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How long...?

How long have you gone being celibate?

LouRaven 5 May 2

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I honestly do not remember when the last time I had a partner in the bedroom. I remember who it was. Seems like maybe 3 years.


Every time I masturbate I lose count and have to start over.



Almost 12 years. My son was almost three when my wife killed herself. I decided to focus on raising him and avoid relationships with women. He's 14 now, if any of you lovely women feel sorry for me, give a shout. I would have no problem with a mercy fuck. ?


I plead the 5th (haha I'm Canadian!)


The longest I was celibate was actually while I was married. In the last years before the divorce, we might have sex once or twice a year (if that).

Interesting comment ... I remember a prisoner once saying that there was not enough sex in prison ... Then he said to me: "What about you? Oh ... You are married ... It's perhaps worse than in here."

That is absolutely the worst form of celibacy.

@germangirl90439 You got me hands down on that one 🙂

My longest bout was my last 2 years of marriage.


Not going to lie it has been 29 years.


Single over 20 years.

3 sexual episodes with the same guy about 5 years ago. This put me off sex I think.

It was all about his wants and purely mechanical.

Never understood this. The best part of sex is helping your partner get there.


It's probably getting on for about 4 years, luckily depression means I don't give a shit ??

So which came first?

I suppose it's part of why she's a bitch but I think it's everything else that got me depressed


If I count the beginning of my life, 19 years because of religious reasons. I then realized I was an atheist and started living a little more because I stopped feeling guilt about it.


The sad stories here is difficult to take ... We need to lighten the mood a little since of all days today is hump day.
Put those digits to work people!

@McVinegar (pointing my nose with index finger then point you)


Haven’t been with anyone for five years. But I don’t consider myself celibate. To me, celibacy is about much more than not having an intimate partner. Celibacy is the ‘choice’ to not pursue or engage in sexual or intimate activity.
I’m not celibate- if the opportunity comes along, with a person worth my time and love, I will most certainly be involved with them physically and emotionally.


Ten years. I need to be romantically involved before getting sexual. I have not been partnered since becoming widowed. Previously, I got sex at least weekly, often more than that. So, it's been a very long ten years.

Zster Level 8 May 2, 2018

It'll be 8 years in July, moving to Oklahoma pretty much killed my sex life lol.

I can see how Oklahoma could do that to you


I went 11 years, from 06 to 2017 before breaking the dry spell of the century. Which was a rather unsatisfying random tinder hookup. Still waiting on anything repeatable. Surprised there are a couple people who have me beat, but considering that decade dry spell was my entire 20’s, it particularly sucks.

@TampaHeathen I don’t take it personally. I appreciate it as I’m sure it’s either a supportive gesture, or a suggested place for me to sit and spin in the meantime ?


Nov. 21, 2017.

Yes, I'm married.

Why are people liking this? Sad, crying faces, please!!!


Far too long. Haven't got a number, as I lost track somewhere along the line. My sex drive dried up and died from neglect a little while ago, which I suppose is for the best.

@JesseThompson it's good for a person's health, true. But if I haven't got anyone to enjoy it with, it's best to not have a sex drive nagging at me all the time and making me frustrated, angry, and depressed.

Though I probably should fire up the ol vibrator more often.


Two weeks.

I lost my wife last year. She was unable to have intercourse after menopause so I had not had sex in over 10 years.

Then I met a woman who was recently divorced and had been celibate for 10 years.

Things got real and we were both able to confirm that everything still works 🙂.

good for you!


Its getting so long that I`ve forgotten which ones supposed to be tied up lol


6 months. Right now I'm at a month and hate it but at the same time, not ready to be with anybody.

Kanda Level 5 May 3, 2018

Thank you for sharing
It is an interesting and educational process
I think

I understand, I’m at 3 years.

@Amcnew that was a month ago when I posted. I'm at almost two weeks now but seeing that guy again this weekend. ?


This has to be one of the longest threads so far...about 6 months, maybe longer. Actually, I'm not thinking about this question right. I was celibate for 3 years when I was a fundy Christian.


What is the equivalent of "Blue Balls" in men for women? Just curious


@Heart_Truth I believe the brits say randy


About three years. In talking with other guys though it appears my sex drive is lower than average.

Better than having a high sex drive and not being able to make it happen.

@Honestape I have never had any problems with performance. I just go through periods of not beign really all that interested.


Oh gawd, don't make me figure that one out.

godef Level 7 May 2, 2018

Seriously about twenty five years - I am seventy (never was hugely interested except at the start of a new relationship.)


Current dry spell is six months. Longest ever was a hell of a lot longer than that.

My sex life is like the desert. Short bouts of heavy rain followed by long stretches of famine.

What I can say is that on the rare occasions when sex does happen, it's good. Having sex occasionally is a lot better than getting none at all.


It's been 27 months, and it's gotten quite old. It's the longest dry period since after my first time at age 14. Following that it was nearly 4 years before the mother of my children and I became sexually active.

I could probably get some from one particular ex-wife, but that just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do. Hopefully my return to the music scene will put me in more situations to meet new people.

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