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What Kinda Funeral Do Atheist Have?

If your family is Christian, will they give you a regular religious ? What about getting married? Do you allow the DEFAULT things to happen. Or do you actively resist?

SocialDarwin 5 Dec 20

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I am a secular celebrant, legally “ordained” in my US state, and write and deliver memorial services regularly. I work with the family/friends of the deceased to create a service focused on the life, character and achievements of that person in the context of their private and public lives, and the communities to which they belonged. If I do a good job, only the most rigidly “religious” attendees even notice that there is no mention of any gods, afterlife or dogma.


A party with good food, music, and lots of story telling.

Zster Level 8 Dec 20, 2020

As it should be


My wife and I got married by the mayor of Eastlake, we even got a pair of free coasters, 😁 as far as dying, hope they have a party I'll be dead🤔 I'll have to miss it. 🤣


What Kinda Funeral Do Atheist Have? - When you are dead, who cares?

If your family is Christian, will they give you a regular religious ? - A regular religious what?

What about getting married? - what about getting married?

Do you allow the DEFAULT things to happen. - Not a question.

Or do you actively resist? - Resist what?


I made the mistake of allowing a Christian funeral for my last child. Never again.

I have made arrangements to have my body donated to science. With that, I get a free cremation. I've told my three children that they can either let them (the company I donated my body to) scatter my ashes in a community garden, or they can do whatever with them. Just don't flush me down the toilet because it would probably clog it.

My youngest is considering some sort of memorial, but as I told him I would be dead and will never notice.


I will not have a funeral. I want to be liquefied or cremated. Funerals are for the living, not the dead, and the few people whom I love and care about can mourn me in their own way without having the stress of "hosting" a funeral. I am also a recluse--who would come?

Liquefied? What's that about?

@barjoe Dissolving a body in concentrated NaOH then pouring it down the drain (municipal waste treatment) has been suggested as a method of corpse disposal.

Personally, I find that a pretty radical and not entirely "natural" method. I would prefer, I think, to have my body given to forensic's research. In this case they would likely observe how a body decays under various conditions. OR they could decide to see what happens if you use a frozen body as a munition. That's not terribly "natural" either.

So given that the entire planet will be melted when the sun turns red, plus I don't plan to be present after my demise .... I still don't really care.

@Normanbites whatever people want to do. It's their final decision.

@barjoe I don't think they get to make any decision at that point.

@barjoe The body is placed in a cauldron of chemicals that dissolves it. Then, one can just be poured down the drain. It is not widespread or legal in many places. Here is a video:

@Normanbites Thanks for the explanation--I just posted a video explaining the process. Caitlin says it is not harmful to the environment, and that is my concern.

@Gwendolyn2018 I was curious about cryogenics. It doesn't seem to be in the realm of possibility to me. I guess it can't hurt

@barjoe I used to be curious about cryogenics, but not only do the logistics of being brought back seem like a long shot, but the possibility of people in the future wanting to bring us back is also a long shot. If the world is overpopulated, why bother? Especially if "we" are not exceptionally smart and can benefit humankind or the world in general. That is not most of us. On the other hand, if humans keep going in the way we are going, we will not keep developing--or maintaining--technology. As such, the means to resuscitate people would be lost. We also tend to assume that the means to cure diseases or reverse the aging process would be available, but I don't think that they will.


Atheist Funerals are Funerals free from a preacher telling the widow that her 27 year old husband who died of a brain aneurysm while trying to get out of his car after returning from church one day after she old him they were going to have another child ACTUALLY DIED because god was angry with her and she needs to give Jesus (the church) more money. The preacher spent about a half hour staring and preaching this atrocity at the widow. YES. This is the Christian funeral I and about a hundred of my co-workers watched of a co-worker and friend.

I was raised by a Christian family and from the get go was compelled to go to church. However in early grade school years I discovered faith (belief without evidence) in this case demonstrably false stories taught from the bible in church asserted as fact (testable in reality) when tested disagreed with reality. With such falsehoods taught in church, I reasoned churches existed as a theatrical show to scare children to do what their parents wanted. Surely no adult could actually believe these fairy tales are real. It was a sad day when I realized many old people never grew up; drank the Kool-aid - - to believe in a god and accept Jesus as a supernatural being with less supporting evidence then a Santa-clause. I never believed in Santa Clause.

"What about getting married?" Been to as many X-tain weddings as non X-tain weddings. (Photography was/is a hobby and I have photographed many weddings). I greatly prefer the atheist weddings as there is no spiel about Jesus, God, having lots of kids and raising them as Catholics with obedience to the church etc. Almost laughed out loud when a priest told the couple (with the many children they were required to produce) they must comply with the teachings of the bible and holy church as Exodus 21:7 came to mind. LOL 🙂

This relates my interpretation of many a X-tain wedding as "GOD'S LOVE" is usually a recurring theme.

The atheist weddings were always more honest events usually outside in the beauty of the natural world that celebrate the life of the couple. These celebrations had no servitude to (as far as those that demand demonstrable evidence before belief) an authority figure or organization poised to impose their power over the couple's fiscal and social life.

"DEFAULT" position. LOL.

Are you really that uninformed?

32% of population is reported as Christian. So statistically, the DEFAULT position for the world is NOT Christian. FACE and PALM. You don't have to "actively resist" to not be a member of the shrinking Christian minority.

What's next? a lame attempt to cherry pick the DEFAULT to specific geographic neighbors of a circle where Christian is a majority? News flash: for many a non-Christian, our community of neighbors (not defined by miles) are not Christian.


Atheist weddings are for the participants. Funerals are for who's left.



I don't know what's going to happen when I die and what kind of funeral will be mine and I couldn't care less. I would like to have something like I saw in the internet, if true, my coffin and body to become the roots of trees, all my physical remains back to Mother Nature.


The kind where the dead person is the star... usually.

If my wishes are followed, there'll be no funeral, only a gathering for a meal to show support for my loved ones and to talk shit about me. 🙂

Leelu Level 7 Dec 20, 2020

My children, one atheist and one christian know that I don't want a funeral and want my body donated to a forensic study program somewhere. I trust them to honor my wishes.

JimG Level 8 Dec 20, 2020

You won't care what type of funeral you have, because your dead. The funeral is for the living.


any kind we want. it's for the living, anyway, not for the dead. the dead don't know what kind of funeral they're having. you also can't resist when you're dead. btw i have never been christian and have only my guy to take care of me, and he's never been christian either. i can tell him what i want and either he complies or he doesn't but i won't know.



Cremation is my way!!!

Why would you subject your rotting body into a box buried six feet or so underground???

When you are dead how can or why would you even care???


Certainly seems like an unnecessary expense


I take it English is not your first language.


That depends on what the person wants. For me, there will be no funeral. My daughters and wife will simply scatter my ashes on a windy point on a lack on which I used to fish, while playing the "Ashoken Farewell" on a cell phone..


I don't plan to be there, so I don't care!


Preferably cremation, though last funeral home I was at offered burying you in a wicker basket. They marketed it as eco-friendly.

No service, just a memorial with lots of food and drink so friends and family can reconnect.


More importantly, why do Xstains and other believers insist on coming here to ask stupid questions?

Be nice, it’s a valid question...✌️

@Canndue gfy

@LovinLarge classy...

@Canndue I hate to break this to you misogynist but your opinion is no more valid than anyone else's. Go find someone who's actually interested in interacting with you, if you can.


For my wedding ceremony, I would insist that religion be left out of it. For my funeral, why should I care? I'll be dead. If they want to make a religious ceremony out of it, that's their business.


Make arrangements with the funeral director, they will follow the instructions. Ultimately it doesn't matter. You're dead, you don't care. I quote my father, don't know where he got it from...funerals are for the living, not the dead.


One of my friends had one a couple of weeks ago, pretty much like any other except no god mentioned. Some readings of poems and a short biography, and he picked a couple of fun songs.

Personally I do not care what sort of service, if any, they give me. Though, if I had a choice, I would like to die alone and lost in the woods, so that the animals can eat.

"I would like to die alone and lost in the woods, so that the animals can eat me" ... and you die living your life as you want, having a good time in nature, doing what you enjoy doing and being happy. That is a preferred way I would want to die also, although not necessarily "lost".

@jlynn37 I just hope, that the magpies do not start to peck me, before I am properly dead.


I think many atheists are hijacked in their death by religious family members. Once it's all said and done it doesn't make much difference in spite of how perverse it may seem to us in life.


I'm donating my body to science. I have a couple of genetic anomalies that should make it interesting. I don't really care how people process my passing, but my son plans on being a mortician, so bonus family discount, lol


My corpse goes to science. Those whom I leave behind are welcome to do whatever they damn well like.

I'd do that as well but I made a promise to my daughter that I'd be cremated as she was, and have my ashes spread in our favourite 'Hamburger and Hot Chips eating spot.


FYI, and answering such a dopey question, imo,
a) We choose what ever funerary arrangement we may want SANS religious bullshit Eulogies, etc, by EXPRESSING our wishes in thing called a WILL,
b) IF you were to ask around you'd probably find that many are married, some possibly by Civil Services rather than Church Services, some, and this may shock you (LOL) may even be merely 'shacking up (co-habiting),
c) WHAT, exactly, are these "DEFAULT" things, do you resist them or do you just waste time and breath trying to pray them away?


My dad (not atheist, but not real theist, either, being a non-programmed Quaker) had a memorial pie feast at a local small town historic museum on Pi Day. It was a remember and share stories sort of event. Most loved it. A few judgmental church types complained, but it was not about them.

Zster Level 8 Dec 20, 2020
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