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What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?

heetendra 5 Apr 28

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Since I was a little child I wanted a white horse with blond hair (mane, tail). Now I have one, and she's a complete ass. LOL.


To be fully me, and be happy. I am fast approaching 70, and i have it now!

  1. Unlimited power.
  2. You'll know when I know.

From the time I was about 8 and saw my adult cousin drive into my grandmother's yard on his Harley I had always wanted one for myself. But they were so "expensive" that I thought it would never happen. So I owned all kinds of Japanese bikes over the years, and finally, around 14 years ago, when they were REALLY starting to get expensive, I bought a used HD Ultra Classic. Had three of them and now have my favorite of all time, a 2000 Road King! It will be my last!

@ScienceBiker I know what you mean about Harley Davidson. A couple of years ago I test rode the Indian Vintage. Love that bike. But at $25,000 it was out of my league. Same goes for a new Harley. I love my 2000 RoadKing, and it only has 31,000 miles on it, so I think it will last me. And in 7 years it will be considered an antique! Just like me! P.S. We entered the UBM bike show today, and while neither of us won a trophy for the bikes, I DID win a small trophy. For the oldest biker! Haha!!


My own pet unicorn, probably not going to happen but I'm an optimist so you never know. 😉


My masters and yes I got it

Rosh Level 7 Apr 28, 2018

A family. Got it, made it happen.


I always wanted my art to help animals and though it has somewhat it's not as much as id like.


To go to Australia, see where I was born and meet my family. Yes, did it, left a beautiful man for it though.


Love and happiness ? Yes I did, then I lost it again.


Always wanted an in-ground swimming pool and I got it thirty years ago.

ebdb Level 7 Apr 28, 2018

A small piece of land, a small house with verandahs, a fuel stove, rainwater showers, a garden, a 4WD, two good dogs, quiet neighbours


Always ?? A horse, did I get it? Yes, when I was 14 my Dad surprised me for Christmas.
It was one of the sweetest thoughtful gifts I've ever been given.


Yeah, I got it, had it, relish a teen had this dream of making love with a beautiful woman...I did, for 53 years + before she passed away...yeah, I got it, had it, relish it...


Figure out what it means to be me.

Still working on it but getting closer each day.


I forgot to say - I didn't get any of it


Aside from astounding monetary wealth....
Yes. I've ended up pretty much where I wanted to be.


I'm getting what I want. A career. I'm going back to college.


Fishing trips to Alaska and the Great Barrier Reef. Not yet.


Sometimes it makes you sorry. As a kid I wanted all the candy I could eat and my own pony. Today all my teeth have rotted out and the pony is long dead. Beware what you ask for.


to live alone in the amazon jungle,no never will


I HOPE to get long life with excellent health and happy, healthy adult children who live long.

I already got: the husband, the job, amazing kids, a joyful existence.

Zster Level 8 Apr 28, 2018

As a child/teenager I wanted a horse of my own. My father made a business deal with the farm I rode at -Broken Wheel Ranch and I had a green pinto for a short time. Never got to ride him though.


Coming up, I always wanted my own pool table. Over the course of the years, I had two pool tables. With my last move, however, I am pool table-less. It's fine, those days are gone.


With time... i think ive gotten everything i wanted. I still got a few years left to get the rest.

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