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LINK NC Lt. Gov.: Kids shouldn't learn science or history in school

If Robinson’s name doesn’t ring a bell, you may want to sit down for this. He’s a guy who, in the past two years, has said that forced religion in public schools could prevent mass shootings, that “transgenderism” and “homosexuality” amount to “filth,” that the trans movement is “demonic” and full of “Antichrist spirit,” and that straight couples are “superior” to gay ones.

When it comes to abortion, he’s been equally extreme, saying in a speech last summer that once a woman is pregnant, “it’s not [her] body anymore.” His campaign website made clear that, “As a Christian, Mark will honor the sanctity of life.” Oh—and you knew this was coming—Robinson himself has paid for an abortion because hypocrisy is the hallmark of his life.

Now he’s releasing a memoir, which is often a major step before announcing one’s candidacy. We Are the Majority: The Life and Passions of a Patriot isn’t scheduled for released until September 13, but WRAL News obtained an advance copy, and he makes clear he’s considering a gubernatorial run in 2024. ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 25

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A face palm moment for sure.


I disagree with most of what Mr Robinson wrote but the part about Science and History being taught in grades 1 through 5 caused me to search my memory.

My elementary school education was many years ago, so far back that it is difficult for me to remember with much detail. I do remember that the main emphasis was on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Some music and art as well. I don’t actually remember much if any science and history in those grades. Those subjects began for me in Jr. High School.

As a fifth grader I’m not sure I would have been ready for the sciences. In my opinion, history is so politically charged that it is best learned after a young person has developed some critical thinking skills.

I remember that in 4th grade my teacher provided us with a vial of mercury that we could pour out on a table top and move around with our hands. If anything like that happened in a classroom today they would seal it off for weeks while it went through a deep and expensive decontamination process. And the teacher would probably be fired.

I remember the subjects of history and science started in the 4rh grade way back in the early 1970's.

However, looking back, I think it might have been better if it started earlier, as far as laying down a few foundations to build on. Other countries require more of their kids when it comes to learning and school work... and as adults we seem to hire a lot of people from other countries, because our own people are lacking in science skills and abilities.

I don't claim to have a solution, but I do think there is room for improvement(s).

@snytiger6 Instruction in science and history does start earlier. I don't think that is the problem. The problem is that some important content is glossed over, watered down, dismissed, or left out. Biological evolution might be taught as "just a theory," or presented as less plausible than intelligent design. And slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, the John Birch Society, lynching, massacres of people of color.....forget about it!


I knew there was a reason why I don't live in North Carolina. 😂


I'm dismayed at the number of people I would label as "nucking futz" who hold public office. It's frightening.


I suppose this asshole thinks kids should learn science and history in his bible. Why do people like him think they are a Patriot? Ask that and you will get a bullshit answer. I want to know who's body the pregnant woman becomes. If it is no longer her body we must be making B grade sci fi films here.


I don't know who this clown is, and I don't give a crap. And yes, I should be "wise" (a shibboleth for "coward" ) and not comment on one thing he said. Even clowns can get some things right sometimes. About perverts, when schools start teaching that perverts should be respected- there is something sick going on. When doctors use their time 'to adjust the body parts of idiots', instead of curing the sick--so that is what it has come down to. Throw out the stupidity of religion- but then adopt the stupidity of perversion. Progress? Nature did not make things that way!

"Trans" "Bi" and "homophobic" behavior is found in EVERY species, saying it isn't natural is Ridiculous!

@AnneWimsey Watch out dogs and sheep! But there 'ain't no' heterophobic behavior! And don't forget to eat all apples with worms in them; they were put there for a reason

@Diogenes time to get a med check, fool.....

So you think we should bring back conversion therapy torture camps?
Even though those led to long term PTSD and suicides?
But it fits your delusions of how the world and everyone in it should behave.


He's bad news. Another terrorist hiding behind the religion of oppression.


What in the actual FUCK!!?? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


I'm always taken aback by these black conservatives, including Clarence Thomas and how they seem to have such self-hatred about being black, so they go after all minorities as well as the oppressed. He and Thomas are wicked, hateful creatures, and all you need to know that is to look closely at their faces...


Because when he went to school; he learned nothing but slept most of the time or bunked off.

Then we have 'Dump'- is there anyone that thinks that Dump ever did 5 seconds of his own work?


"What a maroon," BB.

That's my favorite Bugs line too!

wow i love that


Another power hungry egomaniac who knows nothing about humanity. Ugh!

Betty Level 8 Aug 25, 2022

The man is a raving lunatic. As @Garban says, welcome to Trumpistan.

N.C. has a Democrat Gov. who is rather popular.


Once again America shows that it has a hell of a lot more idiots amongst its ranks than anywhere else in the world!

I think it is just aq lot more idiots who have access to microphones and video cameras.


And just where are kids supposed to learn about history and science?

They're not, keep' em dumb and they'll vote against their own self interest.

@glennlab - I was going to say, "at home?", but that's the same as what you said. 😉


Hopefully the democrats will put his mental illness and rank hatred on full display.

Doing that might not even make any difference. Southern states have notoriously stupid voters.


Welcome to Trumpistan.

Garban Level 8 Aug 25, 2022

TRUMP Was a great guy...

@Belindaualotu7 ummmm, When, exactly?


Well, but, how are they going to learn to capture, raise & train their dinosaurs? What a fool he is!

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