving out the 'god stuff", why indeed...

Petter 9 Oct 8

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Not to mention it's illegal in some cities to feed the poor! WTF

Eh? On what grounds is that based?

@Petter I honestly don't know if this is still a law but Orlando, FL did try to make it illegal to feed the homeless on a regular basis. "June 9, 2011 — -- Members of the organization Food Not Bombs were in good spirits as they passed out corn on the cob, rice, beans and other vegetarian dishes to the homeless and hungry in an Orlando park. This cheer was interrupted when police officers on bicycles arrived and arrested five of the volunteers." "Since June 1, a dozen members of the group have been arrested for violating a new Orlando city ordinance that prohibits sharing food with large groups in downtown parks more than twice a year."

@Wildflower Good grief. How utterly uncharitable. I'm shocked.

Totally ridiculas

@Petter Some of the laws I've read about justify it because home made food doesn't have nutritional information where as food from a shelter is required to. I think it's more about controlling where undesirable people congregate.

@Wildflower same in Miami... I think the wealthy connected folks don't want to see it in public..

@Redneckliberal That's right. It's the whole "Not in my back yard" thing.

@Petter In this age I’m not shocked by anything anymore.

Even if some psycho ran down a street and cut off all men’s testicles and all woman’s private parts still wouldn’t be surprising. I admit this isn’t really a good thing........but that’s the way it is.


Because they only care about you "feeding the poor" when their funneling the money into their own pockets. Not when the government is taking care of people! Religious folk don't care about other people. They only care about their image to others.


We already have a good bit of socialism. But just not quite enough of it. We need to add healthcare and education, for starters.

now your taking

@RoyMillar Uh...talking?


I can't see why there is this strange fear of socialism.

The people have been brainwashed as majority of your hospitals are private and for profit and the docters and hospitals do not want to give that up,sure docters want a fair compensation for their valuable work ,but unless prices are regulated for each services the general public appears to get gouged big time from what i understand

@Thirst2learn Nonprofit hospitals are not the reason for high healthcare costs in the U.S. For-profit insurance, whose primary fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders, is the main reason.

One need only compare costs and outcome quality in the dozens of other advanced nations with universal healthcare to see that.


For the simple reason it fits their narrative. 😣


Jesus had an unfair advantage--he could do real cool stuff like turning water into wine (what a guy) or feeding 5,000 people with a kid's lunch basket of 5 loaves and 2 fishes. To accomplish similar ends, Socialism usually involves a government redistribution of private resources, a practice viewed by many as theft.


Bible Belt States are among the poorest states in this country. More are on food assistance, welfare, long term unemployment.........All socialist programs.

How ironic is it that these clowns (Evangelicals, so-called Southern Baptists among others) claim to hate “Socialism” so much and yet they are ones using those programs.

Reasons like this is why I still look both ways even when walking down a one way street. That’s how little faith I have in things that are out of my control.


As far as I understand this issue, feeding the poor is not socialism if it is done freely and voluntarily, as a charity (and rich people enjoy doing charities now and then, because it gives them the warm glow), but when the government takes away your money by force - aka taxes - and feeds the poor: now this is socialism.

Because that's what helps people out of poverty, a few donations at Christmastime and depending on the sporadic nature of people wanting a warm glow. /s


Well, the way I was raised was that the government shouldn't do it because they want people to turn to the churches--to god--for help.

Religion needs desperate people to turn to it. If the government properly ensures that its citizens are cared for (given help when needed and the opportunity to succeed) there is less need for churches and god. Just look at Democratic Socialist countries. They are less religious.


The statement is meaningless, unless you don't like socialism, then it's antagonist propaganda assuming you can't be pro christian and pro socialism. Either way, I still feel it's awkward comparing a belief system with an economic system....

I mean "why, indeed!?" 😆


Its not. Its pandering. Politicians want something in return.

'Jesus talks about'? He talks about nothing and doesn't exist except to 'sheep' being pandered to by theologians who, like politicians, want something in return.

Our civilization is nothing more than a lot of over-lapping protection and salvation rackets that manage different herds looking for safety and security.

The games are all fixed. They vary only in the types of swindle employed.


Because there's a bunch of fake ass phony xtians who drive expensive cars to church but put a dollar in the plate!


It is all about control. And it is cynical. A caring society, ie a civil society, would put in place a social safety net that affords the needy the chance to feel some sense of security. That is unacceptible to conservatives who want the needy to have to beg for crumbs in desperation. That way, the proslytizers have more coercive power to pressure recipients of their "charity" go along with those domestic missionary aims.

Case in point, I think about The Salvation Army. Have, for example, an addiction problem? They'll be happy to help, in exchange for you having to accept being subjected to their blatant religious recruitment tactics. There are courts that mandate defendants into treatment programs run by religious groups. Then they claim no religious conversion is "required" for people to receive their services, but they sure will try to work their"witnessing" angle on their captive audience, whether subtly or less so.


Because it scares the bejesus out of politicians, they want all of the pies for them and their buddies.


Obama Is Not A Brown-Skinned, Anti-War Socialist Who Gives Away Free Healthcare.
You're Thinking Of Jesus

no such thing as free health care but here in Canada Health care is paid thru are taxes so when you go to a docter or Hospital or have surgery you do not pay,not everything is free ,some you have to pay like cosmeic unnless it is required because of surgery or you were born with a defect,most prescritions are paid for but not all and we have to pay in Ontarion 100. per year plus a small despensing fee, Most vacinations are free as they cut down on a lot of people getting sick but some you have to ,Our system is not perfect but you will never go bankrupt to pay for a surgery

@RoyMillar We have many lunkheads afraid of national healthcare because they don't know what Communism actually is.
Hint, it's not national healthcare.

definitly not communisum ,just the government looking after the people,each province is different but very similar ,It is a basic necessity of life ,Half of the government taxes go to pay for it so it is not cheap but they do everything they do keep cost down ,locat hospitals are built thru grants and public fund raising and all the equipment is paid for by local popualtion thru fund raising so we all have a hand in it and the docters are regulated on what they can charge to government for there services

@Thirst2learn Sounds like we NEED more Socialist!

@Thirst2learn Tell that to the social democracies in Europe. By your account, they all should have gone under decades ago.


@Thirst2learn You obviously watch way to much Fox.
I suggest a class in Western Civilization in your local Jr College.

Oh boy. Thirst is quenched.


I think it is likely that Jesus did it by magic, but if humans do it someone has to pay for it.


More often, it is socially responsible Capitalism, such as is practiced in the Nordic nations.


Fact is politicians don't want to feed the poor. I work with low income and homeless populations. Not only am I paid ridiculously low considering my educational debts, but without donations of secondhand and expired food, these services would not exist. Furthermore, jesus founded this type of society and compassion for the poor and disabled. Dont believe me? Go find a shelter without a cross on the wall.. they are not only rare, but non existent. Notoriety and churches, fund the whole thing. Praise jesus.

You can't put politicians in one lump group.
There's a big difference between a trumpster politician (that is, conservative) and most Democrats.
Religious groups have the $$$ to fund such programs.
Most other groups do not.
Speaking of religious groups, let's talk about franklin graham and his samaritan's purse- graham receives a salary of $700,000 oer year. Some charity!


Choice. They believe(in my understanding) it will magically be done by religious institutions... pick one... however it never quite works out.


Whoa....!!! Please put this on every social media outlet that you can!

Feel free to copy and paste the image.


I love that meme. I was just out today to a neighboring small city and saw some of the poor. Thier Agape housing is like something out of 1920.

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